Half-Dragon Slave Life Ch. 40

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

Chapter 40: Home

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

After puzzling over it, Master decided to tell the elder all about his purpose.

Listening to the very end without interrupting, the Elder solemnly nods.

Resurrecting the dead… I can’t give approval. However, it is no wonder that a child would care so about his parents.”

Yeah, I know, it’s reckless and dangerous.”

Mmhm. Well, you need not concern yourself so. The spell for resurrection was already developed four hundred years ago, after all.”

… Eh?”

Although, it seems it won’t work on those who died at the end of their life span, or by sickness. If it was a mortal wound, then it was supposed to be able to bring just about anyone back.”

The spell is already finished? Then if he just learns it, Master can achieve his goal.

Moreover, if it already exists, then the World Tree believers probably won’t try to kill him.

You thought it didn’t exist? Why do you suppose the spell practically vanished from the world?”

Ah, don’t tell me… the World Tree faith?”

Indeed. All things in this world are born from the World Tree. And their souls return to the World Tree they were born from. That is their theology.”

Right, which means the resurrection spell would interrupt the soul’s transition through the World Tree, so…”

A forceful call back of a soul destined for the World Tree. They couldn’t possibly leave the technique alone.

It’s no surprise they would go around erasing the spell to protect their doctrine.

Does that mean the spell is already lost?”

If you mean there are none left who can use it, then yes. However, if you mean the documentation, then it might just remain.”

Do you have it?!”

Not here.”

Master braced himself, but the elder’s declaration practically backhands him.

Is he messing with us? Let me give him a good punch. Hard.

While I abruptly stand, Master feebly stops me. Barely keeping hold of myself should be seen as me remaining composed.

Eir, it’s fine. Calm down.”

But Master Rimuru,”

Knowing that it existed in the past is already a big find.”


Quite, plus I said it’s not here, but I didn’t say it’s nowhere else.”

Somewhere else… the academy?!”

Ah, right. The academy’s policy is gather knowledge. They wouldn’t leave a spell that’s to be disposed of by the wayside.

Is it perhaps somewhere in those massive bookshelves?

No, to begin with, a resurrection spell is extremely special. The one who created it was well aware of that, so the only ones who have knowledge of it are its inventor, and we who helped. We frequently made use of the technique, but the church trained their eyes on us, so we had no choice but to abandon it.”

Then the one who created it still has the spell? If we just find the person…”

An impossibility. The creator is no longer human.”

… Eh?”

The developer isn’t human? Does he mean dead? But if it was someone from four hundred years ago, then I guess that’s obvious.

The creator of it is… the god of destruction. She was still human at the time.”

Say wha?”

What the heck was my ancestor doing?!

Don’t tell me, wait? Does this mean we’ve been fishing around the academy’s basement archives for nearly a month, but the document has actually been in my dimensional storage this whole time?

… Eir?”

Wh-what is it, Master Rimuru…?

Did you have a proper look through your storeroom?”

Well… uhh…”

I won’t get mad. Go ahead.”

The weapons and armor, I had Yig tell me all about those… but the literature, I haven’t quite gotten around to all…”

Punishment. Later.”


Tickling, until you cry.”


As much as my senses have become sharper, I’ve also gotten weaker to that kind of thing.

Master knows this, so he occasionally bullies me like this.

But in this case, it might really be my fault, so I guess I can’t object?

Well, I’m unclear why you might have such an artifact in your storeroom, but… keep it in moderation?”

Oh yes, I will be very moderate. All the way until she passes out.”


Whether it be from sudden exhaustion or despair, my vision went black.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com


A thirty minute walk from the village. There a hot spring grandly welled up from the ground.

When first we sought the water source it took us longer to get here, but we know where to go this time, plus there’s a path made for the sudden construction, so we smoothly reached our destination.

Elves, you work a little too fast.

Yeah, that’s fast. Hard to believe you built a road from the village, and facilities in one night.”

Trees, earth, wind, and water; we elves have an aptitude for magic that deals with nature.”

Cole says as he comes out to meet us.

Wearing a wrapped headband, and a work shirt he’s probably fine with getting dirty, over his slender but muscular body, he shatters my image of the beautiful forest dwellers known as elves.

What is this handsome construction worker-ish elf supposed to be?

Even so, I didn’t think you’d already have the bathing areas half done already.”

Yeah, we made waterways from earth wall magic, used more earth walls to form the baths, and fireball magic to harden them. This much construction would normally exhaust mana supplies and make cause fainting but, well, just need to send in more people then.”

Civil engineering with magic?”

Surprisingly, the idea of using magic for civil engineering hasn’t been popularized.

The overwhelming firepower and flexibility of it have a stronger impression towards use in combat.

Well, I don’t know who came up with it, but apparently it’s a method from long ago.”

Considering that, it’s unexpectedly not used across the world though…”

Really? Then maybe it’s only our village.”

In any case, at least the bathtub is done, so the elves seem to be enjoying the hot spring without delay.

Being part-way through construction, as of now it’s an open-air bath. And mixed bathing.

Umm, I deal in medical treatment, so I end up seeing a lot, but elves sure are open, huh?”

Master’s face gets noticeably redder as he states his impression.

Little wonder, as the workers are having their fill of the baths in front of us, but mixed with them are women, and they’re boldly submerging themselves naked among the men.

Ah, Yig is there too.

Yeah, our men and women have been going in the water together and stuff since we were little. The ones who get interested in the opposite sex in there couple up.”

I-is that so?”

Thinking about it, them being nature and tree lovers, they wouldn’t have any love for saunas and baths. Boiling water would require a whole bunch of firewood.

In other words, bathing in cold water would be common, and there would be no enclosures or divisions for it. Maybe that’s why mixed bathing naturally became customary for them.

And if they to a peep, they can look whenever they want.

If any of the women in there caught your eye, you could be assertive and show your stuff. I mean, the village is pretty closed-off, but I don’t think anyone would complain about you.”

Ha, ha, I’ve got Eir, so…”

Master peeks my way.

I wish he wouldn’t use me like an excuse to get out of a blind date.

Oh, so you two really are like that. You’ve saved the village, and brought about a specialty product for us, so we would have gladly welcomed you though.”

I’m honored, but she’s my family, so…”

So you’re married already! I didn’t realize.”

No, that’s not what I mean?!”

Engaged then? I’m sure you’re not related.”

Yeah, we’re definitely not related, but—”

How sluggish. I truly don’t understand human relationships.”


Cole crosses his arms and, after humming once, looks at me, who’s sulky from being used as an excuse.

After a moment of consideration, he nods and makes a remarkable suggestion.

Well, if you’re close, then you could go in the bath together?”

Huh? EEEH?!”

Wha-, that would be uncomfortable. Mostly for me.”

It would be uncomfortable for me too!”

Thinking about it, we hold each other every night to sleep, and have seen each other naked a bunch, so bathing together probably isn’t a big deal… but…

It’s, like, not that I’ll be seen naked, but that I’ll be seen washing myself, and that’s… embarrassing.”

Eir aside, there are other elves in there. In that situation I’ll have a problem related to my natural physical responses—”

Hrm, what’s me aside supposed to mean? I’m not letting that go.”

Wait, that’s not what I mean. Rather you’d add to the problem too, really.”

Master Rimuru, you pervert.”

How do you want me to answer here?!”

Ku, ku, ku, guess I have nyo choice. Shall I show off the service techniques taught to me by the slave merchants?”

Stop! And quit it with that laugh!”

I’m sure punishment is waiting for me when we get back anyway. It wouldn’t be bad to put into practice the training and skills passed on to me by the slave merchants for once, would it?

Well, we are all together here, so… wait, there’s a smaller tub completed over there. You can use that one. Keep your voices down for us though.”

You’ve got it wrong. And stop her, please!”

You’re having trouble keeping your cool around our women, right? Then there’s no problem.”

There’s a big one! Can’t you see Eir’s carnivorous smile right now?”

Don’t worry, it won’t hurt a bit.”

As if I’ll let yooou!

There was the sound of something snapping, and Master screamed.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com


Master ended up deciding to go to the smaller bath, since he couldn’t very well be surrounded by the adult elves.

I’m going with him, of course.

Seeing the elephants of strangers swinging around in front of me would put me on edge too, after all.

I still prefer Master’s cute thing.

Amazing that the elves can relax in that kind of situation.”

No kidding. For a moment I wasn’t sure what would happen.”

The separated bath is considerably small, with only enough space for the two of us to sit shoulder-to-shoulder.

Even so, there are many problems with facing each other in it, so we just have to deal with the size. I would be ill at ease being stared at directly from the front.

Plus we weren’t planning on getting in the hot springs, so we didn’t bring any kind of bathing clothes. In other words, we’re both stark naked.

But still, to think the hint for resurrection was in your Dimensional Storage…”

I’m surprised too.”

If you had just done a thorough search…”

I’ll apologize for that. I’m sorry.”

It’s fine already. Thanks to that, I got to meet all kinds of people, and made fun memories.”

Master says, and submerges down to the end of his nose.

When he shrinks down that far, it makes my heart race a little though. Look, his face is at exactly the same height as my chest.

I said all that back there, but when Master is actually naked in front of me, it changes things. My body gets kinda stiff.

We’ll have to give it a proper look-through once we get back.”

Yeah. But there were a lot of books with characters I couldn’t read, so I’m sure it’ll be a challenge.”

I see. Magicians use ciphers in their texts sometimes to hide their research I’ve heard. Is that what it is?”


Just what you’d expect from a god; very discreet, or wary I guess.”

But even the World Tree faithful probably couldn’t get their hands on a god’s texts. So… I’m sure it’s still around.”

Yeah, almost there.”


The conversation stopped again there.

Bathing together, we stare at the starry sky. Even in a situation like that, though I’m excited, my heart is gently calming down.

When it’s all over… well, what’ll you do, Eir?”

What do you mean?”

Once resurrection is complete, you’ll lose your reason for staying with me.”

… I don’t know.”

Yeah, I really don’t know.

Without a place to call home anymore, I don’t have anywhere to go.

Maxwell’s troupe invited me along, but I’m not sure that would be right.

If I don’t have a reason to be with you, does that mean I can’t stay?”

Not at all! If you can, Eir… I want you to stay with me forever.”

Hearing those words, my heart seemed to get a little lighter.

And, for some reason, I noticed my face is going beet red. Maybe I’ve been in the bath too long.

… Mm, I’ll think about it.”

Yeah? I’ll hope, for a good answer.”

And so, we continued wordlessly soaking in the hot spring.

Until the two of us were on the brink of fainting… just because we wanted to be together.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

Author’s Note: Rimuru, an all-out confession. But it’s ignored in the reply.

This marks the end of the second part of the story.

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