Half-Dragon Slave Life Ch. 41

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

Chapter 41: Everyday

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

Author’s Note: Part 3 starts.

Two months passed since we learned the object of our search was in my dimensional storage, and it’s the third month now.

Though I’m going to the school as an attendant, I’m not taking any classes, so I’m usually very bored.

Plus the people who think I’m just a tag-along of The Disaster Beast Killer pick fights with me, and those who know how strong I am ostracize me.

If I was with those types around the clock, I’d get understandably depressed.

But there are classes even I can enjoy. The physical training, and magic practicum classes.

Since the students who we serve could be in danger in both those classes, attendants are given permission to observe.

These are the only times I can leave the waiting room and go to the exercise ground, or the magic training building.

At the academy, to also increase physical abilities, they assign a class of regular drills

Master Rimuruuu, you can do iiiiit.”

Entering the third month, on this day when the cold is letting up a bit, Master was running around the grounds for his class.

Looks like today’s lesson is a marathon.

Mixed in with the fifteen-year-old students, in short pants, out of breath as he runs. Seeing him like that… honestly it’s enthralling.

Especially that distorted, slightly pained look on his face.

Eir… haa, that… stare is, fuu… kinda, scary.”

You’re imagining things.”

Hey, less talking, more running!”

Damn it aaaaall!”

Master speeds up while shouting a curse.

He may have gotten scolded, but Master is way ahead in first place.

Every morning he runs and practices swordsmanship, for show, then attends classes at the academy, and examines documents in the afternoon. On rest days he fulfills one-day quests, and stays over at the elf village to relax in the hot springs. His schedule isn’t even enough to put a cozy at-home dad to shame.

It’s just that, with the lenient training these rich kids and nobility get, they don’t present much of a challenge.

That, twerp… why, is he… so, fast…”

The delinquent Julio already seems groggy, Elly.”

He’s a pampered rich kid too, after all. And I hear he’s not a delinquent, Eir.”

For some reason, Elly was next to me observing the class too.

Seeing her overtly playing hooky again today, I genuinely worry she might not make it to the next grade.

Aleph is even worse though. He usually acts like an honor student, but his endurance is a special kind of weak.”

He’s all talk; I don’t like him.”

Looking at Aleph running exhausted at the opposite end of the ground, Elly delivered a stinging opinion as well.

After three months have passed since enrollment, everyone’s general dispositions have become pretty clear.

Julio is taking the affect of an outlaw, but he’s a good person at his core. Conversely, Aleph behaves like an honor student, and is eager to take leadership, but he doesn’t seem to have the talent.

And then Maria, she looks like the domineering type, but she’s a good, considerate girl. Even so, I’m feeling a lot of hostility welling up.

As for why… it’s because she’s bouncing. I won’t say what part of her, but it’s to an offensive degree.

… Inexcusable.”

Definitely. I hope they fall off.”

I like Elly’s type the best.”

Oh, your modest ones are quite likable too though?”

Hmph, they are not. And they grew a little!”

Since the last time I measured, they’ve grown a whole two millimeters.

Really? Then I’ll have to check!”

Elly’s fingers wiggle creepily as she draws closer.

My skin is sensitive, so I give strong reactions. Knowing this, she sees an opportunity and comes close to tickle me.

I don’t hate her, but I’d rather pass on this slightly sadistic side of hers.

Big sis will feel and make sure… kya, why are you moving?!”

What made you think I would sit still?”

I easily dodge when she springs at me, and upon taking distance I was hit with unwarranted reproach.

We kept going, and little by little we start a chase along the side of the track.

Of course, since I wouldn’t be outdone by even a top-class adventurer, an amateur like her couldn’t possibly catch me.

But it looks like we got on the teacher’s nerves.

Hey! You spectators better quit playing around! If you’re so inclined, why don’t you join in the run?!”

I’m just here to watch, why do I have to run with them? Is what I thought, but sitting in the chilly weather and just looking really is rough.

Since he went ahead and proposed it, I’ll take him up on the offer.

I circled behind Elly, picked her up, invaded the track, and went into a full dash.

KYAAAAAA! Eir, you’re fast! So fast it’s scaryyyy!”

With my dragon limbs and body strengthening through Magic Power Bestowal, Elly’s weight is like that of a wing.

Blasting forward almost ten meters in a single stride, I cover half the track in just a few steps.

My body is light enough that I don’t get fatigued, so I feel like I could run as much as I want.

Part-way through I picked up Master, and in just ten minutes did twenty laps around the four hundred meter track.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com


Upon returning home, Master’s scolding awaited.

I wish he’d at least stop during dinner though.

Good grief, I can’t believe you took him seriously and really barged onto the track.”

But it was cold.”

Nobody was forcing you to attend; you could have gone to the waiting room.”

I don’t like the atmosphere there.”

Intruding in the school seems like fun though~. Wish I could have gone and watched~.”

Of course you mean with your current form, right?”

Of course with my original form~.”

Yig joyously says something ridiculous. I give her a light hit.

Let’s not? If disaster beast Fafnir shows up in the middle of town, the very first person to take damage from it will be Kevin.”

If a duel breaks out between Yig and Kevin in front of a crowd? Mmhm, Kevin would die.”

Eeeh~, I can properly let him win y’know?”

Kevin’s strength isn’t going to stay dull forever. He’s gotten a lot more powerful, to the point where it wouldn’t be strange for him to take a quest on normally.

He has managed to improve that quickly. This is most definitely a growth period.

Well, he wasn’t exactly lacking in aptitude anyway.”

He had strength and stamina. Idiot though he is.”

I’ve gotta work hard too.”

Haven’t you gotten plenty strong though, Master Rimuru?”

I mean that seriously. With magical enhancement, he has more fighting power than Kevin; strong enough to easily handle any old warrior. It’s a real shock.

He looks like a slim teenage boy, but he’s super strong. If I see him lay out some adventurers who come looking for trouble, my heart would race a bit.

My comparisons are on another level altogether, so I don’t really feel it.”

There’s Kevin though.”

But he’s improving fast. Thanks to that, I don’t get the actual feeling of being stronger.”

You’re crossing swords with me and the chief every day, after all~. I guess it’s a type of power leveling?”

Because training with Yig every day means fighting a dragon every day?

Then of course he’d get stronger.

Well, rather than my swordsmanship progress, I’m more worried about this right now. Eir, how’s the progress?”

Nuu, there are about eighty documents I can’t read.”

Yig can’t read them either?”

Yeah, never seen these characters before.”

In my dimensional storage, besides the materials in the common language of the continent, there are things written in characters I’ve never seen included.

After two months of sorting through a ton of books, none of the ones I could read had spells related to resurrection.

The documents I can’t read, they’re fundamentally written in characters that look like knotted fibers, angular characters made up of straight lines—almost like in a magic circle—then what look like simplifications of those characters… are these numbers? And then there are characters that look subtly different from the ones we use. All of them are put together to form sentences.¹

However, the writing system is too different from ours; I can’t pick out any clues for comprehending it.

Well this is bad, we might be at a dead end.”

What country’s language is this?”

It’s the words of a god after all~.”

Is there perhaps… a dictionary for these words in the basement maybe?”

Eir, no matter how you look at it, that would be way too convenient.”

Mrgh, but these books are actually still around, so maybe there are more in the archives.”

True enough…”

Considering the academy’s policy of gathering everything, it might be more weird for them to not have any.

And if materials with unreadable characters are found, then a collector’s nature would make them want to read it.

In which case, it wouldn’t be strange if data on trying to decode it was left over.

So we end up searching back in the archives then.”

What if we ask a linguistics teacher for help?”

Being what they are, we can really openly ask though…”

If we carelessly request cooperation from an outsider, there’s a danger of this coming to light, huh.

We want to solve this by ourselves if we can, but we can’t. Getting help from outside is also off the table.

… Master Rimuru, are we stuck?”

Mm… well, it’s only been three months since we really started our search. It’s too soon to give up. Let’s try a little more on our own.”

Our hopes are slim.”

That they are. In any case, we’ll be looking for reference materials in the underground archives after school. At night we’ll study the documents at home. That’s the approach we’ll take.”

No real alternative, anyway~.”

With a carefree closing remark by Yig, our dinner-turned-meeting came to an end.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com


Night time, while I was turning the documents in my dimensional storage upside down, I noticed Master was writing something.

Slacking off, Master Rimuru?”

Could you stop badmouthing me?!”

What are you doing?”

Making a sample of the characters. We can’t show the materials to other people, but we can probably look for someone who knows this writing. If we have a sample, we can show random characters that don’t make a sentence and ask if they know the characters.”

But won’t they ask where they’re from?”

If you’re shown writing you’ve never seen before, being suspicious of where it’s from makes perfect sense. Especially at this academy.

We’ll use that, you know, because we’re adventurers. We’ll say we found a new relic or something, and just tell them we need to keep it secret because it’ll influence our profits.”

Is that how it works?”

That’s how it works for adventurers. Back when I was at the clinic, even if they were asked, “where and how did you get these wounds?” what they answered wasn’t even the half of it.”

When asked, they’d gotten the wounds trying to catch expensive prey for materials, they wanted to prevent information about their prey from leaking and such.

Information on prey, information on ruins, information on ores and other materials. For adventurers, situations where they have to keep secrets are quite common it seems.

Fortunately, we’re also adventurers, and attendants of a celebrity at that. We’ll leave it to the imagination of whoever we ask.”

But we’ll have to carefully choose who we go to, huh.”

Yeah. First off… Elly really would be best, don’t you think? She seems more knowledgeable about the underground archives than the librarian.”

Mm, that’s the obvious choice.”

Though the only ones we can even trust in the academy besides Elly are probably Mr. Wallack or Miss Seele, I’d say?”

Mr. Wallack is one of the few in the academy with good sense, and most faithfully embodies the ideology of the academy.

In his case, he would probably help us without any self-interest. No complaints with his knowledge either.

However, he has the peculiar stubbornness of a teacher, so if our objective gets out, he might try to stop us too.

Class one’s Miss Seele we’ve seen around plenty of times after the camp, but she has a frankness, and impartial sense of values that’s hard to believe for class one.

In a certain sense, it’s amazing that she remains unbent by the arrogant people around her.

Surprisingly, or rather, as expected of the top student, her knowledge seems comparable to the teachers, so she might be perfect help for us.

But we’re really not as close to her as we are Elly, so can’t exactly fully trust her.

Well, we can think about that little by little. First let’s turn to Elly for advice.”

Mm, well good luck with your copying.”

Gh, Eir’s lousy handwriting probably wouldn’t be understandable, so I guess I’ll have to.”

Master Rimuru, you said one thing too much.”

I repeatedly hit him in a display of protest.

In this way, little by little… our situation is probably moving forward.

  1. Eir’s description here is of the various writing systems used in Japan: kanji 漢字, katakana カタカナ, hiragana ひらがな, and also numbers and probably the alphabet.

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  1. I wonder, if they asked Yig “Hey, can you ask the Destruction God for help?” If she’d help out
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