Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 66

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

3rd Act, Chapter 66: Discovery

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . Com

The resulting school tour ended half-way through.

If I had to say why, it would be because the female students were coming over to pet me and hug me for some reason.

At those times I hid behind Haster, so they hugged him instead. Then I got jealous and pulled on his arm to peel him away. These events repeated endlessly.

Being hugged or having my head pushed down on by a stranger was still too heavy a burden on me.

It’s only been a year since Alec graduated, so I was thinking of asking what stories there are of him around the school, but…


In any case, we quickly evacuated from the school, and since we had some spare time until evening, we decided to go looking around for clothes.

Beach-side port cities tend to prosper in trade, so there’s quite the selection of cute clothes around.

We came to a store that deals in clothes, but…


Sir, servicing slaves within this store is…”

No, listen, she’s not a slave.”


Of course the store clerk wore a dubious look when he saw my collar.

No matter how good he says it looks on me, this is… You know?


This is her fashion choice.”

Could you not act like this is my fault? This is what you like, isn’t it?!”


Haster casually blamed it on me, so after giving him a punch, we took a look inside the shop.

There were all sorts of clothes around, but as expected there was a women’s swimsuit section occupying one area, and giving off a very port city specialty feel.


Hrm, thinking about it carefully, I only have the one swimsuit I bought the other day. As a blooming woman, wouldn’t it be better for me to have multiple ones?”

Blooming? Oh, er, I’m probably not one to ask… But there’s nothing wrong with having a few, right? They could get stained and stuff sometimes.”

Please don’t give possible staining as the reason. But if you choose one for me, then I’ll wear anything you want, you know?”

Then nude.”

Are you an idiot?!”

You’re the one who said it.”

I said I would wear something! Why did you immediately reply with wearing nothing?!”


Not unless there’s a nudist beach or something in Cornus!


Eh, but there is? Naturally it is not allowed within the beach in the middle of town though.”



I received an unexpected reply from the store clerk.

That’s somewhere I’d like to go once… No, if we went somewhere like that, it would just light a fire under his pathos.

We certainly wouldn’t be going sea bathing. What I would end up bathing in isn’t sea water, but something else, I’m sure.

In response to his extremely interested look, I stepped on his toes at full force, and had Yig bite his head.


Ouch! Owowow! We won’t, we won’t go! Just get Yig off of me!”

I want to go to have fun, Haster.”


I understand, so get Yig… I’m gonna go bald here!”

You’ll be fine. I’m sure with how you are now, you’ll be able to beat back Yig’s saliva. Though I would have been worried if it was a month ago.”


Because one month ago he was standing in front of a mirror sighing at his increasing white hairs.


You were watching me?!”

Whether you go bald or you get white hairs, I still love you, you know?”

Ur… Well, it’s fine now. That problem has already been solved.”


The female store clerks got excited by my confession for some reason. Why?

More importantly, you girls, please don’t go hugging each other. The male customers are watching rather jealously, you know?


A-anyway, back to swimsuits. If I were to choose something suitable… Yuuri has sensitive skin, so could you find something without too much exposure for her?”

Oh, yes. Ahem… Very well. Then right this way please.”

Okay Haster, I’ll see you in a bit.”


When it comes to buying women’s swimsuits, there’s all sorts of trying things on and stuff that needs to happen, so we split up for a bit.

We may not have much in the way of funds remaining, but the portion that he worked for today gave us some surplus, so we can spend about 100 silver coins freely now.

I took Yig along as I was guided to the multicolored fabrics and gorgeous designs lined up in the women’s swimsuit section.

Leave it to a port city to have a corner like this set up.

The store clerk cheerfully grabbed a number of swimsuits—


Your skin is very fair and beautiful, miss, so we will emphasize that… How does this one look to you?”

From what I’m seeing, that’s a micro bikini, isn’t it?!”

Then how about something like this…”

Why would you recommend a slingshot to a little girl?!”

I see you’re quite the tough customer. Then how about…”

And that’s a fundoshi!1 Someone~, I need a different clerk here~!”


This clerk was a lost cause.

The floor manager who came running performed a magnificent shining wizard2 on the clerk, and then a replacement was brought in to help guide me.


Ummm, my stomach tends to stick out a bit, so I would rather not have something that shows it off…”

Really now? I find it adorably suited to your age, but… In that case, we have the one piece swimsuits over here.”

Whoa… You have this many?!”


With men’s swimsuits, there are a lot of stores that only have one or two clothes racks, and yet… What’s with this huge number?!

This section of the store is entirely swimsuits, with enough variation to bury myself in, and that’s in just one genre of them. I now understand one part of why women’s shopping takes so long.

Looking for one I really like is going to be back-breaking work from this point on!


Hum… But there really aren’t many white swimsuits. I suppose material that isn’t see through hasn’t been developed yet?”

If there is such a fabric, please tell me about it!”



The new guide was suddenly hitting me up for information. Maybe she’s in charge of designs?


White is the color we avoid at all costs. If we make it thicker to keep it from being see-through, it becomes uncomfortable. If we leave it thin, then it becomes see-through… It turns into a neurosis for us developers during this season.”

Ahh, I’m actually not very knowledgeable about materials. Sorry.”

I-Is that so…? My deepest apologies for losing my composure.”

No it’s okay, I think I understand.”


A white material that isn’t see-through, huh? I’ve heard that in my previous world such a material only came out relatively recently. I guess it really would be a concern.

While thinking about that, I took a kind of blackish one piece swimsuit in hand, and went stiff.


“—Th-this is?”

Ohh, this is umm… It’s a design that’s pretty old, and it has gone out of style, but it seems to be popular with a portion of men for some reason…”

I-I suppose it would be…”

So while we only have a few, we continue to display them in the store.”


The swimsuit in hand was full navy blue, had very little exposure, and even came complete with a drain hole… It was the so-called school swimsuit.

Moreover it also had a white line on the side, not to the specifications of the ones in adult videos, but an authentic looking one from some school’s…


This… Whoever reincarnated here before was definitely a pervert.”


Nothing, just talking to myself.”

There’s also an option of a numbered bib, and a care and handling manual written for it.”

It comes with a user’s manual?!”


How very meticulous… I can feel the obsession here.

But this is… I don’t really want to wear this… No, but it’s something I would definitely want to see being worn.

A silver haired little girl in a school swimsuit; that’s a dream come true, right?


But I feel like I’ll have lost in some way if I pick this. Like in… A lot of ways.”

I think it will look very good on you.”

It looking good on me is the problem. Definitely.”


I’m sure it will look great. But that makes me sense that I’m heading towards a very particular preference from over there (Earth).

As far as I’m concerned, I want Haster to tell me I’m cute anyway, and… But… But still…!



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . Com

The price was 30 silver coins. With the option included, 35 coins.

Finishing the accounting and payment, I cried manly tears. Even though I’m a girl already.

Yeah, I couldn’t fight against my dreams.

But it’s fine. He said it should be a swimsuit without much exposure anyway. He might have even been hoping for this right from the start.

Come to think of it, the clerk said something like “I couldn’t even imagine removing that collar” when I was trying it on. Maybe there was some sort of romance that she felt from the collar?


Since I prioritized my own desires more than wanting to show him a cute swimsuit… This means I’m already a fellow pervert, huh. Hahaha…


‘School swimsuit’, ‘silver hair’, ‘collar’, ‘glasses’, ‘little girl’; it is now complete. Maybe there’s too many components here?

I recalled when I tried it on, and laughed emptily as I headed to where Haster is.

His upper body was naked and he was taking some sort of poses in a swimsuit.

Around him were some very macho type clerks—


Uhhh… Like this?”

Yes, quite nice! How splendid, young man!”

Try this swimsuit next… Oh my, I will be buying that one.”

That’s not fair! That one is mine!”


That’s… Oh crap, I have to get him out of there quick!


Haster, have you finished shopping? If we don’t hurry to the next place, the sun is going to set.”

Y-yeah, you’re right. They were having me sort of model these and I lost track of time.”

Let’s hurry and evacuate… I mean leave the store, maybe have a meal, and head back. Yig is going to get tired of waiting for us.”

Yeah, sorry about that. Then I’ll take this swimsuit please.”

You’re leaving already? That’s too bad.”


They’re talking like girls, but of course the clerks are men.

I wonder if there are a lot of homosexuals in this world…?



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . Com

Haster’s swimsuit was 20 silver coins.

With my own spending included, we still had about another 50 coins we could spend, so he wanted to go shopping for some accessories that would go with my swimsuit.

As such, we went to a place with plenty of good articles; miss Levy’s street stall.


Oh, hey ya’ll. Always a pleasure. That there collar sure looks fine on ya.”

We’re here again. Today we want some accessories that would go well with a swimsuit.”

Swimsuit? Ya’ll are going swimming? Ain’t that nice… That bein’ the case, hows about these?”


She took out bracelets, anklets, scarfs, and even straw hats, one after another, out of a tool box for us.

As usual, she has a great product selection. Just where does she get all this stuff I wonder?

From what I’m already using, shells, stones, beads and other such cheaper things, to expensive jeweled items and things that use plenty of silver threads. There is truly a variety.


You’re so well prepared, as usual.”

These here goods sell well ’round summertime. I prepare for that sorta thing.”

We don’t have much of a budget, so could you recommend us something for about 30 silver coins?”

How’s about this?”


What she suggested for me was an anklet with red and green stones.

The stones themselves aren’t expensive, but the hues were simple, and they had an adorable look to them.


Ya have a kinda bratty… a youthful look to ya Yuuri, so somethin’ like this will suit ya don’t ya think?”

I feel like I heard something just now?”

I-I ain’t said nothin’?”


What kind of rude things are you saying to your loyal customers?

But even so, the hand-made feel of this is really nice.


Did you make this miss Levy?”

Sure did. I’m pretty good with my hands, so this sorta thing is my specialty. They’re also free to stock and sell well, so I recommend it.”

If you had just stopped talking I would have felt some admiration…”


The way the stones are connected through accurately poked holes in their centers is on a level that wouldn’t lose out to a craftsman.

Could it be she has some sort of “Artisan” gift I wonder?

If that’s the case I certainly wouldn’t mind partnering with her as a manufacturer for producing magic tools.

With a quick glance I took a peek at her with “Appraisal”.




Name: Livyatan    Age: 16    Gender: Female    Job: Phantom Thief

Gifts: Recognition Blocking (Can be disabled), Peerless Magic (Can be disabled), Trap Disabling



… … …So you’ve been right fucking here the whole time.


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  1. Fundoshi: Traditional Japanese underwear for adult men. 
  2. Shining Wizard: A professional wrestling move involving the delivery of a foot (or leg?) to the side of the head. (May want to do a quick search; I am not knowledgeable enough about pro wrestling to describe it accurately.) 

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