Half-Dragon Slave Life Ch. 12

Hello readers! I’m picking this translation up, and if all goes well I’ll be carrying it to the end! The chapters are as long as the longer chapters from Yuuri, so it’ll be a bit of a workout for me, that’s for sure. A few notes before we start though:

For the sake of consistency with my previous translation of this story’s prequel(ish) story, I will be making a number of changes to place and character names. They are slight, but potentially important, changes for the sake of readers of Hakai Me no Yuuri, or simply because it makes more sense to me.

Translation changes:

Character names:

  • Levi → Levy
  • Hastur → Haster
  • Rimuru Branché → Rimuru Blanche

Place Names:

  • Marba → Mareba
  • Forneus Commonwealth → Forneus Federation

Gift Names:

  • Other Dimension Storage → Dimensional Storage (This is just less of a mouthful)

There are also a couple of place name spellings I felt should be adopted from previous translators, in keeping with the spirit of the author, rather than using what I had in Hakai Me no Yuuri:

  • Solkalis → Sokaris
  • Novelius → Naberius

The first chapter of this series can be found here

And I think that’s all the notes I had. Let’s get this translation started!


Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

Chapter 12: Suppression


Author’s Note: There are viewpoint changes here.

It will go Rimuru → Eir → Disaster Beast → Eir. Please be aware.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

Eir suddenly left from in front of the grand hedgehog.

And with some incredible speed at that… It couldn’t be…


“Hey, the girl ran away!”

“… You’re wrong.”


Even I suspected that for a moment. That’s why I deny it; that she ran away.

The disaster beast in front of me turns its eyes this way. I can’t stop shaking.


“What are you doing?! We have to hightail it out of here too, or—“

“There are injured people here… I won’t run and leave them behind!”


Dad didn’t run away. Mom either—Even in a situation like this, an awful situation like this… They didn’t run away!

I won’t cast aside the injured. I’ll keep healing as long as there’s breath in me. That’s the pride of us healers—the attitude they showed me.


“I’m not going to run away, and besides… Eir didn’t run away either!”

“You friggin’… You won’t be able to do anything once you’re dead.”

“Even so, I won’t!”



The grand hedgehog turned this way, and extended its needles.

They’re thick, hard, and sharp; like spears.

Who knows how many people those things have torn apart.


“Friggin’ hell! Hey kid, I’ll hold the thing back somehow. You take that chance to grab the injured and get out of here!”


Gosun readied a harvesting axe and stood in the thing’s path.


“Wha-, don’t be ridiculous! That axe isn’t going to do a—“

“I ain’t gonna leave kids behind and run away either!”



A disgusting howl, far out of place from its appearance, resounds from its belly.

Carry out the injured? You’ve gotta be kidding… That roar alone made my legs cramp up.

I slumped to the ground right there, and couldn’t stand back up.

There was a warm fluid I felt coming from my nether regions.



“This is a joke… Shit, this has to be some kind of joke… The girl was really fighting this thing?”


Either way, our enemy was faster. Forget if we were carrying the injured, we just can’t get away.

There’s only one way for me to survive. I would have to leave Gosun, Kevin, and the other injured behind, and…




And that’s…




—Something I wouldn’t do. And so…




I shouted. The name of my protector—the name of the one and only person who I have enough trust in.

In response to my voice—




Breaking through the small lodge, she came back.





Sandwiched between the grand hedgehog and the office, but on the opposite side.

That’s where I saw Kevin’s fallen carriage. What I sought for was over there.

Scattered everywhere were the partially-loaded logs. Those are my target.

Of course the grand hedgehog probably wouldn’t take any damage from just getting hit by some logs.

It would be blocked by its spear-like spines and get torn apart before the log reached its skin.


Even so…”


I haphazardly threw the logs into “Dimensional Storage”.

What I need now is size and weight. In other words, volume.

I must have gotten ten of them, or maybe more… Just then.




I heard Master’s shout. Practically in reflex to his voice, I—




Answered like that, and dashed along the shortest route back.

The office stood in front of me. I don’t have time to go around.

I grant magic to the log held in my left hand. It’s one of the gifts I have, “Magic Power Bestowal”.

The magic power I can put in a material is decided by the volume and the size of the magic circle.

I don’t have time to carve a magic circle in. Even so—


This is big enough!”


I fill the log with magic power… Err, bestow it. I’m not filling its insides with magic, but covering its outside with it.

I purely enhance its hardness. Or rather, its hardness is the only thing I can enhance. Because it doesn’t have strength as a material. But for now that’s enough!

The magic power wrapped around it is, of course, diffusing before my eyes. But it looks like it’ll hold for a few seconds.

I slam through the office wall in front of me with the reinforced log.

Without stopping after plowing through the wall, I pass by Master’s side and charge at the grand hedgehog.




The log, enhanced by my magic power, breaks through the spines and hits its skin.


Not… Yeeeeeet!!


Using the strength of my dragon limbs, I push in with every last ounce of power I have.

The log, after taking the “Magic Power Bestowal,” became tougher than steel. It crushes the grand hedgehog’s shoulder bone, and I push the log in until just before I touch its spines.




An ear-piercing cry.

It’s probably the first time in its life that it felt this kind of pain.

And so its movement stops. It’s an opportunity. Taking that chance, I stretch out my wings, and soar into the air.

Just around then, the grand hedgehog starts trying to retreat to the forest.


“Won’t let you… Get away!”


The collected logs appear in my left hand. After bestowing them with magic power, I threw them at it.

Regardless of whether the cut planes of the logs were flat or not, they pierced through the shell of its back.

As for the number… Two, three, four… Together with the first one, there were a total of five logs stuck in it by the time it ran into the forest.

The deep forest was enough to conceal even the grand hedgehog’s giant body. Doesn’t look like I can attack from the air.


“For now… A relief.”


The pressing crisis appears to have left, but for now I should head back to check on Master.

I rushed right past him after jumping through the office, so there was the danger of debris flying at him.


“Master Rimuru, okay?”

“Y-yeah… I’m fine. Thought I was gonna die though.”

“By the way, older guy okay?”

“So I’m just a passing thought?! Well, no injuries here though.”

“Then good. Be back in a bit.”

“Wait… Where are you going?”


Looks like Master is still out of it. In this situation, there’s only one place I could be going.


“That’s obvious—To deliver the last blow.”


Leaving just those words, I once again rose into the air.



(Grand Hedgehog)

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

The magic beast had never felt such pain since the day it was born.

An attack reaching all the way to even its shell had always been impossible.

And yet that small human… Nay, demon had practically ignored its spines and stabbed it with large trees.


This can’t be! This can’t be! This can’t be!!


The reverberations of severe pain torture it.

It writes and crawls along the ground to try and somehow remove the trees from its back.


Gotta get them out, get them out quick… Gotta get away!


Its wild instincts tell it of the danger. It cannot win against that.


Hurry! Hurry! Hur…?!


And then, in front of him, a small figure landed.

In its left hand was a giant log, held as if it was a twig.


“You’re not thinking you’re the only one who’s conveniently allowed to get away, are you?”



Why is it here?! I got rid of the blood trail and footprints!


With his long furred legs, he cleared the ground behind him, erasing his tracks all the way to here. It’s a mystery to him as to how his location was discovered.

As a result of all the lumber transport in the area, traces of it being dragged along remained.

There should have been no chance of noticing his tracks mixed in with those markings.


“As long as you are what you are… You can’t get away from me.”


The grand hedgehog uses a huge magic organ to manipulate its needles. Because of that, it’s constantly radiating magic power.

The horn on her head can find it by reacting to that.


“Now, take—Your punishment!”


With that declaration, the small demon assaulted the giant beast.





After showering the grand hedgehog in blows with an enhanced log, it was defeated.

I gathered up a bunch of its spines scattered around, then scrounged around its body.

There was probably some way the spines could be used, after all.


This species of magic beast’s magic organ should have turned into a magic stone…”


Magic stone is another name for the magic organ of a monster with magic power.

The magic organ inside its body crystallizes and becomes a rainbow colored clump.

Normally one just a few centimeters big would sell for a nice price at the guild.


With how much magic it used, I can expect it to be pretty big… There it is!”


Relying on the reaction of my horn, I used a dagger on hand to cut through its flesh and search for the magic stone.


Uwah… What the heck.”


The magic stone I pulled out from inside its body was an amazing fifty centimeters or larger.

I guess I can’t just secretly take it back, can I?


Hmmm, I don’t really want to stand out though… But really, saying “there was no magic stone” isn’t going to fly…”


In any case, the fact that I took down a disaster beast means keeping a low profile is probably impossible though.

For now I’ll push all the obnoxious stuff on to Master.


I dooon’t care anymore.”


I headed back to Master’s side without trying to hide the magic stone.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

After retrieving the great sword that flew off, Master was running around healing the injured at the lumber gathering area.

Once he saw a good chance to change gears, he must have settled down.


Master Rimuru, I brought back the magic stooone.”

Ah, Eir! Are you okay?!”


Master looked my way, and ran over to me. Leaving the injured there.


Master Rimuru… “I won’t leave the injured behind,” wasn’t it?”

That’s one thing, and this is another!”

Girlie! So you’re all right… What about the disaster beast? What happened to the grand hedgehog?”

Dead, deep in the forest. This is the magic stone.”


I pass the magic stone I was holding over to Gosun.


What the heck is this?!”


He looks at the extra-large, over fifty centimeter magic stone, and raises his voice hysterically.

One this large isn’t something normally seen.


The hedgehog’s magic stone.”

I know that! But it being this big…”

Sure is huge… Eir, you got this from that thing?”

Yes. What to do with it?”


Hearing that, Master held his head in distress.

If we deliver this, the test would mean nothing. We would be treated like heroes, so it would very clearly be more difficult to move around.

And Master doesn’t seem to want to stand out I guess?


This would get us money, but…”

We would definitely be conspicuous. Someone might even try to get in our way.”

Well that’s… Seeing as you defeated a grand hedgehog, you’re a bit of a hero. Moreover it was the girl alone.”

Eh? You figured out I defeated it?”

What would make you think I didn’t figure that out?”

It would bother me if Eir couldn’t keep on the move. I need her!”

… Hohoh?”


A dirty smirk spread across Gosun’s face.

Seeing the smile, Master gasped in realization.


No, wait! That’s not it! That’s not what I meant!”

It’s fine, all good. I get ya. Say no more.”

You definitely don’t get it!”

Master Rimuru, you need a slave that much?”

No, that’s not it either…”

Then ummm… Perhaps you mean a sex slave?”

Way off. That’s not even close.”


Master dropped his shoulders with a tired expression. Which means, he must mean as physical labor then?

On Gosun’s side, his grin deepens.


I seeee, I seeee. The boy’s a man too, after all. Gotta have that kind of partner.”

Like I said, that’s not—“

… As a slave, I’m… Prepared. But I want to be awake for it.”


That kind of thing, if I’m unconscious like before, is bad for my heart, and I still have some dreams as a maiden.


Can’t say I condone you laying hands on a sleeping girl, boy, y’hear?”

I won’t! Ahh, sheesh! More importantly, this magic stone… Let’s say Gosun defeated—“

As if that’d happen. Not someone like me.”

Guess not… What should we do?”

About that.”


Then Gosun gave a suggestion.


Why not just shove it on to the unconscious guy over there?”


Saying that, he pointed at the guy whose limbs hadn’t been completely regenerated yet—Kevin.

Master and I reflexively looked directly at each other…

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com


That’s it!”


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