Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 112

The first extra is a short one. Yuuri below!


Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

Extra Story, Chapter 112: Moving


Author’s Note: Activity reports given as a short extra stories section.

If I come up with other things to write, I’m thinking I will add them here.

It’s unknown whether I will write more of these through irregular updates, so I’m just setting it as complete for now.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com

The early part of five months after Asuto’s birth.

Thankfully my postpartum recovery went well… Actually it didn’t go so well, but once I reactivated “Adaptability,” I healed up pretty simply. But anyway, we’re living peacefully.


Even now I was enjoying that peace by sewing baby clothes next to a sleeping Asuto, but then…




I suddenly remembered a bit of knowledge from my past world.


Ah, aaaaahh…”


I remembered something important, something very important.


This is a problem!”


I kicked out of my chair and stood up. I put as little energy into it as I could, so as to keep from waking Asuto, and bounded out of the room.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com


Whoa, what?!”


I flew into his study while he was in the middle of his nighttime reading, and flung myself at his neck.

Well, I actually put a little too much in to the jump, and amusingly nailed his face with my knees.




After he somersaulted onto the floor, without stopping I rode him, taking a mount position, and grabbed him up by the collar.


We’ve got a problem! We’ve got a problem! We’ve got a very very big problem, and while we’re at it we’ve got a pervert too!”1

Calm down, and take that insult back.”


Seeing his calm attitude, I also regained a little of my composure.

Well, his nose was bleeding though.


So, what’s the problem? And I’m not a pervert.”

Are you seriously saying that now? More importantly, I just remembered a little something from the past.”

Some of that knowledge from your old home?”

Yes. They did all kinds of research there, and they were also researching about the composition of breast milk.”

Well that’s some… Enviab- err, preferential research.”

Apologize! To the people who honestly study this stuff! Right now!”

O-oh?! I don’t really get it, but sorry.”


Feeling that he gave an incredibly rude opinion about earnest researchers, I once again shook his head around.


Ahem, so about that… Have you ever thought it strange? Infants come out of a completely sterile womb, but they don’t suddenly get sick.”

Ooh, yeah, true.”

It’s actually because, while the baby is in the womb, it gets help from the mother’s immune system to protect against illnesses.”


But once the birth is over, the immunization from the mother is cut off. But the remaining strength of it is supposed to last for about half a year.”


With a smug look on my face, I showcased what I remembered from an educational program long ago.

I was getting really into it, so I started waving my finger around like a baton as I explained.

Hearing my explanation about unborn children, Haster stroked around my abdomen, seeming very interested in it. Particularly around the uterus I guess.

He didn’t seem to be touching in a particularly lascivious manner, so I let it slide.


So, when that half-year has passed, where do you think the immune system gets further replenishment from?”

Dunno? Doesn’t it form its own after that?”

Humanity is pretty strong, huh? Well, that’s not quite right. The answer is from the mother’s milk.”


Then he looked at my chest… His sight held some pity.


None here.”

Shut up!”


After he happily delivered that rude remark, I punched his chest as hard as I could.

Even though it was as hard as I could, the impact sounded pathetic.


Yeah, sure, so I don’t have breasts!

Breast milk isn’t going to come out, and my chest is depressing! And not in the emotional sense, but the actual ends of them!


So do I have this right? You’re saying that, since Asuto wasn’t raised on breast milk, there’s a possibility he could grow weak?”

That’s right. Depending on the circumstances, he could even catch a fatal illness.”

That wouldn’t be good.”

Even so, if I can’t make milk, then I can’t make milk.”


That’s why I pounced over here in a panic.


As a solution we could… Hire a wet nurse?”

That would work, but… The only pregnant woman in Mareba right now is Marle.”

She’s not producing milk yet?”

It’s still just her seventh month, so not quite yet.”


The immunization in Asuto will run out in one month, and a pregnancy lasts nine… It’s awfully close.

People who aren’t making milk might not do so until after the birth too.


Cutting it close, huh. And this is nothing to make a pointless gamble on. Alright, if we go around Comb, there should be someone we can recruit to be a wet nurse. It’s a good opportunity; why don’t we move?”



We’ve been married for a little over seven years.

This cottage has been where we lived ever since I was in training. But when it comes to raising Asuto, it’s true that this area has many dangers.

Dangerous places, dangerous beasts, dangerous magic tools, dangerous visitors… Well, all sorts of things.

On that point, Comb has a solid vigilante group, and its easy to find daily necessities too. We thought about moving into Mareba while he was small too, but…


Aren’t there a lot of people there?”

Not nearly as many as in Solkalis. Why worry about it now?”

I guess… You’re right. Alright, then I’ll go and start getting ready to move right away.”

Whoa, hold on.”


Saying that, while I was about to stand up and leave, he firmly held my waist down.

It was like he was saying, “I’m not letting you get away,” he was holding so fiercely.


You pushed your husband down, and mounted him… You can’t just leave me here like this, can you?”

Wh-, w-w-w-what are you talking about?!”

And it has been a long time since all of the pregnancy, birth, and after-birth stuff, too.”

We’re going to wake Asuto up!”

Good point. In other words he’s asleep right now.”


Oh no, he’s really raring to go, isn’t he?!

We found something we need to do, so we really need to prioritize actually doing


His hand went to the back of my neck, and a bit forcefully pulled my face to his.


Ah, it’s no good. I’m getting dragged in.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com


We ended up starting our moving work three days later.

Why three days? After all this time, my hips gave out!


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  1. We’ve got a pervert!: Yuuri is shouting “taihen desu!” repeatedly here, and then tacks on a “hentai desu!” at the end (“hentai” meaning “pervert” in case anyone is unfamiliar). Just some fun wordplay of “tai-hen”, and “hen-tai”. 

14 thoughts on “Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 112

  1. Lol, classic Haster!
    Hmm, she’s supposed to be a some sort of a criminal for destroying the World Tree, how is she going to find a wet nurse for the child?..

    1 (extra) chapter left! Thanks for the translation!

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  2. Outsiders, who don’t know who Yuuri is will get a very wrong idea when they hear that “a 10/11 year old” girl gave birth and is looking for a wet nurse…


      1. The Eiyuu Musume WN translation stopped (because whoever was doing it decided to just let the LN translator handle the story). And I contacted the most recent Half-Dragon translator, but have not gotten a response. As far as NU rules go, they’re both completely available anyway /shrug


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