Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 110

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

5th Act, Chapter 110: Destruction


Author’s Note: Last chapter of the 5th act.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com

Upon thinly opening my eyes, the usual faces of all our members were lined up there.

Haster, Miss Levy, and Alec too… Everyone was fine.


Thank goodness… You’re okay, right?”

Are you in any position to talk about that right now?”

Did I die?”

My [Healing] barely made it in time. It has been about 30 minutes since then I would say.”


So I guess not much time has passed then.

When I checked the surroundings, Masayoshi’s corpse had been left there as it was.


You sure pulled it off nicely. That’s my wife.”


Perhaps noticing where I was looking, Haster gently stroked my head.


What’ll we do with the corpse? Even if it would make me immortal, I wouldn’t wanna eat this guy’s flesh.”

I don’t think a change like that would happen, Sir Alec.”

Didn’t really think ya’ll would beat him. Ya seriously done it too…”

I had heard that you were the one to mix them up in this though; is that not a terrible thing to say?”


You little bitch. You brought us into this thinking we couldn’t win?


Uh, naw… I believed in ya! I mean, it’s Yuuri!”

Haa… Well whatever. More importantly…”


I looked up at the sky once again.

It was a dim sky, but with some blue deeply showing through.

I guess it really would be best to talk about it.


About Demon Lord Masayoshi… When I talked to him, I understood he came from the same place I did.”


I already knew, but this is my first time talking to everyone about it.


Same as you? Now that you mention it, where were you born Yuuri?”

A different world. One with different rules and civilizations than here.”



It’s only natural he’d be surprised. If your own wife said, “I’m actually someone from another world!,” or something, then I for one would carry her off to the psychiatrist.


Both he and I were born, raised… And then died there. Of course I wasn’t “Immortal” or anything like that; it was a very simple trip to the other side.”

I see… I guess that kinda makes sense now that you’ve said it.”

Well, that’s Sis.”

So Yuuri’s been separated from her fleeting life somewhere else.”

Which means your absurd ability to cope with things comes from that world then. Oh, but what of the Demon Lord…?”

Alec, you’re getting punished later. In any case, when I came to, I was in this world.”


I decided against telling them about God and so forth. If I go that far, then I would definitely be seen as unstable.


Just like in his case, people who come here from the same place as me often seem to hold strong gifts. I’m the same way, but… Moreover, they aren’t necessarily only good people.”

That Masayoshi guy was really self-absorbed, after all.”

Well, I probably could have turned out that way.”

Wouldn’t happen.”

It would not.”


Haster and Marle responded without delay. I’m happy about the high evaluation, but it’s one of those things that depends on the circumstances.


It takes a big turning point for people to change, you know? I was met with a terrible situation, and learned the necessity of strength and diligence, but he might have just never had that chance.”

So you’re saying, depending on your gifts, you would have ended up like that? This is my assertion, but you definitely would not.”

Gotta agree. Wouldn’t say it’s in yer nature, but I think it’s at the root of yer personality.”


I don’t particularly feel like advocating for him either, so I don’t intend on dragging this out.


Anyway, there are bad people in my birthplace too. And if those kinds of people come to this world holding strong gifts…”

Then it will turn out like this Demon Lord disturbance…?”


But the World Tree’s bud is gone, right? I heard about what happened from Marle.”

It’s not here now. But what about the future?”

Even if ya talk about the future, the bud don’t sprout but once every hundred years. Ain’t something we’ll be part of.”

Even if everyone else won’t, we will be.”


The “Immortal” and “Unaging” Haster, Bahamut, and I will be.



We had everyone’s outstanding help with us this time, but there’s no guarantee it will be the same next time. In fact, having a lineup as good as this together might never happen again. Alec and Marle, Miss Levy and Marielle; it’s more likely that talent of this level will never be around again.”

Yeah, maybe…”

Plus the next “problem child” might not be as much of an idiot as Masayoshi.”

In fact, it seems more likely that it will indeed not be the case.”

And that’s why I’m thinking of blowing this World Tree away!”

Is that not a bit extreme?!”


The most shocked one was Marielle.

Healers and religious beliefs have an unbreakable connection, so her objection to this is only natural.


The World Tree is also an object of worship! If you were to destroy it… This is a matter of life and death for healers.”

Were you a World Tree believer, Marielle?”

I am a believer in Water God Eir, but…”

Then it won’t affect you at all, right?”

It is not my own problem alone.”


There are faiths in gods other than the World Tree in this world. Sun God Horus, and Water God Eir are the centers of two big religions among them.

Their scale doesn’t even fill out a tenth of the size of the World Tree Faith.

A faith based on an object of worship towering smack dab right there is naturally powerful.


What do you think would have happened if Masayoshi had managed to return to the ground while “Immortal”?”



With that personality of his, I don’t think he would draw back to the barbaric region.

I can’t deny the possibility that he would invade here in Novelius, and dominate the human regions.

If that happens, then there’s his disposition. Make women slaves. Kill all men who oppose him. Even if a coup d’etat occurred, he couldn’t be killed. It would be the birth of an undying tyrant.


I’ll say this very clearly. I want to destroy the World Tree for my own future’s sake. I don’t give a damn about faiths or precepts or commandments.”

… … …”


Marielle was at a loss for words.

She saw Masayoshi’s atrocities, desperately resisted their result, and barely managed to obtain peace.

That’s exactly why there’s no next time… Those words must have put heavy pressure on her.


There is not… Much else to be done, right?”


“—Then I leave it to you.”


She spat out the words with teeth clenched.

This may not have anything to do with her right now. But that “next time” could involve her descendants.

Which is probably why she accepted it.

Nobody else seemed to have objections. The easily carried cloth with a [Teleport] magic circle woven into it was opened, and all the people aside from me were sent back.


Bahamut? Well, not like he’s going to die, being “Immortal” and all.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com

That day in Novelius’ capital city, Belit, several gigantic magic formations were observed.

The formations drew a circle through the sky, thunder roared, and nearly half the World Tree was crushed, and vanished.

Several knowledgeable people exchanged conjecture about the phenomenon, but the most common one suggested… It was magic used by the Sage of Wind to repel the Demon Lord.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com

The outskirts of Belit. Yig came flying down to where I was. It’s been a while since we last saw each other, so he seems really happy.


Are you already leaving? That is unfortunate.”

If I stick around this city any longer, I’m pretty sure they’ll send assassins after me.”

Seeing as you destroyed their object of worship and all.”


Haster answered while loading our luggage on to Yig.

Miss Remy, who came to see us off, looked up at the World Tree and sighed.

After being broken down by my magic, the World Tree shrunk to somewhere around 600 floors. Even then it stood taller than Everest though. 12000 meters, huh…?

Naturally, after destroying the main point of their beliefs, the harsh treatment has been strong, and I can’t stay in this city anymore.

Bahamut also hasn’t shown up after being blown away along with the World Tree. Well, it’s not like he’s dead, so I’m sure he’ll unexpectedly show his face around sometime.


Well, probably not much else you can do. It’s not like you could give the Demon Lord the bud. The guild intends on advocating for you as much as they can though.”

For the World Tree Faith, you’ve flattened their honor though.”

But we’re here too! I’m sure it’ll be fine!”

Haha… Went from bein’ a “Grim Reaper” to bein’ a “God Killer”…”

Oh come now, it’s a little late for that! With the World Tree, the believers’ main location gone, we have a whole bunch of things to do!”


Miss Levy was being blasted by Marielle. The two of them are teaming up to travel the world apparently.

With the source of their faith broken, there are also many people who can’t use healing magic anymore. They say it’s to relieve the chaos even a little bit.

However, with this being “a big chance to spread the Water God faith,” it’s not as if her real ambitions aren’t in there.


Well, we can’t exactly sell the house we’ve been living in up until now, so we’ll come back in secret sometimes. The [Teleport] circle is still there, after all.”

As usual, the immigration office means nothing to you…”

Finding back-roads is my specialty, after all.”

As expected of the habitual law-breaker… Oh right, Yuuri”

What’s that about being a law-breaker?”

Forget about that for now. Do you know what they’re calling you in the city now?”


After destroying the World Tree, and returning to the city, I guess it’s been exactly one week?

During that time, everyone lazed around the house for two days, and on the third day we had a feast.

Along with disposing of all the food and water we’d stored up in the house.

After that we learned about the harsh criticism against us, and decided to move. We’ve been busy with transferring all the big luggage over to the cottage in Mareba, so we didn’t have time to hear the rumors spreading around the city.


I don’t know. We didn’t have time for that… “Commandment Breaker”1 or something?”


A law-breaker who breaks sacred precepts. I’ve caused a number of such incidents, so I know there are people who call me that.


Sorry, not quite. In honor of your red eyes, violence in destroying the World Tree, and strength in defeating the Demon Lord, filled with terror they call you this—“


She paused for a moment before telling me.


World Destroying Eyed* Yuuri”

((Akame no Yuuri))

Translator’s Note: *there’s a lot going on with this name, and I unfortunately couldn’t convey it all properly with my translation. So this is a note to explain the name she is given on the last line:

First of all, as you might know, Japanese kanji characters each have a meaning assigned to them. However, each character also has several possible pronunciations to them.

The characters for the title Yuuri is given here are the characters for “break” “world” and “eyes”. This could be pronounced “Hakai Me,” which would turn it into the title of the series, “Hakai Me no Yuuri”. However, the author notes that the reading for this title is “Akame,” meaning “Red Eyes”. So the name indicates both the destruction she committed, and her red eyes at the same time.

Also of note: whereas the “Hakai Me” in the title of the series indicates breaking religious precepts or commandments, this title indicates breaking the world. This is likely in reference to her breaking the World Tree. Here’s the title of the series version: 破戒Here’s the “Aka Me” version: 破界眼

I apologize as a translator for having no better way to convey this m( _ _ )m


Author’s Note: The “world” character is not a typo.

There will be a single epilogue after this, and then Yuuri’s tale will be complete.


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  1. Commandment Breaker: Yuuri uses the “Hakai” from the title of the series here. 

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