Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 45

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

Interlude, Chapter 45: The Melancholy of God

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

The victim this time is quite aggressive. No, perhaps the previous victim was simply too timid?


Well, that being the case, what I am saying is you were not originally fated to die like that.”

As if I could just agree to this nonsense! If you’re God, then bring me back to life!”

Unfortunately, I cannot. More precisely, I could, but the damage to your body would cause you to die again the moment you are brought back.”

Then you can do it after you regenerate my body!”

Unfortunately, I cannot. Events that are observed by others become set in stone to the world. There were many who witnessed your death.”


Upon hearing my explanation, the man began screaming at me, with spittle flying from his mouth.

Looking at it this way, the previous one was abnormally calm. Perhaps it is a difference in the vessel.

For a short while, I quietly listen to the man’s vilification of me. He continued his shouting for nigh on 30 minutes.

In a sense, it is impressive. But I cannot simply listen forever.


I understand how you feel. However, your body was destroyed; this is a matter that is already settled. Even as a god, I cannot reverse this.”

Tch, and you call yourself God?! You’re useless!”

That is exactly the case. So then, as compensation I can grant you one of three choices.”


Though it was due to my subordinate’s clumsiness, as with the previous time, being disparaged this much truly breaks one’s heart.

Yet thanks to that, I don’t feel particularly anguished by processing such clerical work. In a sense, it’s helpful.


Number one, have you die as is.”

As if I would agree to that!”

Number two, I send your spirit back to your body, and have it immolate itself.”

That’s WORSE than dying!”

Number three, have you reincarnated in another world.”

Uh, say what now?”


If a body’s destruction is recognized by others, and confirmed by the world, then I cannot interfere, nor restore the body. It would birth contradictions.

However, what of a different world?

By constructing a new body in a place where not a single person can see, it is possible to slip a person in.

To that end, “the same world” is out of the question.

The reason being, the body where the soul previously took residence yet remains in the same world.

Even if it were ground to dust, or turned to ash, the soul would attempt to return to its original place.


Put simply, if you were to be reincarnated in the same world, your broken body would call back your spirit, and you would simply end up dead or bound by your own self.”

What the hell… There’s only one real choice here isn’t there?”

Well, yes, I suppose. So then, your forced reincarnation is due to a mistake on our part. As compensation, I would not hesitate to give you a number of accommodations, you see?”

So like, reincarnation cheats then…? In that case, let’s see…”


The man brings his hand to his chin in thought. Well, I doubt he would make as outrageous of demands as the man from before.

After a period of thought, appearing to have come to a conclusion, the man raised his face and said thus to me;


… Okay, give me the absolute strongest “power”; make me unbeatable.”

Hm, very well. I can manage that much I suppose…”


How truly simple. That should even be easy to fulfill on this side.

In which case, shall I make use of “that position”?


Then, I shall send you to the other world. I bid you have a good trip.”



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

I, who sent the man off to another world, now have my subordinate standing before me.


Whaaaa, I’m very sorry, lord God~!”

To think that this would happen a second time…”


My subordinate appeals to me with teary eyes. However, after drastically changing the destinies of two people, I cannot simply let it go unpunished.

I must present an appropriate punishment to keep up appearances at the very least… I think I’ve got it.


This will be both punishment and reward. I will have you fly over to him, and the victim from before, and you will act as their support.”

Eh, you mean you’re removing me from being responsible for this world?”

That will indeed be the result of it. I admire that a high level god of destruction such as yourself would be willing to govern the balance of a world as a grim reaper, but the scale of the disasters you cause to induce deaths are too large.”

I’m not very good at detailed work!”

Thereupon you drag the surrounding humans into the mix of the disasters you cause, which only brings me problems.”


The first human was caught in the force that pushed the victim, and died along with him.

He seemed to think that his bracelet was caught on the victim, but in truth it was not so.

The man this time was accidentally mixed into where a steel frame fell. Or perhaps I should say that the steel frame was too large.

Her power is strong even half-heartedly used, so it is very easy for others to become collateral damage. And her lack of wariness for that is a problem.


Bah, it is nothing to worry about. It is not a demotion, but a punishment in the form of a dispatch. Since individuals with such strong destinies were sent in, there will be many who are caught in with them. I would like you to go as their support.”

What do you mean by support?”

Strong destinies cause large incidents. I will have you cause other smaller incidents, and play the role of one who breaks the waves caused by their destinies.”

That seems like a pain.”

That attitude seems quite unfitting for a grim reaper.”

Aww, come on!”


One who is reincarnated and holds “An Indomitable Body,” and “The Greatest Strength,” is unlikely to be able to quietly complete their life span. The first one doesn’t have a life span to begin with. Because I fulfilled his “Ageless” wish.

I will take the initiative to cause some small bits of trouble, and control the incidents that occur as much as is possible.

Otherwise, I know not what kind of trouble they’ll wind up causing… At any rate they hold the power of god within them, after all.


Good grief, who exactly was it that said “God” is omnipotent and omniscient? Even though all I can do is “put the pieces back together” after the fact.”

Ah, I know what you mean. Like a character that mutters, “…. Just as I thought.” after something is over and done with.”

I can do no more than assume an air of knowing after seeing the results. Otherwise I am simply guiding them towards their situations.”

That’s quite wicked. Almost like you’re the “Devil”.”

Two sides of the same coin. A “test from God” is also a “temptation by the devil”.”


If it can be overcome, then it is a “test,” and if not, a “temptation.” It is interpreted at one’s own convenience. Though I’m not one to talk.

I have attempted to speak with those who act religious many times, but those people would only give out exaggerated lines such as, “God’s will is deeper and wider than we can understand.”

Do they not see how disrespectful it is to abandon the explanations of the one they have faith in, and yet continue spreading their faith?


After that I held a meeting with her, discussed, and came to conclusions on several matters.

Since the other world has their own God, I cannot overtly intervene, but incidents caused by reincarnated individuals are outside of my jurisdiction.

If I reincarnate her as a person, then I can make any excuse I please.


Such is what I ask of you. I sincerely hope you do not fail.”

Roooger that! I’ll do my best!”


I seal her power, and send her to the body prepared for her in the other world.

Well then, how will the state of affairs proceed from now on…? Though no matter what may happen, I can simply look at the results and mutter, “Just as I thought…”


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Author’s Note:

Some light foreshadowing before the 3rd act begins… Though I’m not sure if it’ll be easily picked up on or not!


Translator’s Note:

Some of the more foreshadow-y remarks may be slightly off simply because I’m not up to what they foreshadow yet. If they are off, then they shouldn’t be too far off, but I wanted to make note that my translation may change if I find it needs it later.

I am more-or-less satisfied with the translation of this chapter now that I’ve read through the whole story~

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  1. Thank for the chapter ^^

    “Indomitable Body” and “The Strongest Power” ?
    Hmmmm what unexpected interpretation those 2 skills will have this time XD

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  2. Wait, was that 2nd guy who died the one that Yuuri encountered earlier? The strange boy with super fast regen? Or is the one that died in this interlude yet another person? Lots of questions haha. It seems like the incompetent grim reaper girl is also going to be reincarnated into the other world. This should shake things up a bit.


  3. Thanks for chapter.
    I think this another reincarnated person will be Yuuri enemy or hindrance for Haster(?), Yuuri husband(?) to reached world tree.
    I am interested how it turned when Immortal versus Strongest. Well I think if they fight Yuuri will be winner because no matter how strong a person, they can’t kill someone who can’t die.
    And I think person with Immortality strongest than Yuuri in previous chapter(Forgot which chapter) is different person and previous victim before Yuuri(Maybe?) or God who descended or something alike.


    1. No, i think they are the same person…
      He want to be the strongest, so he can’t die/defeated (because indomitable body and the strongest power)…
      I think he could only die by very special means, god intervention, or age…
      Maybe thats why he send that grim reaper goddess..


      1. No, I think they are different. I am reading sequel novel prologue there written someone who will became Yuuri enemy with strong power.
        But it still probability because it not written in detail. Well, if we read this novel until finished we will know about it.


  4. Welp. I enjoyed this story more than I thought I wouod all things considered, but this is probably around the time I’ll drop it. Once “other reincarnators” appear I always lose interest in these stories.


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