Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 43

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

2nd Act, Chapter 43: Master Awakens (Mainly in a Sexual Sense)

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

Author’s Comments:

This chapter contains sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.


I awoke to a languid malaise and the sunlight shining through the window.

From how considerably high the sun had climbed, I could tell that it was near noon.


Aaah, yesterday was amazing…”


Yesterday, after “doing it” a number of times in the bath, we went back to our room to flirt and sleep together to our hearts content until supper.

By the way, my master unhesitatingly removed Yig from the bath, and threw him out the window.

My “Dragon’s Blood” strengthened master’s stamina is completely absurd. Afterward, since I couldn’t stand at that point, my master carried me off, we had dinner, we quickly returned to our room, and he had his way with me until I passed out.

Perhaps due to the effect of the “Ring of Resistance,” my master didn’t lose his mind… Wait, maybe in a sense he did lose his mind?

Anyway, like normal(?), he treated me lovingly.


I was conscious up to around when the date should have changed…”


My lower abdomen is still giving off a discomforting dull pain from last night’s recklessness.

Goodness, Master really overdid—


HAH! Master, are you oka—UGYAH!”


He really shouldn’t be okay after going at it for that long. As I woke myself in a hurry to check on my master’s health… I rolled off the bed.

My arms are quivering, and my legs have nothing left in them. They’re completely powerless.


Hrgh, nnnnngh!”


I barely manage to pull myself up to the bed, and taking a look I see that there’s nobody there.

If he’s not here, then does that mean he’s fine?


I guess this means… I can breathe a sigh of relief for now?”

Morning, Yuuri. You’re awake already?”


Just as I caught my breath, I heard the sound of the door opening behind me. My master came back.


Good morning, Master. Where did you go?”

Before that, are you doing okay? It’s noon already, so since they stopped breakfast here at the inn, I went out to get some from a stall and bring it back here. Have some of it in a bit.”


My master is interacting with me like normal, almost as if nothing happened at all… It kind of feels like it’s not enough.

Like, where’s my “good morning kiss” and stuff?

Creeping up onto the bed, I hide my body in the sheets, and puff up my face a bit.


Hmph, I’m fine, but what about you Master? With “Sacred Treasure’s” effect and all…”

Aah, the “Ring” displayed greater effectiveness than I expected. At the very least, I retained my sanity to the end.”

And when exactly were you “sane” in all that?”

Erk, well uhh… I won’t deny that I went a bit overboard. And for about 3 hours at that I think? After about that much, the ring reached its limit and broke.”

And were you okay?!”

Yeah, it got pretty dangerous for a moment there… As soon as the ring broke, I felt the kick from my back giving out running through me. I interrupted things in a hurry at that point. If this was before I had the “Dragon’s Blood” effect, I wouldn’t have made it in time.”


Even my master couldn’t endure it then. This means the “Ring of Resistance” is required.

But for right now… Why is my master looking at me so questioningly?


Yuuri, umm… You’re still calling me “Master”?”

… Oh. You mean, I should call you by your name, maybe?”


Using his name… Just thinking about it makes me feel like my ears are burning.


Uh, umm… Ha-Haster.”

Yeah, I like it that way.”

It’s kinda… Embarrassing.

You’ll get used to it soon.”


Haster sits down beside me, and kisses me on my now warm ear.


Ah! N-no, don’t! You don’t have a ring on, so I’m “withholding” anything past this!”

That’s right, come to think of it… But I don’t mind losing my head if it’s over you.”


Haster seems to have said something embarrassing, so I’m gonna avoid the topic and poke some fun at him. I must recapture the flow of the conversation.

Sitting on the bed, with my nude body wrapped in the sheets, I lightly hold my hair up provocatively. If possible, I wanted it to look like a pose I had seen in my previous life.


I said nooo. Aww~, we’ll have to put it off until we get back to the cottage. It’s too baaad—.”

… Right, Yuuri. Could you take a look at this?”

I-is it really big…?”

What are you talking about? Anyway, they don’t call this place a mining town for nothing. After searching for some rings crafted in silver, they just came pouring out of the woodwork.”


With clinks and clanks, he spilled around 20 silver rings onto the bed.

These are…?


Engagement rings?”

Why would I have brought 20 of them if that’s what they were for? They’re raw materials for “Rings of Mental Resistance.””

Well, I figured as much. But were you planning on setting up shop in this city?”

Of course not. These rings are… I bought them so that I could thoroughly enjoy you.”



Along with a smirk, an unusual and wicked expression crossed Haster’s face.

H-he’s gonna devour me! He already devoured me though.


I’ve already seared the magic circles onto them. Now they just need to be filled with magic power, but you would be faster at that, wouldn’t you Yuuri?”


Wai- you got 20 of them though? Yesterday’s ring held out for around 12 hours, so… Oh my god…


With only this many, they’ll last for 10 days if we don’t rest. Having to stop part-way through last night is making things a little tough for me.”

Wh-wh-wh-wh-what are you even saying?! If we do that, then I’ll die you know?”

That worry is unnecessary with you though, Yuuri. Seriously, the “Dragon’s Blood” is too effective; it’s a bit intense. It feels like I’m back in the uncontrollable days of my youth, I suppose?”

What kind of devilish things are you saying?! Even I can die. I just revive!”

Yeah, I’ll make you feel so good that you’ll practically die from it.”

Yesterday was my limit!”

… Is that a no?”


L-looking at me with those abandoned puppy dog eyes isn’t… I won’t give in, I WON’T!


I’ll do it.”


Come on, how could I possibly turn him down?


Following that flow of events, I lent a hand in creating the tools of my own torture.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

Uuuu, you’re such a brute, Haster.”


After that, he was on the attack all the way until dinner time, with a repeating cycle of fainting and awakening… My whole body is exhausted, and since my legs won’t carry me at this point, dinner was fed to me while on Haster’s lap. While the people in the establishment watched us with pleasant smiles, we returned to our room.

As a note, I’m glad this room has a bath. If it didn’t, then the our sticky, messy appearances would have been on display for everyone as we headed to the large bath.


What are you saying? This is where the real fun starts.”

You’re a lot rougher on girls than I expected.”


Getting back to the room, Haster tossed me onto the bed, and came towards me.

Since having this body, this whole experience is the first time I’ve consented, and even “wanted it,” but… I’m being swung around by the sensations of disarray and indulgence that I’m falling into from it.

Though when he forces things, all I feel is pain.

My body still isn’t one that enjoys that kind of thing, but even so the places where I connect with him feel wonderful, and a bit mysterious…

As he crawls over me, the sensation of his hands feels very pleasant.


Huaah… Ah, if you’re the one doing it, then even if you’re forceful, I’m sure I’ll fall right into it.”

Oh yeah? Then let’s try that.”

Humuh?! Mmphuu… Puhah.”


My limbs flap around in confusion at suddenly being kissed deeply. I don’t put up any resistance to it though.


Doing that all of a sudden is mean!”

If I don’t do it suddenly, then it doesn’t feel very forceful, does it?”

You’re not an adolescent youth, so please be a little more composed with your demands.”

I’ve probably got several times more vigor than back then. To be honest, I can’t restrain myself anymore, so I hope you’re ready.”



I scream in a manner probably unthinkable for a woman in the middle of whispered intimacies, and retreat.

This is basically the same as if the “Ring of Mental Resistance” wasn’t on!


Huhu, it’s your own body’s fault for being too good, Yuuri.”

That’s “Sacred Treasure’s” effect!”

Indeed. I never was into little girls before this.”

Don’t bring that up. I’m so sorry for being totally flat!”

You would excite me no matter what you look like, Yuuri. What your figure happens to be is like a bonus.”

Even if I was a boy?”


It really is a pointless question. But in the end it does bother me a bit.

If I went back to referring to myself as a male later, he would probably be at his wits’ end.


There’s not much point in that supposition, is there?”

It’s just a “what if” scenario. If I was a boy, then…”

If that the case, then… I probably would have been wondering if I was homosexual or not.”

In other words…?”

Even if you were a boy, the fact that “I love you” wouldn’t change, is what I’m saying.”


Upon hearing his lines, tingles run through my body. Along my back, through my lower regions, and through my brain.

He strokes my hair, and just by the feeling of his hand touching the nape of my neck, I twitch in reaction.


It’s no good… I can’t hold it in anymore.


I’m sure… I would have felt the same way.”


Whispering that, I wrapped my arms around Haster’s neck, and kissed him as if I was devouring him.



That night, I was in such disarray that the feeling of time, and my cognition as a person disappeared.

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Author’s Note:

The next one is planned to be the end of this act.


Translator’s Note:

I may have fudged a few of the lines in here, particularly at parts where the author uses more vague terms, or ones that could be interpreted in multiple ways. I could really feel my lack of experience with the language when translating this one.  orz

Pointing out any mistakes or odd phrasing is appreciated.

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    1. He was probably trying to gather his courage as he was planning to confess soon, just ended up doing it thanks to his liquid courage


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