Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 50

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

3rd Act, Chapter 50: Inspecting the Transformation Magic


Author’s Note: This former sage, no mercy!

Translator’s Note: Sigh, author…

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

After driving away our visitors, Haster and I began inspecting the magic circle.

It’s kinda been a while since we’ve done this… The mood is similar to back when I was an apprentice. Though the other half of our pair turned into a shorty.


This magic circle’s lack of protection for the body is going to be a problem after all. The whole purpose is to [transform] it, which is probably why no protection was added. And it looks like the effect length is around 1 day.”


Young boy Haster is in serious mode as he investigates the magic circle.

So he had this kind of face when he was young… I guess it’s cool in its own way?


What’s wrong, Yuuri? You should be looking at the magic circle, not me.”

Ah, I’m sorry. I’m not used to seeing you look this way, so I just…”

Well, my lowered height and such certainly feel a little off. But it balances well with your stature, which makes it just right.”


Saying so, he reaches his hand out to embrace me around my shoulders—




I ended up rejecting that hand.

Uh… What’s going on?


… H-huh?”

Don’t tell me… Yuuri?”


Eh? Could that reflex have happened as a rejection of him?

His appearance may be different, but this is Haster… Huh?


Haster, I’m sorry. I’m fine, so…”


I can’t let this happen. Timidly, gently I bring my head to his body.

Upon doing so, the moment I felt his body temperature, my body began clattering and trembling.

My head starts pounding, my stomach hurts as it twists in knots; it feels like I’m going to puke…


Enough, that’s enough, get away.”


I was pushed away by Haster.


He looks like he’s about to cry as he gazes at me, whose expression is pale and body tensed.


I’m sorry. I’ll definitely be able to accept you, so… I’ll be fine, so…”

No, you don’t need to force yourself. My body ended up like this. It’s not strange for you to so strongly reject it.”


It’s not the husband’s role to ask the impossible of the wife. Besides, the solution is right here, isn’t it? So you don’t need to worry about it.”


He points to the parchment on the desk, and tells me that to wrap it up. It’s an important subject, and yet he’s saying that so carelessly.

Could it be that Bahamut predicted this situation and gave us this magic? But…


If you use this magic… You’ll die.”

I turned “Immortal”, didn’t I?”


Now that he mentions it, I haven’t “Appraised” him yet. If I took a look with this, we would have known the results right away, but… Anyway, let’s take a peek.


—“Wind Attribute Magic”, “Magic Tool Creation”, “Eternal Youth”, “Immortality”


And surprise, he now has 4 gifts. He has become a fellow cheater. It felt like he was a cheater already though.


“You certainly do have “Eternal Youth” and “Immortality”. But that doesn’t mean you don’t feel pain. You’re different from me. It’s possible that you could go crazy from the pain…”


The reason I can take enough agony to die from it and still be fine is because I have “Adaptability”. If that wasn’t here, I probably would have gone mad long ago.

Going insane and yet being unable to die—even if he has “Eternal Youth” and “Immortality”, the possibility that he could fall into that situation still exists.


Now that you mention it, there’s no “pain tolerance” section in this. Could we modify the magic circle?”

It’s absurdly complex. Modifying it would probably be a bit difficult… But I might be able to manage adding to it…”

Add to it you say, but with how dense this is, there’s no space to inscribe anything in.”


It would probably be impossible to push back my physiological rejection of him overnight. In which case, for us to touch each other, we just need to get him back to his ‘previous appearance’.

But this magic circle is something that forcibly transforms the body. Normally it would literally cause enough agony to kill, but he’s “immortal”.

The problem is if he’ll be able to bear enough pain to make him go crazy, so if I add the ‘Analgesia’ spell to it, he should be able to manage it.


What about deploying two magic circles, and joining them together?”

The only one adept enough to do something like that is you.”

It’s not like it’s that difficult… Hmmm…”


He can only deploy one magic circle. Or perhaps I should say I’m the abnormal one for being able to deploy two of them.

Anyway, building [Analgesia] into it is a requirement. The problem is that [Transformation] doesn’t have any space for that in it.

He can’t activate it by himself… Actually, he’s not really going to be activating it alone?

[Analgesia] is a spell that was originally developed as a surgical anesthetic, and it can be cast on others, so… In that case, I can just cast it, can’t I?!


Haster, wouldn’t it be fine if I cast [Analgesia]?”



Both he and I have a tendency to go out of our way to do things alone.

Because our loner periods were long.


In that case, first we’ll experiment. It’s scary doing it so suddenly, so how about I try just [Transforming] my finger?”


He makes a subtly cowardly proposal. No, it’s good to be careful you know?

And the result: we successfully changed it to a ‘nail-less finger’ without causing pain.

The problem is…


Haster, do you know your own appearance?”

I look at myself in the mirror plenty. When arranging my hair and beard. Oh hey, let’s try growing a beard.”

Please forget the beard. It’s prickly and it hurts.”

Do you not like beards?”

I don’t like pain.”

Not being able to kiss would be a problem… I’ll be careful from now on.”


Please stop getting so depressed over a beard. You had plenty of dignity without one you know?

Not a shred of it remains right now though.


Being “Immortal” and able to use [Transformation] without pain, I can see all sorts of dreams spreading out before me. I could even morph into a dragon or something, right?”

Theoretically, you probably could. Seeing as Bahamut [Transforms] himself into a person, you can probably ignore volume limitations too.”

Come to think of it, can’t you transform too, Yuuri?”

““Golden Ratio” would probably change me right back. Even if I [Transform], it would last maybe a few seconds I suppose?”

“No huge breasts then, huh…”

So you prefer them large…?”


Please, don’t mutter that seriously while looking so disappointed. My flat chest is a cause of annoyance for me too.

When I turned into a girl I wanted to try saying ‘boobs are so soft—!’ too.

I suppose it could be called a dream of mine.


No, right now ‘Yuuri’s’ are what I like.”

Kgh, you always pull out the surprise attacks…”


In response to his surprise attack, my head boiled in an instant. It’s not fair.


Well, no big deal, right? Right then, I’ll be back to my original state in a moment, okay? The [Analgesia] casting please.”

Understood. Please be careful, okay?”

Once the spell starts taking effect, being careful won’t amount to shit though.”


While listening to his helpless complaint, I activated [Analgesia].

And then, his [Transformation] activated too—



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

Successfully returning his body back to how it was, we were in Haster’s room that night.


Haster, is your body really feeling all right?”

It’s all right, no problems. In fact, with my body being young inside, I’m feeling even better than usual. And also well, there are other things… You better be ready for tonight.”

Restrain yourself, please.”


Well, even if he’s talking like a total sadist, he fundamentally won’t do something I truly don’t like, I’m sure…

As usual, I do calisthenics on the bed, loosening my body up before sleeping.


But why are you doing calisthenics?”

You’re the one who told me to. Two years ago! ‘Your body is stiff, so do some calisthenics,’ you said.”

You’re keeping quite faithful to that then. Back when I was in training, I basically just slacked off though.”

Besides, if I don’t loosen myself up, things get rough. In a lot of ways.”

Aah, right. Your body is pretty small.”


Bend forward, twist, bend the upper body back… Ah, HEY! Don’t come and touch my chest!


What do you think you’re rubbing?!”

Ah, well, I was just thinking you’re always flat, but when you bent backwards, your ribcage really stuck out.”

Yeah, my chest muscles are thin too… You really do like them bigger?”

A man does not go back on his word. ‘Yuuri’s breasts’ are what I prefer.”


I’m not sure if I should feel happy or disappointed, but that manly remark was really unnecessary, you know?!

While I continue my calisthenics with a slightly sullen look, he gazes at me with an impish smile.

I wonder what’s so funny?


But you know… Doing calisthenics in the nude is surprisingly erotic, isn’t it?”

Shut yer trap. If I didn’t take everything off, then you would just muddy it all up, wouldn’t you?! My pajamas have already been annihilated.”

Just consider it part of your daily education.”

Education like that can go die.”


Once he’s in ‘running wild’ mode, restraint means nothing to him.

Getting sloppy, stained, and torn, my usual pajamas have all been disposed of.


Okay, how about we get this started.”

Get what started?!”


Maybe he got excited when I bent forward with my legs spread?

Slowly he takes off his clothes… Takes off… Uh, whaaa?!


H-Haster… Umm… What exactly… Is that?”

Yeah, since we put so much work in to being able to [Transform], I tried rearranging things a bit.”

Why are there two of… Moreover, they seem about twice as large as usual!”

It’s a man’s ideal.”


Being a former man, I understand, but that’s only as the one putting it in! It’s not based on the idea that I would be the one it’s put into!

Why would you work so hard towards applying it in such a weird way?!

As might be expected, this makes even me draw away. Uh, NO, stay back, get away?!


U-uhh… that’s…”

Your frightened expression is fascinating too you know?”


Low and cool, Haster’s usual attractive voice. The voice that always brought me calm is now dropping me to the pits of despair.

Today there’s ‘something’ like a carnivorous beast hunting its prey lurking in… No, it most certainly feels like he’s going to devour me now!


Haster, that is something even I don’t want. Stop this, please!”

Come now, we have to confirm its functionality to see what it’s capable of. It’s an experiment, a magic experiment.”

That reason isn’t going to pass you know?!”


I retract my previous statement.

He is perfectly fine with doing things I don’t like. Particularly sexual things.


Sorry, let me off on this… This really isn’t going to work… In fact the size makes it impossible!”

Relax, “Adaptability” will get you used to it in no time.”


Haa, Haa, he raggedly breathes as he closes in… He gives off the impression that he’s gone a little crazy—




Yuuri: “Maybe we should consider this getting sent to Nocturne about now?”

Haster: “W-we’re still in the clear, I’m sure.”

((T.L: Nocturne refers to Syosetu‘s sister site for R-18 content.(Thank you xTachibana, and Yukkuri for the info)))


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