Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 40

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations


2nd Act, Chapter 40: The Overprotective Master

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

After regaining consciousness and briefly explaining what happened, my master became overprotective.

Some specific examples would be…


Master, I’m gonna go pick some flowers.”

Flowers? Were you interested in something like that?”

Mister Haster, she’s talking about using the toilet. Please understand that.”

Ahh, in that case I’ll stay close by and…”

What kind of play is that supposed to be?! NO!”




Well then Marle, shall we go?”


Where are you headed? I’ll go along with…”

To take a bath! I would be fine with that, but Marle is here too, so please restrain yourself.”

I-is that so? In that case I’ll watch over from nearby, so…”

Master, you’re not allowed to see anyone naked aside from myself, so I’m going to have to refuse.”

What kind of reasoning is that?”


And things like that.

Particularly with the toilet, if I didn’t have miss Leche backing me up, then it was about to turn into a pissing show.

Thinking back, I experienced that shortly after meeting him. What a nostalgic memory.

Other than that, he’s glued to my side during meals, which is actually pretty dang cute.


Looks like he took your job, Yig.”


Simply because you lack any sense of danger, Yuuri. You’re being targeted by someone who, on top of not knowing his identity, has regenerative abilities that exceed your own, you know?”

He said he’s not our enemy, Master.”

And he said that because he knew you would believe him.”


My master let out an exasperated sigh. You’re making me a little irritated.


But if he intended on killing me, then he could have done so before you got there, Master. That’s how big a difference in power I could feel.”

Except you can’t die either. Since he probably knew that, don’t you think it’s possible he just came by to gauge you yesterday?”

Hmph, fine. I will be more vigilant from now on, so you need to at least learn to have some delicacy, Master.”

You’re saying this now?”

Is that any way to speak to a lady?”

Kgh… I certainly have spent a lot of time living on harsh battlefields…”


That conversation panned out the day after said incident. One more day until we reach Solkalis.

For today, the first carriage’s escort is Alec and Wild Horse, and the second carriage’s is Forest Bear. My master, Yig, and I are riding on the third carriage.

If that guy happened to come after the corpse, then we’ll be able to meet him with our maximum strength this way.

Fuu… It may just be the two of us, but I’m not even slightly nervous!


I-I wonder if it would be alright to get on his lap?


Would it be weird to suddenly get on his lap without a reason? When I was trying to keep miss Bella in check, I went ahead without thinking about it too much, but…

I should try asking him beforehand.


M-master, umm… Would it be alright if I got on your lap?”

My lap? Ahh… Yig is sitting here right now.”

… How dare you, YIIIIIG?! That is my seat. MOVE!”


Why are you picking a fight with a lizard?!”


In the end, we settled with me sitting on my master’s lap, and Yig sitting on my lap.


… … …”


squirm, squirm, rustle, rustle


Yuuri, could you settle down a bit?”

Uhh, it’s just that I was sitting wrong, or I guess you could say I needed to settle in to the perfect spot, or I won’t be able to calm down…”


The vibrations from the carriage are… y’know… right? There’s a certain thing touching me.

Maybe he didn’t like my squirming about; Yig ended up migrating on to my head.


Yig, I can’t see in front of us. Could you move from there?”



Hmmm, this is no good. Since the other day, my thoughts always end up flowing in ‘that’ direction.

I wonder if this is puberty setting in? Though I thought that had already passed.


Sexually frustrated perhaps?”

Who is?”

I am.”


Don’t just silently remove me from your lap like that!


Joking. It was a joke!”

Your jokes tend to escalate, so I’m not taking any chances.”

I’m not gonna do something like that again! … but, would it be okay if I meant it?”

… That’s not a very funny joke either.”


Your face is getting a bit red, Master.

Feeling warmed by his expression, I tipped over and placed my head on his lap. Yep, I’m using his lap as a pillow.

The driver’s seat is a bit confined, but with how small my body is, there’s no problem there.


H-hey now.”

Here, Yig.”



I grab hold of Yig like he’s a body pillow, and take a break on my master’s lap. What a blissful moment!

My master gestures as if he can’t do anything about this, and pets my head.


Haa… Don’t drool on me, alright?”

My mouth isn’t that bad at staying closed.”

I wonder about that.”


Underneath the glow of the sun, with the gentle swaying of the carriage.

The warmth of my master’s lap, and the feeling of holding the pleasantly cool Yig.

This is quite… nice… zzzz…



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

Afternoon came. It looks like I was out for half the day.

Oh, my master is changing his clothes right now. Particularly his pants, which… i-it has nothing to do with me drooling, alright?

Even so, I fell asleep again?! Or perhaps in this case I’ve fallen into sleep’s wicked embrace. Is my master’s lap some kind of specialty sleeping pillow?


Master, your lap is a pillow that makes people give in to laziness.”

… No matter how serious a face you put on with that commentary, you’re not gonna gloss this over.”


Watching us, who are seemingly happy even while arguing, from afar, miss Bella drops her shoulders.

Look, mister Bhav, now’s your chance! Miss Bella exchanges two, three words with him, grabs a water skin with alcohol in it and went on a walk to gulp it down with him.

Mister Bhav followed along in a hurry. Perhaps they’re moving things forward too?


Master, why is this sticky fluid on the nether regions of your pants?”

Uh, that’s… Yuuri, she—“

Miss Yuuri “did” it?!”

Yeah, she let out quite a bit on me.”


Marle, I don’t think he means what you think he means?”


Marle holds her hands to her cheeks, and turns bright red up to her ears, while Alec lets off a cold sweat.

I feel like your girlfriend might be rushing in a dangerous direction, so could you please reign her in a bit more?


I-I’m sure it was Yig wetting the bed!”

You were hugging him rather closely though. Don’t blame it on your pet.”

Then it must be Yig’s drool! He’s got a long neck so—owow! Don’t bite me!”



While trying to pass the blame, I was met with Yig’s counterattack.

Why you…! Don’t you have any sense of duty to protect your owner’s honor?!


St-hey no- please stop! Your fangs are sharp, they hurt!”

You reap what you sow.”

Master, I apologize, so please stop him!”

Shouldn’t you be apologizing to Yig?”

Yig, I’m SORRY! Stop, my head is covered in drool. I’m gonna go baaald!”


His drool is acidic and should be bad for the scalp. I can’t actually go bald, but it still doesn’t feel very good.

Eventually, once the dishes were passed out for lunch, he let me off the hook.


Uuuu… Yig, you know you’re letting your gluttony show too much?”



My face was dripping with drool, so I cast [Stream] and rinsed off with it.

Unlike fire-type magic, water-type magic calls forth a physical substance, so its degree of difficulty in magic is higher. Until I learned it, I was making round trips to the well to fill water jugs.

Today’s lunch is dried oats turned into a risotto-like oatmeal with fruit, but it doesn’t feel like enough with just that.


Alright Yig, we’re going hunting!”

I can’t say I admire you taking a stroll immediately after what happened yesterday.”

Then would you like to come with me, Master?”

Uh, hmm… well, I suppose.”


My master is quite the glutton, so… actually, come to think of it, everyone around me is… anyway, he probably thought there wasn’t enough too.

And so he came along with me to go hunting.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

Flying high in the air, Yig finds his prey and swoops down into a dive. Turning in that direction, I cast [Far Sight], and stand by.

The prey, a serpent, gets attacked by Yig, and I prepare my bow to snipe where it jumped out… wait, a snake?!

Moreover, it’s huge!


Whoa, quite the big game.”

This is beyond ‘big game’! There’s more than 5 meters to that thing!”

Oh, it wrapped around Yig.”

AAHHH! Don’t just stand there, save him! Yig, I’m coming!”


Yig is still a child, and he’s not even 50 centimeters yet, so he could even be swallowed whole.

I cast [Body Reinforcement], and immediately take off at a dash. I don’t want him getting caught in my attack, so I have to peel him out of there at a close distance.

Since I’m not carrying any close-range weapons, I pull out Third Eye instead to beat the snot out of the snake with. This thing is made from black crystal, and on top of that it has [Toughness] on it, so it’s pretty sturdy.


Why you…! Let go of my baby!”


Slapping sounds come from the strikes. I brought it down on the thing from way above my head, but it didn’t seem very effective. This is what happens when I use my normal strength…

I used a huge amount of magic yesterday, so my external magic power mantle is on empty.

Perhaps seeing me, who suddenly jumped out at it, as an enemy as well, this time it wrapped itself around me.


Ah, hey… owowow, You’re squeezing, squeezing me, stop, something’s gonna come out of me if you don’t stop!”


It was squeezing me enough that something would come out of me, so I hurriedly used [Telekinesis] to pull it off.

Once the snake was pushed back, Yig used his breath to deliver a final blow.


Sh-should have done this from the start.”

As usual, blood rushes to your head so easily.”

Stop just standing there and help out.”

What? Not with something this easy to deal with. And if it actually got dangerous, then I intended on saving you.”


In his right hand was a [Wind Blade] ready to be used. With my master’s control of magic, he probably could have launched it without even scratching me or Yig.

Canceling the spell, he pulled back some of the snake’s charred skin around the snake’s head, and took a bite.


Ah, Master, no snitching food.”

It really needs some seasoning… Well, if I bring it back to camp, then you’ll let me off the hook, right?”


Here ya go.”


He tears a chunk of the burnt flesh off, and tosses it to Yig.

Then he lifted the rest of it in his arms, and started walking. It’s quite heavy, yet it doesn’t look like it’s even a mild burden on for him.


Isn’t it heavy?”

It’s no problem. Probably because of the [Dragon’s Blood]. I could even lift it with one arm.”

It looks like it’s about 50 kilograms though… Kya!”


My master held the snake in one hand, and with his other hand, he lifted me.

When he lifts me into his arms, my face and my master’s face are right beside…


See? Simple, right?”

I-I can see that, now please let me dow—“

No need for that, I’ll carry you back like this. Besides, you’re the mighty hunter today.”

Eh, uh… th-then… I’ll leave it… to you.”


I wrapped my arms around his neck, and let him carry me.

Will he notice my heart thumping? Or me sneakily burying my face in his hair…



It seems I was in a very good mood on this day.


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Master: “… Bondage play?”

Yuuri: “That’s why you didn’t attack right away?!”

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