Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 59

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

3rd Act, Chapter 59: Research Materials

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . Com

There is an ironclad rule when exterminating orcs.

It is a single, and very simple thing. Basically… “Don’t let a single one get away”.


In this world, orcs are seen as vermin to be hunted down.

The proof of that is in the high mortality rate of orcs, and at the same time the high mortality rate is connected to their reproduction rate.

Right now, before my eyes, because orcs can impregnate any female, a kobold is being treated as a seedbed.

Which means if we let even one of them get away, then low order beast people, or even cattle, horses, and other livestock can be used for breeding by them.

They’ll use any female, increase their numbers, and then without even worrying about inbreeding they’ll further increase their numbers…

They hardly worry about diversity as a species, or even the risk of deformities. They can use the same womb as many times as they want to increase their numbers.

So to speak, they’re clones that use the wombs of women. Hence, leaving even one of them will allow them to copy infinitely.

To eliminate them requires that not one of them be left in the world at a time; it’s necessary that they are annihilated without letting any leak by. Of course, that’s impossible.

Consequently, they’re considered vermin that are impossible to exterminate.


The hunting lodge before us is small, and since it’s small, the lower ranking ones who couldn’t get inside it are scattered around outside it.

To keep from leaving a single one, we’ll need to annihilate the surrounding ones.

Fortunately, we have the personnel gathered for that purpose, but… To be honest, we can’t even leave a 1 in 10,000 chance.

As such, I’ve prepared alternative measures.


The exact opposite of a siege battle; a pinpoint attack. With the enemy’s formation and these battle tactics, there are certain to be ones who try to flee.

Accordingly, while starting the battle, mister Oreas constructs [Clay Walls] to surround them on three sides.

With [Clay Walls] exceeding five meters closing them in on three sides, they were caught in a dead end.

This way their escape route has been physically cut off completely.



Let’s go, you bastards!”

Kill ’em all! Advance!”


Each party leader cries out upon completion of the [Clay Walls], and twenty adventurers rush forward.

The other adventurers entered the stage within the enclosure, and I stealthily reinforced the [Clay Walls] with [Toughness].

I could imagine that, considering mister Oreas’ magic power, just surrounding them with the enclosure would leave problems in how solid it was.

Naturally, if I were to reveal that I’m a magician then I could openly use it, but I don’t want to stand out too much.

Haster seems to want me to be more well known for some reason, but personally I’m fine with just living quietly together with him, so his desire is not progressing very much.



Humans! Where from?!

Wall! Can’t run!


Walls suddenly stood, and then adventurers rushed forward.

The orcs fell into confusion seeing that, and without even being able to counterattack, they fluttered about every which way in a panic.

The ones who normally should have given commands were the high ranking individuals who were endeavoring in their breeding inside the lodge, so the confusion was further accelerated.


Alright, now’s our chance! Don’t let ’em get away!”


Of course, we’re here to ensure that they indeed don’t get out.

The group rushing into the enclosure caused confusion in all directions, so anyone trying to leave the confines of it will have my bow or Haster’s war hammer lay into them.

Any orc trying to destroy the walls will have Yig assaulting them from the air, and without achieving their goal, they themselves will instead collapse to the ground.

Though their strength and stamina surpass that of humans, when surprise attacked and confused, they couldn’t even form an organized counteroffensive… And they were easily suppressed.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . Com

Eventually the battle was over and, aside from a single orc, they were all wiped out.

They remaining orc was restrained, and telling him, “If you disobey us then we’ll kill you, and if you try to run away we’ll kill you too,” we dragged him along as we headed for the city.

The orc was kept far away from the few female adventurers among us, and with a bow trained to his back, we prodded him along as we arrived back to town.


At the city’s entrance, just as we expected, the gatekeeper gave us a dirty look (of course), but upon passing mister Oreas’ fame and a little something to sweeten the deal (bribe money) by him, he let us through without making a fuss.

After knocking the orc unconscious and wrapping him in straw so he’s not visible from outside, I went through the back alleys and brought him into a room in that certain place.

I left the tasks of reporting our success and receiving our reward to Haster and mister Oreas, and watched over the orc along with the hired male prostitutes.

Since I’m a woman, I used a mask to make sure I don’t inhale the odor. If their fluids are aphrodisiacs, then even the smell might be dangerous.

I make certain the prostitutes will deal with me if I go completely bonkers. Since, you know, I’d really rather not have an orc’s child?

Shortly thereafter, the orc awakens.



My oh my, you’ve finally opened your eyes? Little orc.”


Kukuku… while suppressing laughter, I gently speak to the orc.

I’m feeling like a dark villain right now, and getting a high on that feeling.


I feel kind of bad doing this as soon as you’ve awoken, but… I’m going to have you do a little job for me.”

What, this place? Let go!

That’s something I can’t discuss. And if I let you go, you’d just run wild, wouldn’t you?”


To say nothing of this being in the middle of a city. There’s no way I can’t let him go free.


Bitch… What, intend do?


Orcs are basically part of a separate race known as beast people, so it’s possible for them to speak the common language of this world.

Though with the construction of their pharynx and their low intelligence, their speech tends to be rather broken.


Your fluids are necessary for my research. If I complete this research, then sexual frigidity and infertility can both be solved at once… Not that an orc would understand.”

Bitch… Going to, torture me?

Exactly, and I’m glad you’re quick on the uptake. Well heck, once I get what I need from you I might consider letting you go, you know?”


Except “what I need” is enough of an orc’s excretions that it’ll kill him.

Of course I am at no obligation to tell him that.


Kuh, just kill me!


Oooo—, to hear that line from an orc… Wow, being the villain feels good, huh?

With a snap of my finger, the male prostitutes lined up along the wall come forward.


My apologies, but despite how I may look, I am a woman. If I were to squeeze out your fluids, it would cause a slight problem. So I have hired these gentlemen to act as my proxies.”



Fear and horror distort the orc’s face. It’s a rare sight in a sense.


I have made a request of them to squeeze out your bodily fluids. Of course, I don’t think it’ll be a big deal if they get some side benefits from it…?”

Wait… STOP?!

Well then, I don’t have much time, so please hurry and get to work. I will be heading back to the waiting room.”



While listening to the orc’s screams, I moved to the waiting room.

If I stayed there, then I would probably get turned on too.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . Com

The orc survived until the next morning. I would expect no less with its stamina.

Dozens of liters of fluid was collected. I suppose it’s satisfactory for research purposes.

Haster worriedly peeked in to check on things part-way through but, well, the other room being how it was, he wore a weary expression as he departed.

As far as I was concerned, a bit of the sexual excitement components were leaking into the room and slightly effecting me, so I would have been happy to go a round while he was here…

The next morning I paid all the prostitutes their compensation for their overnight work… There was a strange glow about them, but let’s not think too much about that.

The acquired fluid was put in bottles, which were [Frozen] whole, and on top of that they were packed with cotton into boxes, and firmly secured.

After all, if I just used it as it is, then what I’ll be pregnant with is an orc’s child.

I’ll be able to study how to extract its components in detail once we get back to the cottage.

In any case, I’ve accomplished my goal here.


But really, an orc’s fluid… Won’t you just go mad if you use something like that?”

Its ovulation promoting agents and aphrodisiac effects are guaranteed though, you know? As long as I can accurately extract those components, of course.”


While having breakfast with Haster in the air-conditioned cafe, we decide on our upcoming plans.

They wouldn’t like it very much if Yig entered a restaurant like this, so he’s staying back at the inn with mister Oreas.


I’m one step closer to fulfilling my aspiration now.”

Kids… Huh.”


His expression seems a bit complex. Does he… Not want to have children?


No, that’s not it at all. I want to have kids too; I want you to give birth to my children. That’s why I’m working so hard every night.”

Please don’t use such explicit terms.”


Talking about birth and stuff, are you trying to make me turn red like this?


But I want to keep having fun with just the two of us, without restraints, for a little while longer I think. Do you get that?”

Of course I get it.”


Yes, I understand plenty. I’m the type who also considered how much I want to enjoy a life smeared in lust and laziness.

Though my position in the equation is reversed from what I expected.


This just means I’ve obtained the materials. I still need to research it, and there’s no actual guarantee it will work. Besides, it’s a medicine, so we’re free to choose when we want to use it. So we don’t need to rush… You see?”

Really… Yeah, I suppose so.”

So when the time comes that you want children, be sure to tell me, okay? I promise I won’t use it until then.”



When it comes to children, it really is something for both of us to decide.

Without both people being prepared and deciding, I’ve heard of many times where making an “oopsie” just doesn’t go well. We’ll have one when we both agree to it.

To make that happen, I’m going to have to modify these ingredients as quickly as I can, but… It looks like I was going a little off track too.

Well, I understand why… I’m actually still in a bit of an excited state. It really does have quite the effect.


Alright, so after we say our goodbyes, shall we leave town sometime in the afternoon?”

Eh? In the afternoon…?”

Is that going to be a problem?”


A huge one.

If we leave on our trip, then mister Oreas and Yig are going to be continuously nearby. In other words, we can’t do it.

Leaving my excitement half-way and continuing the trip would be… Is this how Haster always feels?


Could we wait until tomorrow if possible? And um, hurry back to the inn…?”


I fidget as I make my request… My lower region is getting a bit warm… No, hot really…

Really, this is… That fluid’s effect is worse than I imagined.

After that, when we returned to the inn, an unusual situation happened; I was the one who pushed him down.

Orcs are scary.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . Com


We ended up departing the next day.


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