Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 75

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

4th Act, Chapter 75: Departing for the Labyrinth

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . Com

From Mareba to Novelius is about twice as far as to Solkalis. Traveling normally would take us nearly a month.

However, I had placed a teleportation magic circle in Solkalis, so we can cover half of that distance almost instantly!

I had only just learned it back then, making it practically at the experimental level, so I’m actually a bit uneasy about it though…


Well, I’ve got a return circle ready right here, so if I return right away, then it’s a success. If I come back in an hour, then that means it’s a failure.”

Being “Immortal” sure is convenient.”

Do you want to die multiple times?”

I retract my previous statement.”


If someone without “Adaptability” died two, maybe three times, they would probably go insane.

But seriously, we’re leaving as soon as we got back…? Looks like the orc fluid research is going to be left for later.

I stashed the bottled stuff away in a sealed storehouse in the basement.

It’s hard to think anyone would steal something like this, but just in case.


We’re going to be away for a long five years this time, so I think we should bring plenty of traveling money with us. I’ll also need to come back once a month to sell rings at Gusta’s place, so I can bring Marle along when I do. You can give your parents some peace of mind that way.”


Alec’s probably gonna have to turn in reports and stuff too, so I guess we’ll all end up back here once a month?”

Could it be I’m the only one who doesn’t need to come back here?”


He very distinctly averted his gaze in response to my question.

I-I’m totally not lonely!


It’s fine. A person can live all on her own…”


While on the verge of tears, I activated the magic circle.

Upon being enveloped by the dazzling activation light, I was in a forest on the outskirts of Solkalis. It would seem the magic spell was a success.

I make sure the surroundings are safe, and reaffirm the spell’s formation.

It was made shortly after I learned it, so there are a few messy bits, but no particularly outstanding problems it would seem.

If I had to point something out, then there are quite a few unnecessary lines that make it bigger than needed, I suppose.


Righy-o, let’s go ahead and get that return circle ready then…”


I pack in the ground immediately next to it with [Earth Wall], and strengthen it with [Toughness] before burning the spell formation into it.

Once it’s done, I again activate the spell and return to the cottage at Mareba.


There were no problems with the spell. It looks like we can use it as a shortcut to Solkalis.”

Whew, thank goodness.”

No kidding. The trip is now two weeks shorter.”

That’s not what he’s saying, sis. Master is saying “thank goodness” because you came back okay.”

Huh? Oh, right. Umm… Thanks. Thank you very much.”


It felt pretty nice once I realized that he was worried about me again.

My mood got a little better from that.



Yuuri sure is in a noticeably good mood.”

Sis is pretty simple on a basic level, after all.”

Feh! Ya’ll normies can just go explode!”

You guys! Stop muttering to each other and get ready to go! We’re going to head out soon, okay?”


And your chastisement will come later, miss Levy. I have very good hearing.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . Com

Having [Teleported] to the forest on the outskirts of Solkalis, we camouflaged the magic circle with leaves and branches, hiding it so random strangers couldn’t use it.

Miss Levy was useful for this. The “Trap Disabling” gift, if thought of in reverse, means being able to set up traps too.

Forget amateurs, not even pros would be able to see through the camouflage she set up.

But even if someone were to find it, [Teleport] takes a fair bit of magic power to use, so only a fairly proficient magician would be able to activate it.


We didn’t go by way of Rahon, but I wonder if that’s okay?”

Actually, isn’t it rather convenient since we’re hiding that we’ve entered the country? It’s as good as saying we’re still back in Mareba.”

Come to think of it, we were going to register with fake names. But wouldn’t that be a problem for Marle in entering the academy?”

I guess so, huh…? Perhaps we should let just her enter the country with her real name.”

In that case, I’ll take her along for the border inspection. If you or Alec were to do it, then it would cause a fuss, right?”


I’m carrying the border inspection certificate that I got last time, but as long as I don’t use it, I can enter as a normal citizen.

Well, Haster looks a whole lot different than he did before, so I don’t think anyone would notice if he did the same though.


You wouldn’t be any better-… Oh, you don’t plan on using your certificate from last time, do you?”

As long as she’s got your introduction letter, Haster, I think they’ll let us in just fine, right?”

Well sure, but… I’m worried. Levy, could you go along with them? I would think nothing will happen if they’ve got a mid-rank adventurer along with them.”

Yeppers. Couple ‘a kids travelin’ alone might be a smidge suspicious, after all.”

I am an adult already, you know?”


I realize that I don’t look it, but I wouldn’t be satisfied if that wasn’t put out there.

Will I ever be able to travel without a guardian around?


In that case maybe I’ll have to write an introduction letter for Yuuri too…? Heck, maybe we should enroll Yuuri in the academy too?”

Why in the hell would I have to go to an academy after all this time?!”

To treat your communication problems…”

I’m just fine. I can keep on going as long as you’re with me.”

I-is that so? I see… Well that’s fine then.”

Uh, no, that’s not fine. Master, don’t let her throw you off like that.”


Alec just had to open his big mouth.

And here I was planning to just spend my whole life flirting around with him…!


But Alec, this is Yuuri we’re talking about, see? She might get really popular and find a boyfriend if she enrolls in school.”

Master, you know that’s the kind of thing a father worries about, not a husband, right?”

… But come on, it’s Yuuri. If her glasses were to accidentally fall off, all sorts of problems could happen, right?”


If I were to remove my [Sealing Magic Mirror] in a school, a small-scale “tragedy of Lilith” could be reproduced.

But really, unlike back then, I have some means of self-defense now.


Rather, I suppose it should be changed to something other than glasses, huh…?”


I agree that it should be changed from something as easy to remove as glasses, but…

Haster, why are you directing your gaze at my collar I wonder?

I’m feeling something disturbing right now, so I think it would be a good idea to get out of here.


Well, this is all after we officially enter the country. Come on, write that introduction letter, please. We’ll have to bring miss Levy to Rahon and go through the border crossing process, after all.”




Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . Com

Haster wrote the introduction letter for me, and I entered Novelius as Marle’s “little” sister when crossing the border.

It’s because I’m the shorter one of us, but… I still don’t like it!

When we teleported back to Solkalis from Rahon, we saw—


Wouldn’t a collar be fine?’

You’ve made shackles with “gift sealing,” haven’t you?”

But those would be hidden if she just put boots on. I want to [Enchant] something that will clearly display my claim on her. Maybe it would be better to use a swimsuit and seal her whole body?”

Why not like, handcuffs, or a rope? Like in S&M.”

Alec, I think you’ve got some rather unique tastes. Marle’s gonna have it rough.”

I’m not as bad as you, Master! Besides, I wouldn’t ask her to do something like-… Er, well…”

So you can’t deny it.”

Ahem, then why not just make it all?”

That’s it!”

That better NOT be it!”


Alec and Haster were in the middle of some kind of stupid conversation.

Boys really talk about the stupidest things when they’re all alone!

Well, if my gender hadn’t changed, I’m sure I would have joined in though.

At this rate I’m going to be wearing a school swimsuit, handcuffs, shackles, a collar, and a robe binding underneath my clothes. That will be my life.


Welcome back. It’s not like you would have to wear clothes over it all, you know?”

I’ll catch cold that way though?!”

No you wouldn’t. Since you have “Adaptability” and all.”

Gh, urrrghh…”

Well, just joking anyway.”


Sure, I really don’t have to worry about getting sick thanks to that gift!

Maybe I should offer a compromise while the damage is still light?

Well, I wouldn’t mind compromising with just a collar.”

Really? Then I guess I’ll design it that way.”


You said that so casually, but you’re grinning from ear to ear, Haster.


Ya’ll got it rough too, huh Yuuri?”

So you finally understand? Once he gets enthusiastic about something, it just escalates from there.”

That kinda enthusiasm ain’t somethin’ I need in my life.”

Sir Alec, mister Haster, you’re both dirty.”


By the way, why did you both get a shock from Marle’s simple words, rather than our whole conversation?

Actually, you should have expected that. This is hardly the kind of conversation you have in front of a 10 year old, is it?!


Good grief, children could be traumatized by this. Both of you think about what you’ve done!”



But sir Alec, when it is just the two of us, I will do my best!”

Hey, wait, what?!”


I hadn’t seen her for a little while, so I completely forgot, but she has a bunch of superficial knowledge on that subject!

We will need to show her a “proper adult relationship” to keep her on the straight and narrow as she’s growing up.

And Haster, you’re influencing Alec too much.

At this rate you two are going to be a depraved sage and depraved swordsman pair, you know?


Anyway! We’ll procure a carriage and necessities in Solkalis, and then we’ll head out. We still have two weeks of travel ahead of us!”

Yeah, actually I’ve already prepared a carriage. We can leave whenever.”

Ooh, just what I should expect. So you really weren’t just sitting here chatting the whole time.”


And it only took us a little over an hour to get through the border inspection. He sure works fast.

While I looked at him respectfully, he seemingly uncomfortably hid a small bag behind his back.

I heard a familiar clanging metal sound… Is that silver?

That’s when it suddenly came to me. There’s a certain magic tool made from carved silver…


Seriously, Haster, you’re such a…”

Look, we don’t know when we’ll be able to get more of these after this. And besides, it’s normally a necessity for adventuring.”


It’s true, the “Ring of Mental Resistance” is a necessity for adventurers.

Lately I’ve only been looking at them for something other than their intended use, so I guess I’m just jumping at shadows now?


Oh, got it. My apologies. We’ve been using them for other things so much lately, so I ended up misunderstanding.”

Eh, no need to apologize. Of course I plan on using them for that too.”

… … …”

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . Com


A-anyway… We once again began journeying like this.

Sigh, is there any way to rehabilitate a depraved sage out there?

Author’s Note: The ones who got the [Teleport] trap in the 2nd act ready were Baram (magician), and Mac (healer).

An average magic user would probably have trouble activating it alone.


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  1. Yeah how OLD is Alex now anyway? I’ve lost track of time. Argh I seem to recall him being a moderating influence on Haster, not a fellow pervert! Yuuri is to blame too. She’s totally enabling him. Is there main party complete already? Haster and Alex up front, Livy in the center, Yuuri and Marie holding up the back?

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    1. At this point in the story Alec is 14, Marle is 10, and Yuuri is (officially) 15.
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      They do have room for one more in their line-up!

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  2. Gyahahahaha. Haster is becoming more and more depraved. Him and Yuuri is so cute that I’m getting sugar overload!

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  3. I do not remember what its called, but I’m sure there is a type pendant for couples that is split into two halves that fit for unique a single pendant. It would be good for one of these halves on Yuuri’s collar to make it harder to confuse with a slave collar, right?
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  4. “Sigh, is there any way to rehabilitate a depraved sage out there?”
    There is, but not with you around…


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