Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 57

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

3rd Act, Chapter 57: Orc Extermination

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . Com

After unexpectedly inventing a new magic tool at the cafe, I created one more “air conditioner” to give to mister Foras as a gift.

I bought several iron plates and placed many years worth of [Ventilate] on them, so that should hold for a while.

I wrote how to create the magic tool’s spell formula on a piece of paper that I handed over to the cafe’s owner, so anyone interested should be able to figure out its composition.

Of course it would be profitable to have exclusive sales of it, but… Considering the riches stowed away at the cottage, it doesn’t feel like there’s much reason at this point. I’m making it a free service.

As long as I have enough in reserve to continue living with him, I don’t need to live in excessive luxury.


And so, here’s a gift for you, mister Foras.”

Hoo, a magic tool that blows out cool air, eh.”


Mister Foras hears about the wooden box type magic tool, and appeared full of interest.

Of course it’s the first time he’s seen this type of item, so that makes sense.


You’ll be really glad to have this for the coming season I think? The operator’s manual is here.”

This’ll be a real life saver for me here.”

In that case, make it so what I’m searching for here is free.”

Awfully shrewd of ya. But not a bad exchange for a magic tool I suppose.”


Magic tools are usually paid for in gold coins, so it should be a nice deal.

And so, having done a good job of selling my experiment results, I realized with a gasp,


I haven’t made any progress on my investigation.


This is supposed to be an inquiry that’s required for my future livelihood, so what am I doing getting sidetracked?!

I need to tackle this more seriously… I tightened my expression into one of determination, and stretched my hand out to the next document.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . Com

“—Found it.”


It’s taken me about five hours since then.

After reading through two more documents, I finally discovered the descriptive information in a third one.

It said—


Along with the aphrodisiac component included in an orc’s bodily fluids, it also has an ovulation inducing effect.


The hero of erotic monsters, which can impregnate the females of any species: the orc. When that special characteristic of theirs came to mind, this is the question that I held.

To accomplish mating between so many different species, it would of course be necessary to prepare the eggs on the female side.

However, since there are very few women who would be excited by hideous orcs… Without some sexual excitement, and easily induced ovulation, there would be problems in mating.

Even so, they have the absolute most powerful breeding ability in the world.

In other words, bringing women into “that state,” I figured something had to be involved.


Haster and I, having “Eternal Youth” and “Immortality”, have no species preservation instincts.

To say nothing of the fact that my body turned “Eternally Youthful” before my first menstruation.

In other words, our sexual desires are completely for entertainment purposes, and we can’t leave offspring as a result of our actions.

But, if I can get hold of this ability of orcs, then even I can take the first step towards getting pregnant.


Generally speaking, humans are ones who dislike loneliness.

Life with just the two of us… If that continues forever, then boredom and stagnation will inevitably set in.

Right now Alec is giving us variation in our lives, but given another five years, he’s sure to go off on his own somewhere.

For that moment… No, for my desires as an individual, I want a bond with Haster by any possible means.

If I’m going to be called a carnivore for that, then go ahead and call me a carnivore!


But I obviously can’t use it as is, huh… Nonetheless, I need to actually have the stuff or, naturally, nothing will come of it.”


If I use it as is, then it’ll result in being pregnant with an orc’s child. That’s something I definitely can’t have.

I think some kind of processing will be necessary, but unless I see the actual real thing first…

Except the rule when it comes to orcs is that they’re creatures to get rid of. Adventurers are actually gathering in this city right now to do that.

If it continues to play out like that, the orcs in the area will probably be hunted down to the very last one.


Hrm, that’s… Not good. I need to reserve at least one of them as a sample.”


That’s not the only problem. Drawing out their fluids would of course require touching them, after all.

I feel discomfort just from touching boy-Haster, so touching a monster’s— and if it’s an orc, then “discomfort” wouldn’t even begin to express it.

Moreover, since it causes arousal in women, I wouldn’t even be able to directly touch them.


I’ll need some other person… But then, women would pretty much be hopeless…”


Which means… Men?

To wring an orc dry?


HasterxOrc came to mind for a moment, a thought I hastily dismissed.


Who would want that?!”


I reflexively gave my own rebuttal.

The world of those aesthetics is a privilege only allowed to the beautiful. An orc being his partner is absolutely not going to fly.


Bad, bad, that is so bad!”


I’m the only one allowed to have him in the first place. I’m not going to let anyone else do that to him!

Hold on, why did this go in the direction of wringing Haster dry I wonder?

While squeezing my head and writhing around on the floor, I suddenly came to my senses.


Anyway, I’ll have to hire men who are in to that kind of thing.”


I’m sure if I go through the back alleys, there should be establishments of that type.

The problem is I can’t bring Haster along to there.

Yeah, if I bring his beautiful boy self to a place like that, then I’m sure his butt would be bleeding the next day.

I can’t very well go by myself… But Yig isn’t a very reliable escort either, so he’s out.

Which means, the only one left is mister Oreas…


Well heck, I don’t really care if they dig into him.”

What’s up? Are you going to go dig a hole somewhere?”

Well, I guess. They probably will dig into his hole.”


Don’t care personally, but young lady… Could ya stop rollin’ around in the store?”


They stare at me dubiously after I had been rolling around on the floor.

I have a feeling our dialogue didn’t really connect, but eh, let’s not worry about that.


I’ve gained insight on our next prospect, so I’d like to go back to the inn, but… Do you have anything else you want to do?”

No, I was just thinking of suggesting that we head back after I’m done reading this.”

In that case I’ll wait for you to finish reading, so take your time.”


After that we returned to the inn, discussed the situation, brought mister Oreas with me to the back alleys… And succeeded in hiring a number of male prostitutes.

At that time, they were making excessive advances on mister Oreas, but, well, he somehow managed to weather through it.

Yup, I got a peek into a new world.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . Com

A few days later.

The orc nest was discovered in the southern forest, so an elimination group composed of adventurers was organized.

We also formed a party, with mister Oreas as the leader, to join in on the excursion.

A party of three people and one animal, moreover two of them being children, is probably a novelty for others to see. They’re openly sending dubious gazes our way.

It’s officially mister Oreas joining solo. We are acting as his support, and joined in on the extermination.

Becoming official adventurers involves registration and other obnoxious stuff.


I guess it makes sense there aren’t many women here.”

Our targets are orcs, after all. Many among the other parties also had just their women sit this one out.”

There’s always that one in a million chance.”

You be as careful as you can too, okay Yuuri?”

I’ll be fine. My main weapon is a bow, so I won’t be getting close to them.”


My ability to use magic isn’t very well known, so I planned on being as secretive about it as possible.

I used it quite openly at the cafe, but word of that hasn’t spread very far yet.

Haster is using the second weapon I developed, the super large war hammer, “Cleaver,” and dragon scale equipment, making him look the part of the vanguard.

Though since his physique is actually quite small, the unbalance between his that and his equipment is piling the attention from our surroundings on him.


Yo, are you the “Wyvern Killer” Oreas? It’s a real honor to be teaming up with ya!”

Is bringin’ kids along really a good idea? Orcs’ll be a pretty tough opponent for brats, don’t ya think?”

Not a problem. They’re very skilled.”

Try your best not to drag the rest of us down.”


I suppose it makes sense that mister Oreas is well known. Many of the adventurers called out to him.

Their tone is bad, but many of them seem worried for the children joining in on this.


All together including us, there were 5 parties, totaling 23 people and 1 animal, to brave the forest.

We gathered at 8 in the morning, arrived at the forest by 9, and began the search at 10.

It’s most effective to move against the nocturnal orcs in the early morning.


Yig, take care of watching from the sky please.”



At my “request,” Yig danced high into the sky.

The other four parties have scouts in them, but we don’t, so Yig’s sky surveillance will be important.

The only problem is, the forest is going to make his vision spotty.

We can probably safely leave it to the other parties who seem to have plenty of experience, but…

Even so, their ability appears to be slightly lower than the members of Forest Bear before their strengthening, so I can’t be careless.


Oh, there’s a kefa fruit…”

Now’s not the time; keep cautious and focused.”


When I found an antidote fruit on an animal trail and reflexively reacted to it, Haster was prompted to warn me.

This is an occupational illness, isn’t it?


Naturally, with only the information that they’re somewhere in the forest to go on, the search didn’t proceed very smoothly.

The deep undergrowth pulled at our feet and stopped us from walking.

Within the gloomy forest, serpents and wild dogs came to attack us.

Hidden in the thickets were sudden drop-offs to natural pits, causing people to get injured.

With how untouched this place is by people, it’s more openly murderous than the mountain at Mareba.

Whenever the healers treated people we had to stop, slowing our progress. It’s already well into mid-day.


This’ll only be dangerous if we hurry. Let’s take a short break here.”

Hey, what are you doing deciding for all of us?!”

Don’t quarrel over something like this.”


All the party leaders are talking together, but it doesn’t seem like they’re cooperating very well.

They’re probably frustrated about how long it’s taking, and how the search isn’t progressing as they expected.

They’re fighting over leadership, displaying behavior similar to monkeys fighting to be the boss at the top.


Now, now, calm down. At the very least, we do need to have a bite to eat, so having it now, while there’s no danger around, isn’t a bad idea.”

Tsk, yeah, I guess… Hey, we’re having lunch.”


He called it lunch, but it’s nothing like what we did with the merchant party, when we started a fire and really cooked.

It’s rather poor fare; we sit down, shave off some dried meat and gnaw on it together with some bread.

We can’t really light a fire when we’re near our target, so we can’t make anything fancy.

Our party also endured by cutting up some dried meat, sandwiching it between pieces of hard bread with vegetables, and gnawing on it.



Here’s your share, Yig.”

Ugyu ugyu.”


Well, except I put soup in one of our water bags beforehand, soaked the dried meat in it, and used a little trick of soaking the bread in it when it was meal time.

Hard, dried meat is tough on my jaw.

Yig’s sky surveillance slackened, the scouts were joining us for a meal… The extermination group’s caution dropped away, and in that moment…

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . Com


Several massive figures appeared before us!


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  1. Yuuri is turning the tables on the Orcs lol, using them for her own experimental purposes hahaha. It’s pretty silly that the Orcs are something directly out of a hentai. I bet they look like pigs too. Hm, does anyone know where the distinction between eastern and western orcs came from? When I think of western orcs, I think of Tolkien and Warcraft orcs. They look more like deformed humans with tusks than the straight up pig faces you see in hentai.

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    1. I actually don’t think there’s any mention of their appearance in this, but it’s safe to assume that’s what the author had in mind.

      As far as I’ve read (and that’s not saying much), while the west was introduced to orcs through Tolkien creating them, they were introduced to Japan through games such as D&D. Tolkien doesn’t describe them quite how they’re portrayed in almost anything these days, but at the very least there was no explicit mention of them being pig-like. However, Japan got illustrations of them in games where they had very pig-like features and it stuck.

      Once again, this is what I’ve read. I have no concrete sources, so take it with a grain of salt xD


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