Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 85

Based on what I’m getting in the way of comments, most people are either indifferent to Haster’s name, or are used to the previous spelling already. Leaving it as it was is easier for me too, so it’s back to “Haster” from here on. Thank you for the feedback!


Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

4th Act, Chapter 85: Heresy

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com

I was being considerate of Miss Levy last night, so we couldn’t have a review meeting. As such, we are going to have it early in the morning.

Furthermore, it’s one of our rest days, so we won’t be going in the labyrinth.


And so, yesterday’s review meeting is now in session. Don don, pafu pafu!


It’s supposed to be a reflection on how to improve though, and we actually cleared things really well yesterday, so we don’t really have much to review, do we?”

Haster, “When you don’t reflect, you don’t improve,” right?”

Well I get that, but…”

Ah, but I’ve got one thing. Yesterday went too well, so we didn’t notice how tired we were towards the end, and I think that made it a little dangerous. Marle is with us, so I’d like to avoid any forced marches.”


She certainly did seem pretty fatigued yesterday.

We could cause ourselves to not realize we’re getting tired. Resting early and often is an important issue.


Certainly. Haster and Alec probably weren’t very tired, but it was pretty rough on Marle and I physically.”

Ahh, sorry. I didn’t notice… Looks like I have a ways to go as a husband.”

You’re just a beginner as a newlywed, so you can’t help if you don’t think of everything, right?”

I’ll be careful from now on. I’ll apologize at some point. Sexually.”

Aaand it’s ruined!”


This guy was just letting his sex drive run wild, darn it all!


But seriously, ya’ll fought 16 battles yesterday was it? That’s some pretty crazy stuff. How’d ya do it?”

Oh, that was…”


She is an ally we’re partying together with, and our senior in traversing the labyrinth.

Telling her about [Sonar] should be fine.

I conveyed the details of the spell formula to her. She has “Peerless Magic” too, so she should have understood the specifics clearly… But…


H-hey… Do ya realize just what kinda unbelievable thing ya did?”


New spells ain’t somethin’ you just go off one day an’ spit out like it ain’t nothin’!”

Yuuri actually has a comparatively easy time spitting them out though, right?”

She’ll often just get an idea and make it that day, won’t she?”

Well, it is Yuuri after all.”


Yeah, that’s pretty much how it goes, doesn’t it?

I mean, I’m using them just fine right now, y’know?


Listen up, ya hear? New spells normally take years of researchin’, and piles of testin’, until finally a prototype gets made, ya got that? To be makin’ one the very day ya come up with an idea like it’s easy is just…”

Ahh, when you put it like that, Yuuri’s in a lot of danger. Some research institutes somewhere would kill to have her.”

If she can put together the details after hearin’ the concept in just a day… That’s the kinda thing whole countries would move for.”

Her existence itself is a strategic weapon, but that only increases her value. Just what I would expect of my wife.”


These two are just saying whatever they want, huh? It’s not like I’m the only one here with “Peerless Magic”.

In fact, anything I can do gift-wise, Miss Levy should be able to do as well.


You can talk all you like, but if you have “Peerless Magic,” Miss Levy, shouldn’t you be able to do that too?”

I ain’t got that kinda knowledge or thoughts on how to apply it. And my magic power ain’t all that high either, so… At best I can do that kinda thing as an adventurer’s hobby.”


Hrm… Now that she mentions it, [Sonar] and such all use my former world’s knowledge as the base, so I probably do have an advantage on that front.

If I were to replicate things from anime or sci-fi shows, then I would be developing suspicious spells one after another… So I really have to hold myself back on this?!


Uuuh, that’s enough for me to reflect on for now. I’ll be careful about using new spells out in the open.”

I didn’t really tend to interact much with people so I didn’t notice, but yeah, Yuuri’s ability to invent things really is abnormal, huh?”

If you suspected that, then could you have maybe told me?!”

I wasn’t completely certain of it, so…”


When it comes to the people I stay around, there’s Haster, who has half-way secluded himself from the world, the muscle-brain Alec, and then Marle…? Practically nobody who understood the common sense of magic.

Well of course I became a nonsensical magician then, I suppose.


A-anyway… I-it’s fine if we just leave the “nonsensical” part out. We need to be forward-facing about this. Yes, let’s just keep looking forward!”

Yuuri, your eyes are swimming.”

Please ignore that.”

Mister Haster and Yuuri are about the only magicians we’ve ever really known.”

I’ve met quite a few over at the knight brigade, but I just thought they were barely out of apprenticeship or something.”

So Mister Haster really is an amazing magician, and Yuuri is a completely nonsensical magician then.”

Sounds about right.”

Don’t agree with her—?!”


For some reason, it turned into a meeting to bully me, so let’s just cut it off right here.

Any more than this, and I’m at a disadvantage.


Well, I guess we can just say it’s a good thing we found out now?”

I suppose so. I will make sure to only use simple things like [Wind Bolt] and [Wind Blade] in front of people from now on too.”

We’re weapons. If Alec and I keep walking around with cheap swords forever, that might be suspicious too.”

Should we go find suitable replacements, Master?”


Whoops, one more thing. There’s something I need to make sure of.


Marle has her registration card now, so how about she goes to take the academy’s entrance test?”

I’m still tired from today, so I was thinking we could go tomorrow. And besides, if there’s any studying I can do for the test, I’d like to do that too.”

Then how about we go to the guild and investigate? If we’re lucky, they might have last year’s exercise book or something.”

Oh, that could be good.”


And so, that afternoon Alec and Haster went to the weapon shop, while Marle, Miss Levy and I went to the guild.

Oddly enough, it was split into the boys and the girls.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com

Oh, it’s the three girls today? Been a while, Levy.”


Yeah, well I ain’t gonna come by every day.”

Miss Remy, you’re at the reception desk again today?”


I almost feel like she’s always the receptionist here…


Well, if I don’t keep on the watch, a certain official who uses adventurers like consumable good is going to show up.”


She glanced behind her out of the side of her eyes.

At the end of her line of sight was a seemingly high-strung, uniformed, and frivolous feeling staff member.


This city has a pile of adventurers after all. To keep us from doing anything unnecessary, the country’s observer comes by to monitor us.”


She covertly whispered to us.

I guess they can’t really ignore the kind of power the guild has in a city filled with adventurers like this.

It’s even possible the all-encompassing existence of the guild could rapidly turn on the country of Novelius itself at a moment’s notice. It would be impossible to suppress.

I guess it just makes sense they would place surveillance to meddle with the guild and make sure they don’t get out of control.

By weakening the power of the adventurers… In other words, sending them to their deaths and reducing their numbers for example.

For Miss Remy, who is acting in direct operation of the guild, that is extremely troublesome.


I understand their thinking, but… That just smells fishy. I don’t like it.”

Sure does. Any quests they hand out are the requests ya just barely have the abilities for. They ain’t very well liked for it.”

You and your group should watch out for them too, Yuurin. With that said, let’s get back to business. What would you like today?”


Miss Remy quickly pulled her features together and switched to business mode. Just what you would expect from a professional.

Although she does give off a slightly overly-friendly feeling.

In any case, Marle’s exam comes first for now.


You know she wants to enter the academy, right? We actually wanted to know what kind of tests there were in the past, or what they tend towards. We were wondering if you had that kind of info here.”

Oho, you sure do know how to use the guild, Yuurin. Naturally, we do have records of the previous exams here.”

Then we would like—“

Of course you know it’s not free, right?”

Urk?! How much is it?”


Leave it to the veteran receptionist. I guess we can’t just get it at no cost, huh?


Aww, don’t be all stingy, Remy. Ya’ll are gonna take money from a little girl like this?”

Whether it be this girl or any other girl, the guild’s services come at a price. In any case, the overview would cost 10 silver coins. Detailed info is 30 silver coins.”

Can’t we get half off or somethin’?”

If you plan on making up the difference, then sure, half is fine.”

Well shoot, I ain’t been gettin’ much income lately…”


Miss Levy’s attempt at assistance tragically sunk.

Although yesterday’s reward will pay for it, it’s a fair bit. Well, 30 coins isn’t really a big deal though.


Well then, we’ll pay 30 coins; give us the detailed—“

Ah, let me pay, Yuuri.”

This isn’t really a big deal for me, you know?”

I wasn’t any use at all this time, so even having you pay for me would make me feel bad.”


Saying she was “no use at all” has to be a joke. The fact she helped us avoid a surprise attack the first day was a huge value.

She has a strong sense of caution, making her area of area of view much wider than the more rough Alec and Haster.

Now that I think about it, she was kidnapped by those bandits when she was 8 because she found them hiding, didn’t she.


It’s thanks to you that we managed to avoid a surprise attack the first day. You were very far from unhelpful.”

Even if that’s so, this is an expense for my sake. It only makes sense that I pay, doesn’t it?”


Hrmm, she’s bringing ‘sense’ into this? … My demanding to make the payment myself would probably just make her mood bad. I may as well yield this one.

If we’re too overprotective of her, it might make her end up feeling like a guest with us.

And feeling like a guest is something I’m sure she wouldn’t want either.


I understand. But I’m only giving this to you because I think of you as a companion, okay?”

Thank you, Yuuri.”


Normally this would probably be the scene where we clasps hands together, but I can’t very easily touch Marle yet, so that thought is rejected. How unfortunate.

My social phobia has gotten considerably better, but complete recovery is still far away.


Female friendship is so nice. Ahh, youth.”

Eh, ain’t we got somethin’ like that too?”

What ever might you be speaking of?”

Y’know, the letter…”

On principle, I try not to look back at the past.”

What in the hell! Gimme back those feelings I had, y’hear?!”

Well it’s embarrassing to say it straight out, isn’t it?”


Looks like there’s plenty of youth over there too, huh…?



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com

The file given to us by Miss Remy described five years worth of academic test problems, as well as physical and magical strength tasks.

Naturally there’s no need to clear all of them, but the policy appears to be in investigating your abilities, listening to your desires, and then in deciding your course through the exam.

As a result, if you clear the exam for your desired course, you pass. If not, then you can either choose to change your course, or retake the exam.


For the academic exam, either me or Has… Al should be able to help. Physical strength and magic should probably be left to Al. After all, Ale—ahemBern is bad at teaching things.”

That’s not true, is it? A—, Sir Bern is good enough that he seems suited to being a teacher.”

Really now? In that case, how about we leave that to Bern, and have you take the exam in about a week? We’ll make certain to get everything into you by then.”


If we have that long, her training should be showing results by then.

And in the worst case, if we don’t make it in time, we could have her drink the “Dragon’s Blood”…


Miss Remy, would we still make it in time?”

The deadline is in three weeks, so that would leave plenty of time.”

Then we will go with that. We’ll train your physical abilities in the labyrinth. On rest days you’ll be studying history and magic with me.”

Got it!”

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com


And so, we gave it our all as we prepared Marle for her exams.


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  1. its so nice to be back here, i really miss it, its feel like it change a little now that they have a goal and make a team for that, yet they did not discard the nonsenical character of her thats its one of the best part of her. It was a shame to know you shared problem with your conection like happen here, and i wish you the best luck in your new job and home. I feel like i want to put much more here and in a better way, but it’s just that it’s too much feelings to put in one commentary? or the rush for transmit it? anyways thanks for keep bringing us this great novel!!!

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    [spoiler]After they stay at house , that house going to become toolshop n house for yuuri in eiyuu musume.

    Chapter 423 Raw eiyuu musume.
    MC visit a strange toolshop with roots interior and near World Tree labyrinth place.[/spoiler]


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