Half-Dragon Slave Life TOC

Source: 半竜少女の奴隷ライフ

Title: Half-Dragon Slave Life

Author: Kaburagi Haruka (鏑木ハルカ)


Author Summary:

A girl buried alive in an avalanche caused by an eruption, in a secret underground place she tasted the flesh of a dragon and became half-dragon half-human. Afterwards the girl who was to be sold as a slave was, she was bought by a kind-hearted boy. This novel is about a girl who became a Half-Dragon and a boy who has healing magics, A story about their carefree journey.

Author Warning: The 3 prologue stories will contain rather depressing subjects. It will contain death and sexual content. The main story is planned to be fundamentally heartwarming, but those who have difficulty with those subjects should read with caution.

Related Tags: R-15 for cruel depiction, “Romance?” , Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Battle, Fantasy, Slave

(Author summary translation taken from Burei-Dan Works)

Related Story (same universe, earlier in the timeline): Hakai Me no Yuuri

Fan Art:

Eir – by 底気圧

Eir – by mrakcuson

Table Of Contents:

Prologue and Volume 1:

Prologue 1 – Chapter 9: Burei-Dan Works/Xant & Minions

Chapter 10, 11: Ra1nfall’s Translations

Volume 2:

Volume 3:

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