Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 63

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

3rd Act, Chapter 63: Begin Preparations


The next day, by the time I got out of that sticky and slippery situation, it was already past noon.

With the three-stage magic Bahamut used before; [Purify], [Evaporate], and [Ventilate]; I cleaned the room (sorry, inn workers), and after inconspicuously taking a bath and changing, I headed towards the dining hall.

Mister Jack and mister Kale, who already managed to escape their forced labor, as well as mister Bhav and miss Bella, who finished some patrolling, were already in the dining hall waiting.

Mister Oreas and Haster were also there drinking. Why are they drinking?

Come to think of it, Yig disappeared from our room at some point last night. He was probably being considerate of us around the time Haster started going out of control.


Yo, awful late, young lady!”

Long time no see, Yuuri. Sorry I couldn’t greet you yesterday.”

I heard you wanted to talk about something, but you sure took a while getting here.”

It takes time for a woman to put her appearance in order, Bhav.”

We went ahead and bummed a drink from you guys, Yuuri.”

I’d heard coastal cities had good drinks, but it really is true. You should try a cup too, Yuuri.”


… Good morning, everyone.”


While I sent them all a somewhat reproachful look, each of them called out to me.

When I took a seat while holding my pained waist, miss Bella showed concern for me.


Are you okay? You seem like you’re in pain…”

Yeah, this happens every morning, so I’m used to it.”

Haster is merciless too, huh. You need to take better care of her.”

Yeah, uhh… Sorry.”


Miss Bella and the others already know that I’m an adult, so they don’t seem to blame him or anything.

They did point out his lack of consideration though.


B-but Yuuri is at fault too. She slept naked while using me in place of a body pillow. Of course I lost control.”

That’s… Yuuri?”

… Uhh.”

That’s getting your just desserts, seriously!”

Eh?, you seem energetic enough though, huh miss Bella?”

That’s because Bhav takes proper care of me.”


Miss Bella easily speaks fondly of her partner. She holds her hands to her cheeks in a very maidenly manner.

Mister Bhav doesn’t seem to be able to keep calm seeing her like that… I’m not quite sure which one of them could be considered an adult here.

And watching those two, mister Jack and mister Kale gulp down their drinks. It looks like they have an “oh god, make them stop!” atmosphere about them.


But we can’t have this.

The conversation kind of seems like it’s pointed over here, so let’s change the subject. In fact, we seriously need to get down to the main topic.


Ummm, about what happened when I went out on patrol last night…”


I conveyed what happened last night with Livyatan, without sparing any details.

They sent me tepid looks when they heard the details of our game of tag, but I ignored them.


This guy is the next target?”

She made such a fucking cheeky declaration. I’m going to absolutely destroy her.”

Well, sure he’s rare, but… What good does getting hold of “this thing” do?”

Don’t call my boy “this thing”!”


Yig is a very good kid.

He’s considerate, he’s serious, and he thinks fondly of his parent(me)!


But even if she’s clumsy, we can’t underestimate her as an opponent you know? At the very least, she has the same ability as I do.”

““Peerless Magic,” huh…?”


The ability to understand most magic with a single glance at the formula, and reproduce anything within the limits of one’s magic power, if used correctly.

It’s a gift that gives its owner those kinds of abilities.

One of its faults is that it forces all growth into magic specialization, but it looks like she managed to disable it too; she can probably use it effectively and freely to some extent.


Furthermore, unlike me, her physical abilities were quite high. She had enough agility to get away from me while I was using [Flight].”

In that case, catching her head-on would be difficult.”

However, we won’t know what she looks like if we stand watch for her either… To think it was a “Recognition Blocking” gift…”

What the hell. How are we supposed to catch her?”


Mister Bhav, mister Oreas, and miss Bella all soon seemed to realized how bothersome our opponent is.


Come on, when she comes to steal this guy, we just gotta go BLAM and send her flying.”

Yeah, yeah, we just smash anything annoying down by force, right?”


So these two aren’t going to be any help.

Why were you all so distressed in the first place? You should have profited considerably from back when we took care of those robbers.


Oh, about that… You know those two put on that display every day? We’ve been drinking our cares away because of it.”


Saying that, he points towards mister Bhav and miss Bella.

Even in the middle of this meeting, the two are snuggled up and seemingly arguing about one thing or another, but… Their hands are firmly clasped together.


Goddammit. Go explode, you two!”

You’re one to talk.”


Do you have some problem with me? I’m just sitting on Haster’s lap.

By the way, my own lap is occupied by Yig. I sometimes feed him his breakfast myself.

The table is small, and there aren’t enough chairs. So it had to be this way.

It had to be this way, so… Haster, calm down that hard thing under my butt.


To be honest, she’s an opponent that would make fools of us if we faced her directly. Is setting a trap to capture her our best chance?”

But she had the “Trap Disabling” talent, you know? She would probably break through an amateur’s trap in a heartbeat.”

That’s not a very Yuuri-like thing to say; you’re trying to go at her gift much too honestly.”

Come again?”

Her gift is “Trap Disabling,” not “Trap Discovery,” right?”

… Ooh, I see.”


Right… Her ability will certainly allow her to get past any kind of trap. However, it’s not a gift that allows her to know “the location” of the trap.


Humm… In any case, we have to get any countermeasures put together by next week.”

Yup. The first thing would be self-defense I guess? Let’s set all sorts of things up on Yig.”


For now we’ll set a trap. We decided to put our counter-plan efforts in that direction.




First I’ll have to put a lost pet tag on Yig. If we know where he is, then even if he gets taken, we can head over immediately to get him back.

I can develop a magic spell that would act like a transmitter, but to do that I first need to prepare a base item to cast it on.

That’s when I thought of using the cute earring from yesterday, but it’s just made of shell after all. The strength of its material really did become a problem.


Ugh, it has to be at least made of iron or something, or it won’t be able to bear it.”

Then how about we go shopping? I’m just about out of “Rings of Mental Resistance” too. At this rate, my life could be in danger tonight.”

Could you maybe control yourself?!”


The terrible scene from when he turned “Immortal” and “Eternally Youthful” came to mind.

I’m glad he loves me, but I’d rather he not risk his life over it. I don’t want to see that kind of thing again.


Come on, my resistance increased when I became immortal, so if it’s just a few hours then I’m sure I can manage even without the ring…”

Absolutely not! I will completely resist until we get new rings.”

Well, I don’t actually plan on being so reckless either.”


And so we decided to go out shopping.

Haster to buy silver rings (carved), and myself to buy a collar or something of the sort for Yig.

If we’re gonna get one, then I would like the design to be cute, so we headed for the street vendor lady from yesterday’s place.


It’s the early afternoon, when the sunlight is at its strongest.

After deciding on a white sleeveless dress to give myself the looks of a young lady from a good family, I once again went out to town with him.

Since the sunlight is so strong, I borrowed a lace parasol from miss Bella too.

Now that I think about it, we considered going swimming in the sea when we first got here, didn’t we. Maybe we should go looking for swimsuits too?


Haster and I are both fair skinned too. It might be nice to get a healthy tan while we’re at it.”

You don’t tan, do you?”

It doesn’t actually heal immediately. “Golden Ratio” basically increases in healing power based on how heavy the injury is.”


If it’s broken bones, dislocations, or missing parts, then it’ll heal in just tens of seconds, but if it’s just a scratch, then it could take half a day.

Additionally, if it’s an injury that doesn’t influence my appearance, then it might not heal at all.

Yeah, uhh… Like doing this or that… I’m glad that doesn’t heal. Because I would rather not experience being deflowered every time.


But well… A swimsuit, huh… Yeah, I can’t wait.”

I thought you were being completely indifferent when I was dressing up just a while ago though…”

That’s because when the girl I live with pretties herself up, it makes for a lot of difficulties, see? I was holding myself back pretty hard at the time.”


And now that there’s no need to hold himself back, he’s started letting loose, huh.

While we continued chatting, we arrived at miss Levy’s stand.


Hello, we’re back for more.”

Welcome, Yuuri. Glad ya’ll came again.”

Since we’re in the city, I would like to get a collar for this guy. Do you happen to have anything good for that?”


He does basically listen to what I say, but “publicly” he’s seen as a monster known as a winged lizard.

They’re a creature also used as food, so to keep him from getting wrapped up in any trouble it’s probably best to put a collar that declares my ownership on him.


“In that case, how ’bout somethin’ like this? It’s a collar made from komodo drake leather.”


Komodo drakes are large lizards that inhabit the mouths of rivers and the like. Going by Earth’s standards, they look kind of like small crocodiles.

Their skin is quite flexible and tough, so it can be used for leather armor too.

The skin on their backs is especially lustrous, and shines with a nice color when processed, so it’s used for high class bags and shoes too.

This here was supposed to be used as a bracelet, but it’d be the perfect size if ya’ll wants to fit it ’round his neck.”


It’s… A bracelet?”

What, ain’t your thing?”


I don’t exactly have good memories of bracelets. Since I got tangled up in that guy’s suicide because of one.

Speaking of, I was thinking of giving that bracelet to my little sister as a souvenir…


No, I’ll take it. Maybe this is some kind of fate.”


In place of the bracelet I couldn’t give to my sister, I’ll give this one to Yig. Something like that might be nice too, huh?

With a slightly solemn feeling, I pay the money for it.


Huh? This bracelet has a jewel set in it?”

’cause it’s supposed to be a bracelet. Accessories are like that; don’t like it?”

No, this is actually good… Is it jade?”

Yep, jade. Ain’t a particularly pricy one though.”


The number of enchantments that can be put on jade is four, just like silver.

[Signal], [Toughness], another spell for refilling, and then… I can enchant one more thing on it.


Hum, what should I choose…”

Eh? Ya’ll are gonna buy more?”

Oh, no. That’s not what I meant.”
“Then do you happen to have any silver rings? Ones made through carving would be best if possible.”


Haster decided to interrupt just then. Because that’s his objective here.

But would a street vendor like this have something like silver products? If she had them just lying around, they would be way too unprotected, wouldn’t they?


Aah, had a few sittin’ round here. Let me see now…”


It would seem she did have them. This girl is mostly defenseless anyway…

She took out six simple rings. They’re silver products, but since they’re not elaborate their price is quite reasonable.


Then I’ll take all of them.”


Also, if you get any more like these, could you set them aside for me? I’ll buy up to a hundred of them.”

Those gonna be a present for yer girlfriend?”

Ohh… Right, might you have anything nice for Yuuri too?”


Haster, are you trying to show off your good side?

By the way, miss Levy… Why did you recommend a large dog collar for me? Are you a person with some very special tastes?

I glared at her as if I wanted to spend nearly an hour cross-examining her. And Haster, please stop your panting.



Continuing in this way, we spent the whole day just going out shopping.

Furthermore, we made certain to go and buy swimsuits.

Once this case is all cleared up, I’ll put my bewitching looks on display for him at the beach… Even though I’m flat.


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15 thoughts on “Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 63

  1. The vendor is getting a suspicious amount of screen time lol. I wonder about Yuuri too. With Haster being the way he is, she doesn’t really need to encourage him eh? It’s kind of cute how she acts though. She’ll try her best despite being flat XD. Argh, but what kind of weird logic does Golden Ratio run off of, to make her flat like that?

    Thanks for the chapter!


    1. Golden Ratio’s logic can be very weird. I like to assume that it’s based on the brain of some nerd in a dark room shouting, “FLAT IS JUSTICE!”


    2. It’s not the Golden Ratio that does that, dude, it’s the Eternal Youth skill, the Golden Ratio just keeps her appearance within the Golden Ratio of her age frame (appearance-wise for her). Simply put, an Oppai Loli is not exactly sexy, it’s just disproportionate and odd, the Oppai is only reserved for mature women ’cause they can bring out the Oppai’s sexiness way better.
      And that, young one, is why Yuuri (who is a Loli) is flat~


  2. It just came to me that if Yuuri bewitch Haster, won’t they trapped in eternal intercourse? I mean, both of them are Immortal…

    …. I can’t imagine how nice would that be….


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