Note on a Translation Error

I’ve recently been compelled to check on a certain part of Taida-Dono’s translations of the early chapters in Hakai Me no Yuuri, which has been bugging a few people. According to the translation of chapter 2, it claimed that Yuuri had disabled her eternal youth (or “Ageless Body”), allowing her to grow older, as seen here:

>Leaving [Ageless Body] “Enabled” is a no go. So I focus my mind on it, and it >changes color to gray. (Taida-dono’s chapter 2)

First off: that never happened in the original text. Here’s my translation of what that text was supposed to say:

When I concentrate on anything not labeled ‘cannot be disabled’, the letters turn gray. That probably means it was disabled.

Second: Yuuri’s gifts were mislabeled for which ones can be disabled, and which ones cannot. So, here’s the gifts as were translated there:


>[Immortal Body] (Enabled)

>[Ageless Body] (Enabled)

>[Peerless Magic]

>[Golden Ratio Body]

>[Sacred Treasure]

>[Revival Growth]


Here’s my corrected labeling on those gifts:


[Immortal Body] (Cannot be disabled)

[Ageless Body] (Cannot be disabled)

[Peerless Magic]

[Golden Ratio Body] (Cannot be disabled)

[Sacred Treasure] (Cannot be disabled)

[Revival Growth]


In other words, these lines were supposed to show that Yuuri can disable some of her gifts, but not the ones which say she cannot. She is stuck with her immortality, and her eternal youth, along with her (excessive) harem-making gifts. However, she can turn off her ability to avoid status changes, talent for magic, stat growth on death, and ability to appraise things.

Hopefully this clears some things up for anyone who was wondering!


(Here’s the link to the original chapter 2 for anyone who knows Japanese and wants to check it for themselves.)

4 thoughts on “Note on a Translation Error

  1. Shitttttt ! Doesnt this mean that either Yuri grows, lives and dies with her loved ones or she has to make them all immortal with her magic then . Or the author would just go Fuckit and add a tragedy tag or drama 😑


  2. Eternal 10 year old girl huh? Well, at least she can turn the peerless magic that mess with her stats off so that is a relief. To bad her character is a naive airhead, it will probably take some time before she will take that one step to grow stronger. (Author-san you S..)

    Thank you for the update notes, this helped me straighten out some questions about her. (^_^)/


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