Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 44

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

2nd Act, Chapter 44: The Place We Reached

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com



Look, I’m sorry.”


In the 5 years since I came here, have I ever shouted at him this seriously before?

That’s how much this is going to my head. I’m pissed.

By the way, Yig is also angry about being thrown out the window as soon as we got back to the room.


3 days have passed since then. In other words: it’s checkout day.

Right now we’re getting all our baggage together and gathering in the lot where our carriage is parked.

The places where I’ve gone in these 3 days are… The bed, the dining hall, and the bath. Only those three places in rotation.


Did you think I wouldn’t get mad about this?! Three days went by and we didn’t go sightseeing, or shopping, or trying out the local restaurants, or ANYTHING!”

“Ahhh, yeah. I’m reflecting on my actions; I went a little overboard. Even so, I don’t regret a moment of it.”

Start regretting it.”

Yes ma’am.”


A person’s energy is supposed to be derived from their base vitality.

Under normal circumstances, Haster’s vitality was close to three times an ordinary person’s. Having that tripled again by the “Dragon’s Blood” resulted in something outrageous.

Let’s say, for example, that an ordinary person giving it his absolute best can do it 3 times in a night. Originally he would have tripled that for 9 times, which would have been a plenty extraordinary amount.

If that’s further enhanced another 3 times… It becomes an amazing 27 times. Moreover, since healing magic can reinvigorate him, the number of times is magnified even further.

It was the situation of “having more sexual desire than he knows what to do with,” in exactitude.


I’m really… REALLY gonna die, you know?!”

Yeah, I was a bit surprised when you couldn’t speak any human language anymore. I thought you broke.”

I DID break! “Adaptability” just healed me!”

Even when you’re broken, you’re still cute.”

Th-thank… Agh, stop that!”

Can I break you some more?”



You’re not getting off the hook by complementing me! And please don’t slip in such sinister lines like that.


Aww, miss Yuuri is part of a stupidly lovey dovey couple now too.”

They’ve always been that way, but it’s advanced more rapidly now.”

Are we going to end up that way as well?”

Don’t worry Marle, you’re much more sensible than Yuuri.”

HEY! Stop talking about me like I’m insan—wait, what’s that ring, Marle?”


Aside from the silver “Ring of Mental Resistance,” she’s wearing another simple silver ring with an emerald in it… on her left hand’s ring finger.


Eh, ehehe… Sir Alec bought it for me.”

… Oho. And you’re saying we’re a stupid couple.”

Hey, look… You could have Master buy one for you too, don’t you think?”

Yig, you may eat that ring.”



Thus I ordered Yig, who is completely captivated by the sparkling jewel. Well, he can read the mood, so he’s not actually going to eat it though.

In any case, this means that while I was passed out on the bed, Marle was steadily piling up flags, wasn’t she…?

Marle’s expression shows how completely enraptured she already is. So this is a “promise ring,” given to her in childhood by a boy… I’m jealous.

And I was in my room ceaselessly and uncontrollably making “inhuman moaning,” while that happened?

Upon realizing the excessive disparity in our situations, I turn my stare towards Haster.


Really, I’m honestly reflecting here.”

You made me master Misakura-ese1 without even trying. As if you would understand a maiden’s feelings!”


I look away with a “Hmph!” I am seriously mad.


Ahh, sheesh, fine. How about we stay for another night on our own coin? We can leave town tomorrow.”


Saying that, Haster hugs me around my shoulders. All things said and done, that’s sweet of him. “All according to plan (smirk)” as they say.


Is that okay, Master?”

Ah right, we wouldn’t want you getting fired from your job. Mister Halt will probably be worried too, so we can’t stay for long, but one more night should be fine.”


That’s all well and good, but hey, Haster? Why is your hand moving down below my wais… Aaahnn.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

Naturally we didn’t go to the luxury inn, and instead got a room at a slightly high-end inn on the main road.

For now, I’ve issued a ban on sexual activity to Haster.

When I issued the ban, his expression was quite the sight to see. A sadistic side of me was subconsciously stimulated by it, and I almost ended up being the one to break said ban.

Anyway, now we can take our time on a sightseeing tour today.


First we need food. Since it’s lunch time, let’s go take a look at the food stands in the plaza.”



I cling to Haster’s arm and pull him with my whole body to hurry him along.

As a Japanese person, the most necessary things are food, and baths. Even if housing and clothes are left for later, if I have these two things, then I am satisfied. Such is my national character.

Alec and Marle? They were off in their own world, so we left them to their own devices. They can go explode while they’re at it.

Well, since Yig is escorting them, I’m sure they’ll be fine… What I’m particularly worried is Marle’s chastity, y’know?

Though I don’t think Alec is a fiend like Haster.


As expected, even just the stalls of a tourist spot have an abundance of choices.”

That’s because, though this place may not be suitable for farming, in its place the ore mining benefits the economy. So they make use of the constant flow of merchants, who frequently bring in foodstuffs.”

Such is a trade city I see.”

Wheat, meat, eggs and the like are all daily necessities after all. They’re certain to turn a profit, which seems to make them a popular product choice.”


The stalls have classic noodle dishes too, whose ingredients could otherwise be used for bread.

Once those are consumed, that means vegetables and meat also end up as essentials.


Which means the economy here is functioning well. Ah, two of these Yakisoba please. Also, one of those things sandwiched between the bread.”

Hey, don’t overeat now?”

If there’s too much, then I’ll have you eat the rest.”

I want to eat you. Sexually.”

… Please give me a break today.”


Since that day he’s been acting a lot more masculine and less formal when we’re all alone.

Maybe he’s doing it so I don’t need to put on airs around him?

He’s also not hiding any of his desires now. It’s straightforward, it’s nonstop, and I need a break from it. My body isn’t all that robust.


Oooh, there’s something like a chocolate covered banana!”

Looks like it’s a banana with a coffee and sugar mixture baked onto it. Says it’s a local specialty.”

Sweets are important after all. Give me the biggest one of these you have please.”

Mine is bigg—“

Shut up.”


What should I do? His nymphomania isn’t stopping.

He said himself that, “I was aware of my feelings for you about three years ago, and two years ago I became confident in them.” Then when he continued and said, “so there’s two years worth built up,” my spine was so chilled that it froze.

Two years… Thinking of it that way, I suppose his current sexually obsessed state makes sense?


This is more of that… Build up that you were talking ameowt?”


Please don’t answer that so positively.”

Can’t help it, tonight may be a good time for the red light dis—“

Fine, I get it. The ban will only be until night time.”


Since some disturbing words started escaping his lips, I quickly proposed a compromise. I’m not letting anyone else touch him!

I could hear the smirk spread across Haster’s face as he looked my way… Damn it, he was baiting me?!


You plotted that, didn’t you…?”

What might you be talking about?”

… Hmp, be gentle, won’t you?”

Of course.”


I’d like to think this increased sexuality is temporary. I’m sure if everything that’s built up gets let out, he’ll go back to his old calm self. Let’s think of it that way for now.


You two are being sweeter than my goods. Could you do that somewhere besides in front of my stand?”

M-my apologies!”

Sorry about that, we’ll leave in a moment. Just settling some plans for later.”

Your partner’s a midget, so hold back a bit!”

I’ll do that.”


Who are you calling a midget?! I may look similar to one, but I’m still grow… Okay, I’m not growing, but you’re wrong, okay!?



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

After being driven off by the old man at the stand, we went to a viewing platform on the outskirts of the city.

We can calmly eat our meal at a place like this.

While sitting on a bench, the yakisoba, juice, bread, and sweets that we bought are arrayed on our laps.


Hmm, the seasoning seems a bit strong.”

It is a town of laborers. I’m sure they prefer a strong taste.”

But when it’s this strong, it makes me thirsty.”

Which is probably why they sell juice too. Here.”

Aah, thanks.”


He’s at least calm while we’re having our meal. I’m already full at this point, so I hand the juice over to him, and wipe away the sauce around his mouth, bravely taking care of him.

After the time passed like that for a while, Haster opened his mouth with a meek look on his face.


Hey, Yuuri. I probably… don’t have all that much time left in me.”


The average life expectancy here is less than 70 years. I probably don’t even have 10 years left.”

Haster… I…”

And so, Yuuri”


He looked at me with a serious face, and then pointed his finger off in a certain direction.

Beyond the mountain, where stands a particularly large tree… The World Tree.


Do you remember the stories about the World Tree?”

Yes, if I recall… In its trunk is a labyrinth extending 1000 floors, and beyond it, at the tree’s summit, grows a thriving sprout. And also the dragon king, the hero Bahamut, brought along 100 companions, and he alone succeeded in conquering it.”2

Yeah, that’s what the story was. And as a result, after he ate the sprout at the top, he won eternal youth and immortality. And that’s why one day, I’m thinking of climbing that tree too.”

… Eh?”

At this rate, if I just wait around I’ll quietly grow old and it’ll be the end. And lately my aging has been really catching up with me. Though most of it is probably covered up by the “Dragon’s Blood” now.”

B-but… Isn’t it just a legend?”


In the eternal youth and immortality legend, it’s said the world was burned up by the dragon king’s flames. But this world quite clearly still exists.

So in other words, doesn’t that make it likely that the legend is a lie…?


Certainly, that possibility is quite likely. However, to continue living together with you, it will be absolutely necessary to have eternal life. Because I don’t want to leave you alone. And because I don’t want to part from you.”

Haster, I’m… Me too, together with… But…”


Words clogging together is apparently something that actually happens… There are a lot of things I want to say. There are a bunch of my thoughts that I want to tell him.

But not a single one is forming into words. All the words are getting caught in the back of my throat, and aren’t leaving my mouth.


… And this is proof of my promise.”


He took my hand, and taking “that” from out of his pocket, he placed it on my finger. Just like Marle’s was, he put it on my left hand’s ring finger.

Decorated with a diamond; not a fake or a toy, but a very real…


From now on, will you take the Albine name for your own?”



In other words… Marriage? That means he’s… proposing to me?


O-of course, if you don’t want to then it’s perfectly fine to refuse, see? You, no need to worry, me, about me.”


He saw me not saying anything in my disarray, and tangled up his words while fast-talking.

My words aren’t coming out… Because they weren’t not coming out, in their place I gave a small nod, hugged him and replied with a kiss.



And in this way, my name changed from simply “Yuuri,” to “Yuuri Albine.”


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Author’s Note:

Thus ends the second act.

  1. “Misakura-ese”: Raw says “み○くら語” which, (based on a quick internet search) appears to be a colloquial term for the writing style of Misakura Nankotsu, an author of erotic manga. The style’s main features are the characters’ lines being drawn out, mixed in with moaning, and having some of the “hard” sounding syllables in words replaced with softer ones. Once again, this is based on a quick internet search, so please correct me if I’ve got any of this wrong. Similarly if anyone has a better name for it than “Misakura-ese”. 
  2. The story of the world tree and the dragon king had a brief telling in chapter 25 in case you were curious. 

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  1. And this is the prelude to the legend of a wiseman who sought immortality, just not to let his wife eternal loli become a lonely widow for eternity. Even though the world might have been burned by the Dragon King during his quest, he continued to persevere destroying everything in his path Again and again no matter how many times it took …

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    1. I actually was a little iffy on the “midget” translation. Typically in a fantasy setting they use the English word “Dwarf” to indicate the stout, bearded individuals that we think of, but here the Japanese word for a tribe of short people was used, which can mean a dwarf. I also considered “Hobbit” or “Pygmy” for it. I mayhaps change it if I realize I’ve blundered at some point.


      1. In english, Midgit is a small human, its an actual condition, so saying “Midgit” doesnt imply non-human, just small (adult) technically dwarfism is an actual thing (but not a new race)


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