Translation Start! Yuuri Ch. 9-11

Hello ladies and gentlemen of the internet!

I’ve enjoyed reading Japanese web novels for a while now, and have decided to join in on the translating scene. For my first translation, I chose something that I started reading, but then couldn’t continue on with because the initial translator dropped it. That web novel is Hakai Me no Yuuri. The only other person willing to translate it is doing so in his very small bits of spare time. I got impatient, and started reading the chapters in the original Japanese. I’m not fluent by the way. So I was regularly checking words and puzzling over sentence structure as I went along. Anywho, I’ve read up through chapter 22 at this point, and decided I may as well translate them for everyone else to enjoy. And so I start you off with 3 chapters; 9, 10, and 11. Find them on the Hakai Me no Yuuri subpage or from the links below:

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

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