Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 87

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

4th Act, Chapter 87: Examination

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com

After some of this and that, a week passed by. When Marle’s abilities had reached a safe zone, we headed for the academy to take the exam.

If there’s one thing worrying me, I guess it would be Alec’s “sweet, loving sword practice” he was in charge of?

Following the map we received from Miss Remy, we passed through the academy’s gates. Moreover, I’m the only one with her.

Haster and Alec are out for new swords (with the story being they destroyed their previous ones through repeated battle) which they’re supposed to be picking up, while Miss Levy is out on a date with Miss Remy, apparently.

A little more than a dozen children, from a variety of races, had gathered in the testing area.


W-will I be okay? Yuuri, do you think I’ll pass? Hey, will I?”

Calm down. You’ve been getting a great education from us this past week; you’ll be fine.”

But this is the first time I’ve taken a test…”

You’ll never know what will happen until you try. “It’s easier to deliver than to worry” is what I mean… Though delivery is tough for me.”


Marle was stiff with tension at the testing site. I guess we’ll have to do something about this, huh…?


Marle, calm down and take in your surroundings. Look, they’re all just ordinary children. They don’t look like much, right?”

Ha-wha-wha-wha! Yuuri, you’re being too loud!”


Timid and wound up by my words, Marle took caution of those around her.

I guess my voice was a little loud though, as I was getting a few dirty looks from some of them.

However, the ones around her really were only boys and girls from age 10 to 15.

Their age is one thing, but by their looks they were either countryside ride-alongs, or pampered aristocrats. The shining example being a strange blonde girl with her hair in long rolls, letting out a high-pitched laugh… What the heck is with that?

W-well, apparently there are some strange ones among them, but none of them look like they’ll be able to surpass the girl we’ve been training up. Probably.

So with her fellow test-takers known, the examiner entered the room.


Thank you all for waiting. Now then, we would like to start the autumn term entrance exam. Everyone, please find a seat near you.”

It-it’s started?!”

Buckle down. This isn’t nearly as scary as bandits, right?”

But, but…”

Well then, I’ll be waiting outside, so I’ll meet you when you’re done.”


I waved lightly to her and, as I was headed to the door, the examiner stopped me.


Hey-, what are you doing? Please move.”

I said we’re starting the test, didn’t I? Would you please hurry and find a seat?”

I’m just an escort. I’m not here to take the test, okay?”

What’s your name?”

It’s Yuurin.”

Your name’s on the list.”



I grab at the examiner’s list to check, and… Sure enough, the name “Yuurin” is there.

I thought it must be someone else of the same gender with the same name, but following that was the name of the one who gave the recommendation. Written clearly there was the name: Haster Albine!


But why?!”

Hey, don’t ask me. Anyway, your name’s here, as you see, so go on and take the exam.”

This is weird! We only submitted a letter of recommendation for Marle. Why is my name…”

Ooh, you’re Sir Haster’s recommendation? There were two names written on that letter.”

Y-… You planned this, didn’t you Hasteeeeer?!”


Uhh—… So that’s why I ended up taking the test too.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com

For three hours in the morning there was a test over historical legends, arithmetic, geography, and languages.

This was apparently to get a feel for our foundational academic abilities, so it wasn’t very strongly emphasized.

That said, a higher score is still more favored. Based on our self-grading, Marle and I should have gotten nearly perfect marks.

And then, the part given the most attention is, of course, practical abilities.

Battle skills, scouting skills… And magic power.


The first test was in scouting abilities.

Getting an accurate idea of your abilities would be tough if your hands are trembling after swinging a sword around, which is why this is the first test.

Similarly with magic, if the students use their magic forcefully, some of them will experience dizziness, so it was set as the last test.


Now, about the contents of the test. Behind the academy is a mock forest, and after passing through it, in its center is a treasure box. Bring the box’s contents back with you… Is what the test was supposed to be, but…

My results on this test didn’t leave any great achievements behind.

Since it’s something I haven’t studied, it should hardly be surprising.

In comparison, Marle showed some surprisingly good results. She suffered complete defeat in her disarming skills, but she showed a strong sense of caution, and did well finding enemies in her surroundings.

She’s a wild child raised in the countryside, but maybe it’s because she’s the attentive type of little girl?


Mm, you know… Recently I feel like my senses have gotten sharper. Is it because of going in the labyrinth?”

I haven’t gotten any power-up like that though.”

But that’s because you’re already strong, Yuuri.”

I’m not strong. In total, I’ve lost more than I’ve won.”


Just how many times has Haster saved me…? It’s hard to really say I’m “strong”.

While we were waiting, and as our chat was getting interesting, a somewhat shrill voice echoed around us.


Goodness! I am a healer. This type of savage test is hardly suited for me!”

Yeeeaah, no kiddiiing. I haven’t ever learned anything but swords, so you have my apologies for not being able to do more than support.”

That is not your own fault, Alma. It is a question of aptitude. They are forcing us into tests which do not match our abilities, and it makes no sense!”

Weeeell, just take it slow until the magic test, milady.”


It was the blonde curly-haired girl, shaking with anger as she came out of the forest.

The one whose laugh was hurting my ears in the classroom before the tests.

This isn’t a big deal for us, so I didn’t worry about it, but… That laugh would be torture for anyone who was prone to nervousness.


You’ve got a problem before all that. Don’t laugh so loudly as you’re going into the forest. What kind of test do you think this is?”


The examiner stared hard at her while giving cautionary advice, but it didn’t feel like she was listening at all.

I guess there really are girls who can’t read the atmosphere out there.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com

The next exam was the battle skills test.

They watched our skills with imitation swords, spears, axes, war hammers, and maces as we fought, win or lose.

My result on this test was a crushing defeat as well.

I’m sure I could have easily won if I used [Body Reinforcement], but I never intended on passing in the first place.

In contrast, Marle showed some good results here also.

In fact, isn’t taking out five people with one dagger overdoing it?


Marle, when did you… Heck, what was that fighting style?!”


Seeing her practically crawl along the ground in a low posture and jump in close to her opponents, I thought I was watching Spider-Man.

The way she dodged attacks was like she was laughing in their faces, and she bathed her opponents in inverted vital-point slashes, almost like her main profession was assassination.

To think Alec would teach this innocent girl such a gruesome fighting style; he’s going to need some punishment later!


Eh? But I was copying you, Yuuri.”

Huh? Did I fight like that?”

In your practice fights with Alec.”


Come to think of it, I have trained with Alec a number of times using [Body Reinforcement], haven’t I?

Which means that low posture, maintaining three points of contact to keep from breaking ground, was my fighting style…?


Marle, that’s so cool!


I gave her a solid thumbs up, and she responded with the palms of her hands.

Making a fuss over the little things would be wrong. All is well as long as she wins.


Moving on, with the winners and losers of the battle skills test decided, the ones who came out on top were clear.

Just like Marle, the girl called Alma took out five people, making the first position a tie between them.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com

And lastly, the magic test.

In front of the testing grounds were gigantic withered trees, with their majesty laid bare.


The last test is to face that tree and shoot magic at it. As you can see, it’s withered, so whether you use attack magic or healing magic, the effects should show. That direct influence will allow us to measure how great your magic power is.”


The examiner explained the contents of the test, but… I’m not enjoying the way they’re handling this.

Upon “Appraising” that withered tree, it’s actually a withered branch of the World Tree. Moreover, this particular gem has [Toughness] applied to it.

What do they expect student-level examinees to do to it?

The examiners didn’t seem to expect anything to happen to it either, as all they did was measure the marks left by the water or fire magics sent at it.

The unknowing examinees raucously exclaimed, “I’ll blow away some withered old tree!” but… Of course that was impossible.


There’s a trick like that to it?”

You’re at a disadvantage no matter how serious you get against that.”

Well, I can’t even use magic yet, so I’ll have to step out of this one anyway.”


Unlike battle skills and scouting abilities, there’s a clear understanding of who can and can’t use magic, so anyone who can’t quickly backed down.

The only ones joining in were about half, seven people.

Five of them had already finished, leaving only scratches.


Ooohohohoho! My time to shine has finally come!”

Oh, it’s Miss Curls. I guess she can use magic too.”

You over there, that is rude!”


She pointed straight over at me.

Looks like she heard me I guess.


For I, Marielle Blanche, number one student of the Sage of Water, a mere withered tree such as this…”




The girl Haster said “better not?” about, with a distant look in his eyes?!


What’s the student of one of the four great Sages doing here?!”

Are you really one to talk, Yuuri…?”

Naturally, it is because upon enrolling at this academy, I can receive full registration to search the labyrinth!”


Except that’s not quite accurate.

Upon enrolling at the academy, you only get a registration, without question, for practical training purposes.

In other words… She came here by mistake?


“—She’s an idiot.”

You are quite the disrespectful child, aren’t you… Very well, pay careful attention! Observe my super magic!”


Upon saying so, she deployed magic circles. There were… Three of them?!

At a glance, they’re [Water], [Light], and [Life Force] attribute formulas?

But there’s more magic power in them than needed. Nevertheless, they interacted with each other, strengthened, and little by little the withered tree rejuvenated.

The withered tree sprouted roots, spread its branches, grew a full set of leaves… Upon the spell’s completion, there stood a miniature world tree, more than a dozen meters tall.

When the examiner saw the result, he dropped his pen, and he was shocked enough that his jaw almost dropped too.


Hooohohohoho! What do you think? A splendid result, is it not! This is where my true value lies!”


She has every right to that peal of laughter.

I can’t believe she brought that withered branch this far back from the brink of death.

The Sage of Water, the Sage specialized in healing and recovery. This is her number one apprentice.


The name isn’t just for show, huh.”

So you understand now! You may extol my abilities more if you wish?”

Well, next is my turn; step back please.”

Ah, my apologies.”


She yielded the spot more easily than I expected. She doesn’t fundamentally seem so bad.

Well now, it’s my turn, but… I didn’t have the slightest intention on passing from the start, and yet… Seeing magic like that got my competitive spirit boiling.

More importantly, I am the active “Wind”. I can’t lose out here.


Standing on the grounds, I used my arms to block the sunlight, and looked into the air.

Not a cloud in the sky. Okay then, not bad.


I directed the magic power kneaded inside me towards the sky, and released it.

Immediately after, six gigantic magic circles deployed in the sky above.


Six of them?!”


Curls… Er, Marielle’s shout of astonishment reached my ears.

Sorry to disappoint, but it’s not stopping at six.

Connecting the various magic circles together, the seventh circle made its appearance.

The hydrogen from the air was condensed, accelerated, and spun… The drops of water were ionized through the magic, eventually easily breaking the sound barrier… It was filled with tremendous energy, turning into plasma.




I directed the energy-filled air towards the grown World Tree to knock it down.

This is knowledge I gained when I was interested in things like charged particle cannons and rail guns.

One by one the magic circles accelerate the particles, while the remaining five connect and give them a further boost. Bundling the whole thing together, the seventh one retains the shape of it.

The [Rail Cannon] had no effect against Bahamut, so I devised this spell as a further increase in power.

To get any more power than this, I would probably have to make nuclear weaponry.

A flash of light that could only be described as ‘blinding’ reached the ground—


Everything in front of me was dyed white.

There were probably vibrations too.

But I couldn’t hear anything.


When I came to, everyone there had been blown back, and were unconscious.

The little World Tree? Not a trace of it was left.

A number of people had serious injuries, but there were luckily no deaths.

Miss Marielle included, healers mobilized and ran over to go around restoring everyone.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . com


As a result, I was given a failing mark.

Difficulty making situational judgments,” it said.

Author’s Note: I feel like some details in my information are wrong, but please be generous with me.


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