Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 84

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

4th Act, Supplemental Chapter 84: Remy’s Letter

Author’s Note: A bonus.

It’s short, but it felt a little long when I put it in the main story, so I pulled it out to post separately.


To Levy, in this current season,


Aw heck, formalities like that don’t feel right between us.

Once again, welcome back. I’ve been waiting a long time for your return.


After what happened, do you know how much I worried that you might have committed suicide or something?

I knew you were stronger than that, but considering even the slightest chance of something like that happening is just part of this business.


It’s been about a year since you left.

That seems pretty short, but it felt long for me.

You and your group were like a light of hope to me, when you cleared 100 floors in only a year after registering.

I thought if anyone could conquer the labyrinth, it would be you.

So I believed you were sure to return.


Do you remember when we first met?

You had hardly arrived at the counter before saying, “I’m going to climb the World Tree, so give me the qualifications.”

There were plenty of people who came to register before adulthood, but even among them, you…You seemed a little spacey.

That’s why I introduced you to some companions, and gave you a recommendation for the academy. And while I was taking care of you in all sorts of ways, a strange sentiment bubbled to the surface.

It felt almost like I had gained a little sister.


And so you continued clearing floor after floor.

The days you spent in the labyrinth increased from one to two, and the days you showed your face in the guild decreased in direct proportion. I was a little lonely, to be honest.

But the stories you brought back were really fun to hear.

What kind of traps you encountered, what types of monsters you fought, and what sort of klutzy things you did.

Even though you were desperately clearing the floors, I could only look at it like I was watching a play.

So without any basis for it, I was certain that you, Levy, would conquer the World Tree. Like a well-made play.


That day, when I heard the party was annihilated, is when I realized my mistake.


Why hadn’t I told you to always be more careful?

Why hadn’t I informed you that danger always springs when things are going well?

Even though I had heard those things countless times in the past, I got it into my head that those rules didn’t apply to you.

If it was you, who seemed so adult as you saw through practically everything, I felt certain you wouldn’t need advice like that.

Even though I thought you were “spacey” the first time I saw you.


I had seen you let your guard down, and knew you had… And yet I didn’t warn you.

So that incident wasn’t your fault alone. It was my fault too.


So I wanted to apologize.

But I thought I probably shouldn’t at the time.

After all, if I had said, “It’s my fault,” while you were feeling down, it probably would have had the opposite effect and hurt you.

So when you disappeared from town, I wondered; had I made another mistake?


But you came back.

With new companions in tow, to challenge the legend again.

It’s only been a year since then.

There are plenty of people who remember that incident, and the wounds on your heart probably haven’t healed.

But when I see you stand back up anyway, I feel like I’m watching a hero.

And so, Levy,


Welcome back.

Thank you.

And I’m sorry.


No matter who else despises it, I gladly welcome your return.


From your dearest friend,



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11 thoughts on “Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 84

  1. Yay first to comment, at the price of reading 83 a day late.

    I’m wondering should I be happy or sad.

    Anyway, thx for the chapters as always.


  2. It feels wonderful to know that every character in this story seems very alive. I mean even Yig feels like he has his own OP adventure with loli mama xD. Well anyway, I really love how things played out well for Levy. And thanks for the extra chapt

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        1. These onions are fresh no doubt… It’s been over a year and they are still here!

          The letter got me a second time, er, I mean the onions did. damnit I say!


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