Half-Dragon Slave Life Ch. 44

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

Chapter 44: Scrutiny

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

We enter the guild and head to the bulletin board. After being in this city for three months, it’s a familiar course of action.

With it also being early morning, the less savory types of adventurers aren’t here yet either.

The only ones we see are serious young men striving to be adventurers, children seeking to earn spending money by picking medicinal herbs, and the receptionist ladies giving candy to the children.

Feels kinda different from midday.”

We haven’t been here much around this time, now that you mention it.”

We usually come here on the weekends, and after having breakfast. So we haven’t been here early enough for the cafeteria to not even be open yet very often.

It’s also before the floor is covered in muddy footprints, meaning it’s sparkling clean. It’s almost like a different building.

Welcome. Might you be taking a job today?”

Yes. We took a long break, so we were thinking of taking a bigger job.”

Show us something moderately long that’s easy, and has a good reward.”

Seeing us, a familiar receptionist woman calls over to us.

Master sociably replies. But I think Kevin’s reply was just him messing around.

Come on, such convenient quests don’t exist.”

Yeah? You could find one, couldn’t you?”

At the very least, there are none that I recall.”

The woman puffs out her cheeks and denies it. With her making such a childish expression, it’s clear she’s getting along with us.

Any new quests?”

Those would be on the left of the bulletin board. There’s even a seaside quest that came today.”

The sea, huh.”

When they hear about the sea, Master and Kevin seem to sink into thought.

Have they been sent to a world of delusions?

But I’ve never swam before, so the sea is a no.”

… Ah, I see.”

Master looks slightly disappointed. Well, I can fly, so I’m sure I could manage though.

More importantly, a seaside town from here is a week long trip one way.

Guess it doesn’t work time-wise either. Let’s think about it when we get a long break. I’ll go check the board for other ones.”

Yep yep, best of luck.”

I still want an easy one…”

You need to stop dreaming already!”

Ouch! Owowow! Let go, hey!”

Amy grabbed Kevin by the ear and dragged him away. I wonder if that’s what it looks like when someone is ‘whipped’.

The bulletin board is crammed full of quests posted to it.

At the very least, they’re divided by date, extermination, gathering, escort, and other contents it seems, but it’s very jumbled.

There are people besides us looking for a job, and they’ve been looking from corner to corner of the board while it’s in that state.

I’m sure they’re desperately looking for the better tasks among them.

In all that, my eyes stop on a single quest.

Master, this one. Big reward.”

I pointed to an extermination quest.

It’s for defeating orcs. But even though it’s for extermination, they want one of the orcs captured.

Orcs are a size bigger than humans, and have strength to match.

But the only thing in their minds is to show off that strength. They’re not very bright, so they don’t make any attempt to dodge traps, magic, or long-distance attacks.

As such, they’re easy to eliminate vermin.

This quest, for such easy pickings, is posted at two hundred gold coins.

Eir, this is a bad quest.”

Eh, really?”

First off, orcs are designated as priority elimination targets. They’re not amazingly strong, but… they’re actually very dangerous for women.”


Just for women. They… well, they give off an odor that makes women extremely excited. Sexually.”


What a lewd beast. I get why it’s prioritized for extermination.

Plus this request is saying to purposely capture one, right? An orc’s fluids can be processed into aphrodisiacs and ovulation stimulants. Those medicines are outlawed though. Most likely, that’s what they’re after.”

So it’s an indirect request to gather materials for illegal drugs. If we took this on, it would come as no surprise if we get embroiled in the dark underbelly of this job.

But I’m surprised the guild let a quest like this pass.

The extermination itself isn’t illegal, after all. With them being priority targets, the guild probably would like it to be taken. But what the adventurer does with the orcs they defeat is up to them. Whether they kill them on the spot, or hand them over to someone who wants them, that’s not illegal.”

Can’t the guild retrieve them?”

Wouldn’t it be fine if the guild buys the corpses like they do other magic beasts?

We sold the komodo drake hide and meat to the guild and all.

They buy those because they have uses. Orcs, unfortunately, don’t have anything that can be used for raw materials. Aside from the illegal ones.”

Then this, “Processing a captured monster. Seeking man or experienced woman.” quest? The client is the same person.”

It’s probably a job for extracting the orc’s fluids.”

Like a vampire.”

Uhh, well… sure, I guess? Anyway, we should probably tell a receptionist about this. The receptionist for the quest is different, so I think they just missed it.”

So with that, we reported to a woman about these two quests, and she ran into the back in a huge panic for some reason.

As thanks, I got some candy, but… why am I being treated like a kid?

Master Rimuru, she gave me candy.”

That’s nice of her. Did you say thank you?”

Yeah… uhh? Why does it feel like I’m being treated like a kid by you too?”

You’re imagining things.”

Could you look me in the eye if you’re going to tell me it’s my imagination?

It’s not very convincing if you’re blatantly looking off into the distance.

With that out of the way… Kevin, how’s this quest look?”

Mm, bone wolf extermination, estimated to be four of them? Isn’t this a little too much trouble?”

According to the quest form, it’s a village about two days from here. A pack of bone wolves appeared and the village is getting raided by them.

Bone wolves are a type of undead born when wandering spirits possess carcasses left in the wild and reconstruct their bodies.

Whether it be human bones or animal bones, a bunch of those bones pile together to make gigantic five meter long dog-like forms, so they’re called bone wolves.

As for why they’re ‘bone’, when the possession and forceful shape change happens, the flesh seems to fall away, leaving only the bones.

The troublesome part is, since they’re a bunch of corpses piled together, even if you scatter their bodies all over the place, they’ll just reconstruct themselves.

So attacks to it have to be with consecrated weapons, and you have to either destroy the head, where the spirit sits, or the hipbone, where the body forms from.

Our strength is in our plain physical attacks, so normally they aren’t a good match for us. Or rather, nobody among us would do well against them.”

Yeah, so…”

But weapons with holy water sprinkled on them are effective on undead, and magic works too. Plus dragon claws are tinged with magic, and their breath works too. See now, we’re actually comparatively good against them, aren’t we?”

Master and Amy can use magic, while I have Agni Blaze’s flames or my dragon claws. Yig has her breath, or, well, her entire body if she goes to her original form.

The only one without a good form of attack is Kevin, but if we get some holy water, he can fight too.

Well sure, but where can we even get some holy water?”

There’s a church of the World Tree Faith here, so we’ll get some from them. If we have an introduction from the guild, they wouldn’t turn us away.”

I dunno about this…”

Worst case, you could borrow an Agni Blaze from Eir. We have two of them. Besides, isn’t it about time you got an upgrade on your weapon?”

Kevin favored the kind of large axe a lumberjack would use.

However, the blade is chipped from repeated use, rust is forming from the blood on it, and it’s generally getting pretty worn out.

His weapon, made known as Youth’s Hope, is getting a little lacking.

Eh, but I’m not planning on giving this axe to anyone.”

I’m not saying you have to. But I just think it’s about time you got used to another axe.”

I do want a new axe… but magic weapons aren’t in wide circulation, and they’re expensive.”

And so we have this quest. A bone wolf’s bones are weapon materials.”

They’re originally from animals or humans, but due to the bone wolf possession, those bones are supposed to become comparable to steel in strength.

Moreover, bones come in both cylindrical and flatter shapes, so if you put them together, you can make a light and strong axe, I suppose?

Plus these materials are filled with magic power when the possession happens. In other words, the weapon they make would be effective against undead.

But we’d need a craftsman that can work them. We don’t have any connections like that.”

Well, we can worry about that later. We can’t make anything without the materials.”

Yeah, makes sense. Fine, let’s do this one.”

Eh? Don’t I get any say?”

Amy states her discontent, but it doesn’t seem like she’ll reject it.

Kevin brings the quest form to the receptionist without argument. Once accepted, we departed from the guild to get ready.

It’s a two day trip, meaning we’ll be camping out, so we’ll need to prepare appropriately.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com


To ready Kevin’s weapon, holy water will be essential.

With that in mind, we receive an introduction letter from the guild, and headed to the World Tree church.

The church was impressive, as might be expected of the world’s largest religion. The sight of the high steeple towering in the middle of the city was enough to overpower everything around it.

The academy has various spires as well, but they exist outside the city, so they don’t feel so out of place.

But in any case… wait, aren’t I supposed to have bad affinity with the people here? Should I be here?

Well, it should be fine. Just stay quiet, and they’ll never know.”

Master says so, but if they find out I’m the god of destruction’s descendant, they’ll definitely be horrified. I’ll have to quietly hide behind Master and—

Oh hey, aren’t you… Rimuru was it?”

As I was about to hide, a nun suddenly called out to us.

There was light shining behind her, so I couldn’t see her face too well, but I’ve heard that voice somewhere before.

Aah, you’re Seele, right? It’s been a while.”

Yeah, since the training camp.”

Master figured it out immediately. If I remember right, she’s the talented second seat of class one.

Why are you at a place like this?”

Ahaha, it’s kinda embarrassing, but it’s my house. This place that is.”

Your house? This church of the World Tree Faith?”

Yeah, my dad is the highest minister here in Raum. I guess he’s kind of a big shot.”

Which means… you’re a high class daughter. Makes sense you were assigned to class one.”

I’d prefer you remember that I got in the upper ranks by my abilities.”

Master’s slightly sarcastic thoughts invited a mildly offended reply.

It would seem she doesn’t want people thinking her parents got her into the upper ranks. She can indeed brag of having abilities fitting her rank.

I apologize if I offended you. We came here today to get his weapon consecrated with holy water.”

Hm? Aah right, you’re an active adventurer. Which means he’s the rumored…?”

Yes, this is Kevin.”

I’m the adventurer, Kevin. Looking forward to working with you.”

Likewise, a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I’m the daughter of the Caacrinolaas family. My name is Seele.”

Kevin’s brusque greeting is replied to with an elegant bow. Kevin seems a little stiff in front of this beautiful, neatly dressed woman.

She looks like a high-class daughter, but you’d never guess that inside she’s an alcohol lover with the personality of a middle-aged woman.

Based on how she looks as a nun, it’s hard to even imagine her from the training camp, holding alcohol while sitting cross-legged and drinking brandy straight from the bottle.

So you desire holy water then. Right this way please.”

She guides us to a separate worship room. Holy water isn’t give out for free; they need a little donation, so the exchange takes place away from prying eyes.

Although it’s a separate room, it’s excessively decorated, but without being overbearing about it. It’s designed in good taste.

Is this her father’s sense of design? I could feel a strong sense of faith in the ornamentation.

Holy water doesn’t actually have a god’s blessings in it, but it’s water charged thinly with magic and filled into a bottle.

By splashing this on a weapon, you can create a convenient magic weapon. Even if I’m saying create, it only lasts for ten minutes at best, but that’s more than enough time to finish a battle.

With how expensive magic weapons are, the amount of adventurers in need of holy water is surprisingly large.

Here is the donation. Please accept it.”

Yes, gratefully. Here is the holy water. May the protection of the holy tree keep you from… yada yada!”

Come on, you ruined the solemn mood.”

I’m really bad at keeping that composed look. Let me off the hook here. So anyway, what are you off to defeat?”

The sheltered daughter of the church appears to be deeply interested in adventuring topics.

Master doesn’t seem put off by it either, and answers brightly.

Well, there’s nothing confidential this time, so I’ll share. We’re eliminating bone wolves.”

Whoa, tell me more.”

Not much more to tell. We haven’t been there yet.”

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

We met and were detained by her in an odd place, and ended up killing half the day there. Which is fine I suppose.

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