Half-Dragon Slave Life Ch. 47

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

Chapter 47: Raid

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

The meal was going to take time to prepare, so a nap came first.

We’re doing two hour rotations in shifts. When my nap was over, the sun had long set, and a bright moon was out.

Village chief Coelho’s wife’s cooking was much like her husband’s personality; very warm and welcoming.

Stir-fried nuts and meat with fresh salad. A bunch of deep-fried foods.

Preparing nuts one-by-one for cooking is labor intensive, and takes a lot of time.

All the effort in it showed how warm a welcome she was giving us. She must have been hard at work on the preparations while we were sleeping.

Fho, hwa oo uee oo ow?”

I ask master while stuffing my cheeks with the crunchy, savory fried foods.

There must be spices found from the forest used in the meat. It’s got a subtly stimulating flavor that really whets the appetite.

Shoveling food into my mouth without break, I think about our next steps.

Eir, either talk or eat. Mind your manners.”


Taking the warning to heart, I stop talking and, after swallowing my food, extend my hand to the next piece.

Questions will be put off until later. Delicious food should be eaten while it’s still warm.

And of course you’d prioritize eating. Seriously…”

We’ve finally got a delicious meal here. We’ve gotta get it while it’s hot.”

Oh my, you’re quite the eater, young lady. Here, the next one is done too.”

Sorry about this, eating without restraint and all.”

While I’m a given here, Kevin is also eating and drinking a bunch. Yig goes without saying.

With how quickly the meat is being consumed, the lady of the house is making constant trips between the kitchen and the dining room.

She looks considerably younger than Mr. Coelho; closer to maybe thirty.

Does that mean they’re a couple with a ten or more year age gap?

Eir, we could get attacked any time soon, so maybe don’t eat too much?”

I know. I can still eat plenty more.”

How much room do you… Well, nevermind.”

More important is the outlook from here on.

We’re supposed to prepare for a raid, but this village has entrances in the north and south, and it’s surrounded by a ditch. But dropping all caution won’t do.

Mr. Coelho seemed to take the threat of the giant figure seriously, making rather deep ditches, and sturdy fencing.

Considering it was over twenty meters tall, he says this still isn’t enough, but I think it’s thanks to those defenses they were able to focus on offense and repel the bone wolf attack.

Turned on its head though, that still leaves the north and south as defense points. With just the five of us, the question is how we’ll defend them.

There are gates to the north and south, and we need to defend both, so I was wondering what the arrangement will be.”

I’m glad you’re thinking so much about this stuff lately, Eir.”

Hrm, you make it sound like I didn’t think at all before…”

You genuinely didn’t though. More importantly, the north and south…”

The southern gate connects to the forest path. As a battle area, it’s narrow and long.

Surrounding it are thick trees, and the lumber used in the fence is just as sturdy, so we probably don’t need to worry about this battlefield falling apart.

If me or Yig go, we could easily level the place though.

In comparison the north is used to bring in lumber and materials, so it’s a pretty wide open space. Almost like the trees are avoiding just that area.

Some lumber for the fences does remain here, so if this turns into a battlefield, the four-legged bone wolves will likely have an easy time fighting.

What do you think, Eir?”

Nnu, south is a straight line, so me or Yig could manage to block it I think, but… The north is a problem.”

Ooo… Eir, you sound kind of smart.”

Amy, that is so rude.”

Amy is eating directly on my right, so I take the opportunity to poke at her sides with my index finger.

Either from pain or from ticklishness, she writhes in a strangely amorous way.

A-ahn! No, sto-… sor- I’m sorry, kyahahaha!”

I’ve been having the Chief study battle tactics lately, so she’s pretty smart~”

Yig, since when did you start doing that?”

The god of destruction says “First class warriors become first class because they use their advantages in battle!” after all.”

That’s… true, but—”

But she was called a coward a lot.”


On the battlefield, using the terrain and adjusting to the situation are the right approaches I think.

She’d set up pitfall traps in the middle of one-on-one fights, administer poison, have them stand where she set up a freeze magic spell under the ground, and unleash it as soon as the battle starts…”

What kind of fiend is she?!”

Seems more cheap than fiendish. And someone like that is my ancestor?

Every time I hear one of Yig’s stories, my ‘respect for my ancestors’ seems to fade a bit.

Well anyway… about the village. Yeah, holding back the enemies in the north will be a big problem. So I’m thinking we should put Kevin for his high defense, Yig just in case she’s needed, and Amy for support up there.”

So a battle lineup with Kevin as a wall and Amy using magic to defeat them.

In such a large area, Yig could go to her normal form in the worst case scenario.

The south will have Eir at the front line, with me as backup.”

A battle in the narrow forest path means one-on-one fighting power is of great importance.

Unlike Kevin’s ability to readily handle attacks from multiple enemies, fighting alone is my turf.

I cut down the enemies, and Master provides magic support. It’s not perfect, but an orthodox approach.

Mm, sounds good.”

Coelho, did the enemy not attack from the areas with ditches?”

Yeah, at the very least they haven’t up to now.”

The fence is pretty solid, and decently tall too.

But there are trees growing thick all around to serve as footholds. If they’re used to get a leg up, they might be able to jump over.

They say there aren’t many undead with high intellect, and these ones don’t appear to be particularly smart either.”

Among the undead, high class ones called liches and wraiths can even use magic freely and easily.

Bone wolves are pretty high up in the ranks, but they’re more of the muscle brain types. Not that they have brains.

Okay then, with that settled, let’s get ready to—”

Chief, trouble!”

While we were having our meal and strategy meeting, a man in leather armor ran in.

The bone wolves… they’re here!”

Alright, which gate?”

Both of them, three wolves at each!”

Split between north and south, plus two more of them?

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com


We split up as just discussed, and head out to intercept.

The evacuation inside the village is already finished, leaving nobody on the roads. Not that many people would be walking around this late normally.

Watch fires were already lit for the guards across the village, so vision isn’t a problem.

Fighting had already occurred, so there are already some men lying fallen on the ground. They lie in puddles of blood, a dangerous amount of it at a glance. If they don’t get treatment quick, their lives will be in danger.

Master Rimuru!”

Yeah, I’ll heal them, so you pull the enemies away.”

There are three bone wolves. They’re jostling on the narrow path. It’s barely wide enough for them.

One is about to deliver a finishing blow to a villager with its claws. The remaining two are being held back by the villager’s shields.

Filling my right leg with magic power to balance out my strength, I shoot like an arrow toward the descending claw, and block it with my axe.

A dull clunk rings out as I stop the blow.

Neither the flame axe Agni Blaze nor the bone wolf’s claw are metal, so there’s no metal clanging.

Relying solely on my strength from there, I push it back, knocking it off balance, and kick it away.

My dragon leg’s strength easily sent the light, fleshless bone wolf flying.


Despite having no vocal cords, the bone wolf let’s out a beastly growl.

The cry made the villagers shrink back, but I pay it no mind, and swing my axe at the remaining two, knocking them away in an instant.

Having put some distance between them and the villagers, I pursued the attack.

You all get back and protect Master Rimuru!”

I gave orders to protect Master providing medical treatment, and slashed at the three undead to keep them from pulling the villagers back into the fray.

The bone wolves are nearly five meters long, so I use the trees of the woodland path as footholds to jump up, and once above them I spread my wings and fly downward in an instant.

With the bone wolf off on its timing, it’s unable to dodge, and gets its skull smashed.

The bone wolf falls apart as if it was sand. The two remaining bone wolves finally came in for the attack at this point.

In this narrow place, with their numbers reduced, their chances of catching me with my small and light body are practically nil.

I dodge their bite and claw attacks easily, and pile on counterattacks.

Even if I recklessly attack the bone wolves, it would only knock the bones out of place, and I wouldn’t be able to land a finishing blow.

Since the detached bones would immediately go back into place, there would be no damage.

So I need to aim for core point on it and destroy it. More specifically, the skull or the hip bone.

With the villagers at a safe distance, without reserve I fill magic into the flame axe, cladding it in fire, and burn the wolves to ashes.

In no time at all, I successfully took down the three bone wolves without a scratch.

I didn’t think I’d be able to take down this level of enemy unharmed. Aptitude with the axe, and the effects of Yig’s training seem to be displaying themselves well.

Master Rimuru, I’m finished over here. How are the injured?”

Y-yeah. I’m finished here too… but that was amazing.”

What was?”

Having finished his treatment of the injured, Master was staring this way with his dagger out, in blank amazement.

Nah, I was just thinking it might be a little tough on your own, so I was thinking of backing you up. But you took down three bone wolves in a one-sided fight.”

They weren’t that strong.”

That’s just flat wrong! These things are pretty tough opponents!”

Master practically trembles as he shouts. It’s almost like he’s saying I’m being absurd. How rude.

Treatment for the injured seems to have also been in time. There’s not even a trace of injury to be seen on the visible skin under their leather armor.

Their chests are also rising and falling regularly. It apparently didn’t reach a critical point.

The remaining villagers also look my way with a sparkle in their eyes.

Mm, what?”

N-nothing! It’s amazing how you handily defeated monsters like that!”

I’d heard you were assistants to the hero Kevin, but to think you’re this strong…”

One whose talents were recognized, I suppose. If the attendants are this powerful, I can only imagine how amazing Kevin himself is!”

Aah—… Kevin, sorry I guess? Looks like your fame rose again.

Many of them also gave their thanks to Master.

Zahn, you’re alive! The boy healed you, even with an injury like that?!”

Holy heck, that wound was clearly fatal… but you healed it?”

Thank you! Thank you!!”

With lives saved, the words obviously got more passionate. There’s even one among them so overcome with emotion that he’s in tears.

Even if the wounds are healed, the lost blood hasn’t been replenished, so he probably won’t be getting up for a while though.

Leaving the excited villages aside for a moment, Master gives me orders. He seems to be saying the battle isn’t over yet.

Eir, watch our surroundings. If the enemy increased by two, then there might very well be more. Don’t let your guard down yet.”

Ah, right.”

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

Their total numbers did increase by two. There is the possibility that it might increase more.

I climb a tree and turn my attention to the area.

Just then, a gigantic flame pillar appeared on the north side of the village. After a few moments, a thunderous roar rings out.

That’s… a magic flame?

Master and I exchanged a look, told the villagers to close the gate and exercise caution, then ran to toward the north.

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