Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 103

Surprise! As we’re approaching the end, I’ll be trying to step up the speed a bit. No promises on how fast though.

Yuuri below!


Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

5th Act, Chapter 103: Vampire

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com

Author’s Note: The second half switches to Haster’s viewpoint.

Starting here, for about three chapters, the Demon Lord side’s “SO STRONK” part starts. It’s a promise.



Rumble, the floor groans as the beast sinks to the ground.

The last moments of the floor 995 guardian, Behemoth.


S-so… Tired…”

Good work, Sir Alec.”


The moment it was defeated, Alec sat like his legs had given out, and Marle took care of him.

But her voice was also thick with weariness.

The Behemoth on floor 995 was solid, massive, and tenacious. With those three qualities together, it was an awful enemy.

Plus its mental resistance value must have been high, as magic effects were practically reduced to nothing. When it came to electric magic, he was grounded and didn’t take any damage from it.

Even when [Heat Ball] or [Heat Strike] were used to melt through his hide, the sand blanketing the room would gradually be taken in to regenerate it.

As a result, I was left mainly playing support with magic to keep it confined, while the three at the front pushed through until they were exhausted.


Haa, I’m not good with this type of mindless fighting method.”


Just like Alec, Miss Levy and I had also tiredly sunk to the ground.

Using large-scale magic continuously had depleted my extra tank of magic power prepared in my mantle by half.

Miss Levy was using her magic swords, so her magic power had only been reduced a little bit, but her focus on speed over a prolonged battle must have put a big burden on her.


To top it off, this jerk didn’t give us a thing… Could have at least had a treasure chest hidden away, you know.”

Ya’ll are surprisin’ly greedy, Haster.”

It’s because we don’t have time for any more detours. I want something in hand to make us stronger so badly I can taste it.”


Two days since we obtained the Elixer. We haven’t caught up with the Demon Lord and company yet.

If the World Tree’s bud is picked, then the whole World Tree will respond with a faint glow, so he should have gotten hold of it yet, but…

We probably don’t have a moment to lose at this point.

Since passing through the 800th floor, the labyrinth has been getting visibly narrower.

I’m guessing it’s because the trunk is getting thinner as we approach the top.

Around when we passed floor 950, it had turned into a small-scale dungeon with only four rooms. At floor 995 it finally became just a boss room.

Most likely from here on it the same; only a guardian’s room.


We also don’t have any time to go back anymore. If all that’s left is fights with guardians, then that would only help the Demon Lord’s side.”


If it’s five consecutive boss fights starting here… And we assume that they’re going to be mythical-class beasts like Behemoth… Then the advantage is with the Demon Lord’s group.

Because that means our side’s advantage over the labyrinth’s traps and winding paths is gone.

Even so, the battles being exhausting still remains true. That’s where we have the “World Tree’s Water” to shorten things, so we’re still not at a complete disadvantage.


After a quick break, let’s head to the next floor. We’re gonna bust through this labyrinth today. We could meet them at any time, so make sure you’re ready for that, got it?”

Sure thang. We’ll be beatin’ them to bits this time.”

Time to return the favor. And we’ll have them return Sentinel while we’re at it.”

The time to avenge Alma is finally…”

Mary, calm down. Don’t forget the plan, okay?”

I shall not forget.”


I thought up several countermeasures for when we meet with them.

A little chat here is about all the rest time we have. Think of the plan, prepare for accidents, and even then consider how to deal with the worst case scenario.

Thanks to that, it’s safe to say we’re maintaining our high spirits at their peak levels. Like an army right before beginning their maneuvers.


10 minute break. Drink your “Water” in that time. After that we’re heading straight to the next floor.”



We replied with full force.

And then 10 minutes later… We met that woman again.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com

Floor 996.

Amid the pitch darkness, that woman stood alone.

The guardian didn’t appear when we entered the room, probably because she already defeated it.

The [Light Ball] I was maintaining illuminated… The vampire. The one who trifled with me so much five years ago.


My oh my, hasn’t it only been about 10 minutes since the ruckus down stairs? You don’t seem as exhausted as I expected, do you?”

Are you alone?”

Don’t make such a scary face, boy. And my name is Claudia.”

… I’m asking if you’re alone.”


Haster was taking a completely cautious stance. Alec and Miss Levy too, of course.


What a turn off… Yes, I am alone. I’ve been waiting to hold you all back here.”

You noticed we were chasing after you…?”

With all those incessant clanging sounds you were making, how could we not?”


Looks like [Sonar’s] downside echoed all the way up here. It’s an vital characteristic of any technique for listening to reverberations, so there’s no helping that really.

Maybe it would have been better to adjust it so the sound was outside human hearing, like a bat, but… Time wasn’t on our side.


I thought it strange that anyone would be chasing after us, but if it’s all of you then I get it. So you didn’t die. And how many of you still look the same…?”

You haven’t exactly changed either. So, about how far ahead are Masayoshi and the rest?”

Hmmm, are there really humans like that? And normally I would say I have no obligation to tell you where his majesty is, but… Let’s see, we parted about two floors ahead.”

Floor 998… Quite the service you’re giving us?”

I mean, I’m going to kill you all here anyway. What’s the problem in telling you?”


Her luxurious blonde hair and voluptuous body shook as she giggled.

The special characteristic of the vampire race—that, while bewitching, their presence also instills terror and trembling—drifted toward us.


I don’t think you’ll be able to hold us all back by yourself with how we are now.”


If we all take her at once, we should be able to suppress her in a short time…!


Of course, it’s probably impossible. But with just that time, his majesty will obtain “Immortality,” you see? Besides, I’m a vampire. Tenacity is one of our perks.”


With a broad grin, she sent a testing look our way.

In other words this is one of those things? One of those situations where one of us faces her and the rest of us head onward?

Her expression is because she’s testing us to see if we can leave one of our companions behind?


Fine then, I’ll play your little game. This one is mine.”



We must have come to the same conclusion, but why are you the one staying behind?!


According to your plans, Yuuri, I was supposed to do something about her, right? That means my staying here should be the optimal choice.”


Luckily they decided to split themselves up for us. We can’t exactly decline the offer.”

Ugh, but… Ahh~uu~… Don’t die. Please?”

I’m not going to “die,” right? I’ll be fine; hurry on ahead.”

Master… We’re counting on you.”

Right back at you; I’m leaving Yuuri to you.”


And so we left Haster, circled around Claudia, and ascended the staircase.



(Haster’s perspective)

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com

How brave of you to stay behind, eh boy? Your face isn’t too bad either. If you want, why don’t I make you part of my clan?”

I’m not interested in older women.”


She looked shocked at my statement. And then she soon looked convinced.


My, how rude. Then might you be interested in little girls? Come to think of it, you did say that little lady was your wife before.”

Of course I don’t like kids. I only like “Yuuri” alone.”

I’m sure she would be happy if you told her that directly.”

I do tell her. Every night, many times, over and over.”


I say it honestly, but lately I feel like she’s only taking it as a set phrase of mine.

Maybe for women I need to put it not just into words, but into presents too?


Oh? Then I suppose you’ll have no regrets.”

Guess not. Don’t you have any last words?”

My, I plan on winning, you know.”


She expressed surprise from the bottom of her heart. Her expression was one of complete belief in her own victory.

That could give way to some chinks in her armor to take advantage of. Yuuri did say “Self-conceit; don’t do it. Ever.” after all.


Of course I don’t plan on falling behind some vampire either.”

How truly regrettable. You have guts and a pretty face. I know, maybe it’ll be fun If I forcefully pin you down and make you become part of my clan?”


Ahh, is this bad? I have “Immortality,” but is that going to negate being turned into a vampire’s minion?

Naturally, we couldn’t exactly make a test out of that.


You can say that after you’ve won.”


In short… This has become one of those fights I haven’t had in a while; a fight I can’t afford to lose.

I prepared myself for what was to come, and danced toward the vampire.


Let’s go!”


I shouted loudly and took a big step forward. A very clear cue for the fight to start.

Reacting to my call, the vampire sunk into the shadows.

It was exactly the response I expected. Next the vampire will—




Firmly protecting my neck with my right arm, I swung my left arm widely behind me.

Perhaps it’s just in the vampire’s nature; when she sinks into the shadows, she always [Teleports] to the rear on the left side.

She probably does it so she can bite at an artery, but there’s no reason I would let her get me with such a transparent surprise attack.

Because she bit into the Beast King’s Claw on my right arm, she wasn’t able to move from there, and took a perfect hit from the swinging left arm’s attack.

There’s heavy feedback, and a crack. Followed by her being blown back and taking some distance.


Now you’ve done it… You brat!”


The Beast King’s Claw took a big chunk out of her abdomen, but it stopped up while I was looking at it. This must be a vampire’s regenerative abilities.

She had the initiative taken; not only was her surprise attack blocked, but she took a counter attack too.

The disgrace must have hurt her pride. Her bewitching good looks collapsed into a visage mad enough that it wouldn’t lose to the Devil’s Wailing Mask.


Hah, so that’s your real nature. My wife stays cute no matter what predicament she’s in, you know?”


Your immediate reaction to provocation is just like your owner’s.”

You would insult his majesty, you beaten dog?!”

“—I’ll make sure you realize that even a beaten dog still has fangs.”


A beaten dog—That thought has been tormenting me ever since our loss five years ago.

It’s the last thing anyone should say to me right now.

My blood boiled for a moment, but I quickly composed myself. She made fun of Yuuri before, and because of that my composure had already been chipped away at, after all.

I replied in a voice brimming with more murderous intent than I could let Yuuri hear, and began my counter attack.

The physical and magical powers of a vampire are way above and beyond the order of magnitude for a typical human.

If it turns into a exchanging big shots of magic, then even with the “Dragon’s Blood” and “Heart” I still can’t deny that I would be at a disadvantage.


Die, you brat!

But I refuse!”


While speaking a line often used by Yuuri, I block the vampire’s claws.

I put my whole arm against the heavy blow, and just managed to turn it away.


So it’s barely within what I can deal with?


My opponent’s attack slid away, sending her off-balance for a counter. This was already clear, but she didn’t care in the slightest, and swung her other claw toward me in succession.

She must have a lot of confidence in her regenerative vampire abilities.

I used the momentum of my opponent’s attack, and threw her. She struck the ground, and I delivered a blow to her face.




With her cheek shaved away, I drove a kick into her where she was thrown.

Her flesh had been gouged out, but it doesn’t look like it’s actually damaging her. But if I keep up the attack, then my opponent should get exhausted too.

The vampire bounced and rolled along the ground like a ball, getting covered in dust.

If it’s close quarters combat, then I can redirect her power; there are any number of methods for attack. If it’s a battle of endurance, then I just need to maintain this distance…


Oh sh—?!”


That’s when I looked at our distance to each other in astonishment.

When I kicked the vampire she rolled along the ground, and the gap between us opened up wide.

That single follow-up attack was clearly a poor move. And that exclamation of shock told my opponent I had made a mistake. I made two mistakes in a row.

Seeing my dismay, she must have seen through my intentions. The vampire, with her hollowed-out cheek, sneered.


Strike, oh flame—[Flame Bolt]”


What the vampire used was an extremely simplistic attack spell, [Flame Bolt].

Simple, easy to adjust, and one of the most popular attack spells. But the one she produced wasn’t adjusted at all.

However, the magic power that filled it far exceeded even my maximum.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com


Enough power to bore into the ground was released, and the labyrinth shook grandly.


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11 thoughts on “Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 103

  1. With Yuuri and the demon lord’s powers, there should be no problem in battles. I guess it is because of their lack of skill that they are having problems in battles. Winning with power and no skill makes it uninteresting.

    I wonder how many people could reach the top with only six? My guess is that (without cheats) you will have to gather six of the world’s strongest class to reach the end. Without the advancement in technology due to Yuuri, I would increase it to the six strongest individuals of an era.


  2. Immortal vs Vampire. I’m guessing Haster can’t really “win” but can probably exhaust her until she can’t fight or chase after them anymore.


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