Late posts, and potential for more

Hello everyone! First things first: there will be no chapter today. I’ll try to get it out sometime this week, but it may simply wait until next week.

While I do enjoy keeping a consistent schedule, I have been drifting a little off track lately because I’m getting ready for a move. Said move is now quite imminent, so until I get settled back in there may be more delays in the coming few weeks. Sorry for the problems, and I appreciate your understanding!

5 thoughts on “Late posts, and potential for more

  1. Just moved myself (massive downsize from countryside to an apartment) so I know how rough it can be. Take your time my dude, love your work.

  2. Yep, good luck and be well ^^

    PS. I misread as last post at first and get stun effect for 3 seconds =_=;

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