Half-Dragon Slave Life Ch. 37

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

Chapter 37: Discernment

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

After a night in the woods, we go back to take on the tunnel’s challenge.

I release a large yawn as we proceed into the dark cave.


“Eir, don’t slack off. Look, you’re drooling.”


Master comes to my side, and wipes my face with his handkerchief.

He’s dealing with it like I’m a child, even though I’m older.

“Master Rimuru, I’m older than you. Stop treating me like a kid.”

“Says the one drooling while she walks.”


I shake the torch I’m holding in displeasure.

At the time when we entered the cave, we used torches for light, and not light orb magic.

The reason being, the fire will react sensitively to bursts of gas and the like, easily informing us of danger.

“Come on you two, this isn’t the time for your usual playing around. We should reach the bottom soon.”

“Are they always like this?”

Cole had a weary look on his face in response to Haumea’s words.

I guess he really didn’t like my drooling face… Well, I doubt many people would find it to their liking.

Even with the presence of a mysterious poison hanging in the air, this is supposed to be a test cave.

For the safety of the students, there aren’t any monsters in place, nor do any dangerous animals live here.

While periodically detoxifying, we managed to reach the very end in about an hour.

“What’s with this…?”

“Mining here does not seem possible.”

Cole and Haumea’s perplexed voices made sense. The deepest area was fully submerged in water.

More accurately, it was a hot spring.

“Yig, that’s a hot spring you know? Wanna go in?”

“No waaaaay, this water looks really unhealthy. Gross.”

“You can tell it’s bad?”

“Uh-huh, and this stuff is practically poison.”

With utter confidence, Yig declared the water poisonous.

Hearing that, Master pulled out a collection bottle.

“Eir, I’m gonna take a closer look at this water. I’ll only take this, but could you bring some back too? Yig, a little help.”

Master immediately gives his orders.

Yig heard those words, and dragged Cole and Haumea a little ways away. Taking that opportunity, I pull some of the water into my Dimensional Storage.

The remaining amount decreased considerably, but it was noticeably returning to the original water level.

There must be a large source for the water.

“Yig, is there anything else unusual about this water source?”

“The poison is definitely coming from this hot spring~”

“And the poison only made it to the base of this mountain?”


“Got it, then we’ll tell the village chief and have this mountain put off limits. That’ll prevent any further damage for now.”

We haven’t exactly dealt with the problem, but if we block it off, the problem won’t get worse. Besides, we did discover the cause, so there shouldn’t be any more complaints.

But still, why did a hot spring suddenly…

“Most likely while class 3 was mining, they broke through a capping layer of hard rock. Since the water suddenly started welling up, they must have rushed back and kept their mouths shut.”

Were they afraid they’d ruined a valuable gathering spot? Whatever the case, keeping their mouths shut is anything but an admirable decision.

In the end we returned to the village, petitioned the chief to block off the cave, and after promising to analyze the water, we returned home.

The chief, after confirming that there was no harm in sealing the mountain off, consented to closing it down.

There were also probably some people in the village feeling guilty about taking bribes to give preferential treatment in the tests.


Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

And then Master’s days of tireless work began.

Training from the moment he wakes up in the early morning.

Then immediately making breakfast, and eating with the spongers Amy and Kevin.

After that, school.

Once classes are over, investigating [Resurrection] magic in the underground archives until school closing time.

Upon returning home, inspecting the water we brought back.

It’s only been five days, but his expression is getting visibly more hollow, and he’s started looking like he might fall over at any minute.

“Master Rimuru, you have to rest. You need to take care of yourself.”

“I hear you… but we’re heading back to the forest tomorrow, so I’ve gotta make some progress on this.”

“If it’s just a report, then I can go.”

“The person doing the research needs to go for these things.”

Sure, the person looking into it should go to answer any spontaneous questions or concerns, but if you’re gonna collapse, then it’s kind of pointless.

With the way Master looks, he could fall over right here, and I wouldn’t be surprised.

“But you’re going to hurt yourself. You need to rest. Or do I need to get in the way and make sure you can’t do any more research?”

“What kind of threat is that?! Well, maybe it was rash to think I would get results in only one week.”

Master tosses aside the dropper in his hand, and leans back heavily in his chair.

In consolation, I massaged his shoulders as lightly as possible.

“Mental breaks are important too. Let’s drink some tea and… right, let’s go to a play. I mean, a simple report should only take half a day anyway, and there’s Maxwell’s play, we haven’t gone to see his drama yet.”

Half-way through it started sounding like a date invitation, and I spoke a little faster at the end, but I don’t think it’s a bad idea.

I think my face might be getting a little flushed, and something tells me I’m gripping the hem of my skirt pretty tight, but I’m probably imagining things. Yep.

I’ll have to get the wrinkles out later.

Perhaps Master felt some sense of relief seeing me like that. He smiles lightly and strokes my head.

There’s a horn on my head, so I have to be careful not to let people touch it. So people like Master, who I can unhesitatingly allow to do so, are rare.

Master gazed at me as my eyes closed in enjoyment.

“This is like… a dog.”

“Wha-, how rude! I’m a dragon. Half anyway.”

“Yes, yes. Then I’ll stop here today. Could you make some tea? I need to clean up.”

“Mm, got it.”

There’s plenty I want to say, but he’s going to rest, so I have no objections.

It seems like he’s dodging the date part, but fine, whatever.

I step lightly toward the kitchen and boil some water. Stuff the tea leaves in a bag, pour in the water, let steep, and done.

It got a little annoying part-way through, so I turned up the heat with some campfire from Dimensional Storage, making the fire three stoves worth of heat.

It boiled loudly and sounded dangerous, but oh well.

I couple the tea with some baked snacks on a tray, and when I came back Master had cleaned up and was in the middle of changing.

“… Eir.”

“Master Rimuru, have you gotten taller?”

“Could you maybe close the door?”

“Ah, sure.”

I enter the room and close the door. Feeling mischievous, I locked it too.

“Who said to come in?! And why did you lock the door?!”

“Fufufu, hey boy, that’s a fine body ya got~”

“You’re creeping me out, stop it!”

Master is hiding his body with his clothes now, like a woman.

The reactions here seem backwards. Isn’t that supposed to be my role?

“Anyway I brought the tea.”

“I’m changing right now?”

“I’ll watch until you’re done.”

“I’m telling you not to. Get out and wait.”

“You’d make a girl wait in a cold hallway…”

“Invading a room to watch a boy change is way more problematic.”

Well, teasing Master is fun, but if I do it too much he’ll genuinely start hating me for it, so it’s about time to retreat.

“Oh fine, I’ll be waiting in the hall, drinking warm tea.”

“That’s the tea you made for me, isn’t it?!”

But Master’s overreactions from joyous to crestfallen are so cute, I couldn’t help but mess with him.


Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

“Seriously, what do you take your master for, Eir? You should have more… you know, respect.”

A while later, realizing he was being teased by me, Master aired his complaints.

Honestly he’s like a kid puffing out his cheeks, so it’s mostly heartwarming.

“Are you listening?”

“Yes, yes, I’m listening. I’m reflecting on my actions.”

“Jeez, that’s doubtful. What’s Yig up to?”

“She’s been in the bath for the last two hours.”

“I wonder why she likes baths when she breathes fire…?”

“She doesn’t seem to like swimming though. I think she just likes soaking in hot water.”

“Well, not a big deal. Water is free anyway, and she heats it up herself.”

This house has a bath installed for easy bathing at any time.

Moreover, in our case, I just carry the water from the well over in Dimensional Storage, and Yig warms it with heat ball magic, so it’s basically free.

And with that as their goal, Amy and Kevin frequently come over to hang out.

Raum, as a country, has a large source of water, and with a gentle climate as well, many households are content with cold water baths rather than hot ones.

Of course that’s not the case in this winter season, but instead working up a sweat in saunas and wiping down with a wet towel is commonplace.

For someone like me who grew up on a warm mountain, I’m really thankful for a full bath experience.

“Well, she’s an expert when it comes to managing the water temperature… Maybe you could learn from her, Eir?”

My superbly boiled tea was apparently superbly bitter.

“Yeah, this is definitely boiled down and too bit-… Hm, boil?”

Apparently thinking about something, Master cocks his head.

After looking at the sample on his desk, he directs a question towards me.

“Eir, can you take just the water from this liquid into your dimensional storage?”

“Just the water?”

“While leaving the impurities in the liquid behind…”

“Can’t do it. My awareness is important, so all the liquid I can see is fine, but I can’t exclude something I can’t see.”

“Which means… guess I’ll have to boil off the water. Yig said this is poison, so there’s definitely something dissolved in it.”

Saying that, he carefully washes a pot for the experiment, pour the sample in, and boils it.

The heat ball used to warm it was high temperature, so in about an hour all the water had evaporated.

Many times in the hour my body started feeling heavy, so Master detoxified me. He also used detoxify on himself a few times.

“Up to now we had no abnormalities, but the moment we boil it our condition breaks down… Boiling the water may be the key to this.”

“You mean, that the vapor disperses with the poison still mixed in?”

“Yeah. That’s why it reached down to the foot of the mountain. And this is just a guess, but I think the poison is relatively heavy. Because it only reached to right around the mountain.”

“And it would have spread farther if it was lighter, huh.”

“Yep. That’s probably a small bit of fortune in this. It could have been a tragedy.”

With the water fully vaporized, silver colored powder remained at the bottom of the pot.

Master uses a spatula to collect the powder in a small vial, and seals it.

Once that was done, I opened the window to air out the room.

The powder collected in the vial is formed in dully sparkling spheres. This is the first time I’ve seen such round crystals.

“These aren’t crystals, Eir. These are rignia stones.”

“Rignia stones?”

I’m sure I heard they were a material used for painting magic circles and stuff though.

“Yeah, they’re dissolved into inks and the like for magic circles. Thinking about it, they dissolve it into ink, so it could dissolve in water too.”

“Why was it in the underground hot spring?”

“Probably exactly because it’s underground. A water source was dug up in a place with a vein of rignia stones. The water-soluble material made contact with the seething hot water and dissolved in. Then it vaporized and dispersed into the surrounding area.”

“But it’s heavy, right? Can it really float off like that?”

“In spite of how it looks, rignia stones are actually liquid. That’s why they dissolve into water so well.”

Liquid he says… that is clearly round powder though.

“It’s round, ya know?”

“That’s because of very high surface tension. The cohesive force of the material is stronger than the forces that would make it spread apart, so it forms a ball with itself. It’s a strange mineral.”

“Hnnn… anyway, mystery solved! Right?”

“Guess so. Next is solving the problem, but… I guess that may be the village’s issue. Now we can freely go and watch a play.”

“Ah, you didn’t forget?”

“I was looking forward to that play too you know.”

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

With that said, Master hums a tune and sips at his tea.

I’m glad the problem is solved. At the rate he was going, Master probably would have crashed in about a week.

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