Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 21

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

2nd Act: A Family Trip

Chapter 21: Let’s Play the Lottery


Two years have passed since then.

A lot of stuff has happened. A whole lot


Let’s start with Alec. The plan was for only one month, but after staying at the cottage for about half a year, he left.

I tried to stop him saying, “you can keep staying here,” but he firmly asserted that he wanted to live alone, and left. I wonder, does he hate me?

Not to brag, but since I used to be a man, I’m very considerate you know?

At night, when Alec would disappear into the back of the forest and come back in sage mode, I was considerate enough to give him a refreshing, steaming towel!

To which my Master cautioned me, with a hollow gaze, saying, “give him a break…


One year later, he went to the city of Cornus (a place about two weeks of travel to the west), and while having his one-armed handicap, became the youngest to acquire the title of ‘Knight’ in a year. Then he came back to Mareba as a guardsman.

I hear he was given preferential treatment because of his connection to my Master, and using that connection, they dispatched him here to reel Master in or something?

It seems there was malicious gossip of it being a de facto release, but the one in question appeared very satisfied to be back.

Also, he got a lot taller. And cheekier too.

His physique has gotten better too, and as a young knight with a promising future, it seems he’s quite popular all over. Marle has many rivals.

Speaking of Marle, she’s 10 now… and uh… she has surpassed me in height (bitter tears).

When Alec came back to the village, she hugged him while crying; it was a very heartwarming sight in the middle of the village.


My Master, once I turned 15, announced his retirement.

He conceded the title of Wind along with all magic equipment production to me, and is living his days in peace.

I’m not as dexterous as my Master, but with the help of a makeshift breakthrough discovery, I’m continuing magic equipment production without problems.

Has he visibly aged a bit in these two years? I’m a little worried that his health will break down.

At one point he said, “I’ve even got a grandson, I guess all I need now is a cat to keep on my lap?” so I put cat ears on and jumped in his lap; he gave me a thorough petting.

My Master and I were both satisfied with it, so the result was just fine. It felt good in a bit of a naughty way, but that’s a secret.

When Mr. Gusta saw us, he went back to the village with eyes like those of a dead fish. Later, the name “Cat Eared Meat Slave Loving Sage” spread throughout the village.

That bastard!


I’ve changed too, you know?

For starters, I turned 15, which is big. The reason being, the age of adulthood is 15 in this world!

I can drink alcohol now! I got smashed from half a cup… this body is just too weak.

I can get married now! I can’t touch anyone other than my Master and Alec… though I can talk to people normally now.

Huh? It feels like I haven’t changed very much?


I received my Master’s title, and the worldwide image of the name “Yuuri” changed from, “The devil who destroyed the trade city of Lilith” to, “The Sage of Wind’s Apprentice”.

Could this be what my Master was aiming for?

As for my abilities, my magic control power increased. I can even fly through the air now, and a breakthrough discovery on the difficulty of using [body reinforcement] is also, accordingly… being worked on.

I’m still bad at carving circles into the magic tools, but by burning it in like I did with the bridge, I’m mass producing “Rings of Mental Resistance”.

I’m not distributing simple magic weapons. After discussing it with my Master, we judged that such goods would, after all, be too dangerous.

Also, my body is, as usual, very feeble. When I die, it’s usually because of a failed spell, so in most cases “Peerless Magic” isn’t disabled.

On the plus side, my MAG and MND grew to 1851.1 This isn’t within the margin of error anymore.




And so, today I’m going shopping in Mareba.

Walking through the market while planning tonight’s menu, I almost feel like a young wife. Eheheheh.


And that’s why, Mr. butcher over there, I’d like that boar meat please.”

Who the hell are you calling a butcher?! Moreover, we just hunted this, so it’s not for sale yet!”

We have an agreement with the butcher, so that would be a bit of a problem for us.”


I gently tease Alec and Mr. Kime, who just came back from pest hunting.

Well, except I really do want the meat.


Ugh, when will it be available in the store?”

Let’s see, it needs to be sold, drained of blood, and processed, so… the earliest would be tomorrow I guess?”

I really can’t wait for that long. I wish I didn’t have to, but I’ll let you off the hook this time.”

Yuuri, now you’re just being ridiculous. Why would we need you to let us off the hook…?”

Because Master needs his nutrition.”


Although, what I want is protein. I’ve heard that pork is the secret to longevity.


Oh well. I suppose I’ll give up on the boar and go with pork. Alec, you’re welcome to join us for dinner later.”

You say that like it’s easy, but you’re far enough away that I can’t just come and go as I please, you know?”

Master misses you too, so at least stop by on occasion.”

Urk… fine, I get it. Then I’ll come by for dinner when I get a chance.”

Come tonight. Tonight.”


Alec gives a reluctant feeling, but affirmative nod. Even though he’s glad to eat his big sister’s home cooking… he’s not very honest with himself.


By the way, Mr. Kime, why are you sighing?”

Well, I was just thinking Marle is gonna be in a bad mood because of this.”

Aah, lately her gaze toward me has changed from a “the girl who helped me” to “a worthy rival” kind of feeling.”

Certainly, if it’s you and Marle, your physical abilities would make for a good match against each other.”

… You stinking oblivious type.”


I never thought I would see an oblivious protagonist type of person with my own eyes.

At this rate I might become a capture target, so I send a knee kick to the space between his legs, and then quickly leave the scene.






Alec sinks to the ground in an [orz] pose. That wouldn’t pay off for Marle either.




And that’s why I ended up coming here, Mr. greengrocer. I’m seems you’re purposely showing the appeal of how fresh your soil is!”

I don’t want your business! Go away?!”


The middle-aged man at the greengrocer gives me a huge welcome as soon as I arrive.


But sir, even sticking these uncultivated vegetables over here in the dirt, that’s just poor form, you know?”

Those get transported along with the dirt to the specialty vendors. Because they last longer that way.”

Ooh, very smart.”


Well, if it was me, then I’d freeze them to make it last even longer.”

DAMMIT! Would you stop harassing me?!”


I try to mess with the greengrocer’s quick-tempered owner in a somewhat friendly way.

Well, if his products were bad, then I wouldn’t come here in the first place. Because I’m the type of Japanese person that keeps quiet and complains about it later.


Now, while the other customers are drawing away in disgust, I’d like these carrots and potatoes please. And these onions too.”

Yuuri, I’m begging you, please buy from me normally…”

But I can’t handle getting mixed in with a crowd of people!”


There are no bargain sales in this world, but if there were, then I wouldn’t be able to charge into those crowds.

I was thinking of making pot-au-feu, but… curry would be nostalgic.

I wonder if there’s any curry powder in this world?


Sir, do you know of a dish called curry?”

Kur-ree? Never heard of it. Where’s that dish from?”

Probably from the south… it’s a kind of dish that uses a lot of spices.”

Lots of spices, huh? That’s some extravagant cooking then.”

Yeah, I don’t see a lot of that around here. Pepper and the like are pretty expensive.”


I wonder what region it would be in?

If I had cumin, turmeric, coriander, etc., then it would be interesting to look into making it myself.


Come to think of it, Yuuri, here. Right now there’s a trading merchant holding a lottery in town.”

A lottery?”

Yeah, you always buy a lot from here, so this is on the house.”

That’s only because I’m bad at growing root vegetables. Though I do manage green onions on my own.”


Some other things I’ve planted in the cottage’s home garden(?) are tomatoes and eggplants.

Well, I guess I’ll give it a shot. I’ll show off the good luck I’ve saved up since reincarnating into this other world!




And so, I’m at the lottery venue.

Surprisingly, it’s a garapon2 lottery. I didn’t know they had those here. The organizer is the merchant who brought the vegetables here. He doesn’t seem very familiar with the village.

Because it seems he doesn’t know who I am?


After that I bought some pork, and now I have lottery tickets for two chances. Since there’s the luck parameter, I can cheat at this using [body reinforcement]!”

I’m not sure what you’re talking about young lady, but stop it.”

Well, even if I can, it’s not like I’m going to. By the way, what’s up with that 1st prize…”

Oh, did this one catch your interest? You’ve got a good eye, young lady!”

… That’s, uhh”

This is something well known amongst adventurers, a “Ring of Mental Resistance (Enhanced)”! This beauty is worth an astounding 120 gold coins at market value!”


I know that! I made one three days ago!

Aaah, if I get 1st prize, I wonder how much my Master and Alec will make fun of me…?

In which case, I’ll aim for 2nd… huh?


That… 2nd…”

What, so you were aiming for this one? I get it, you know? It’s a portrait (with signature) of a knight who’s a hot topic in the city right now! This image of knight Alec is the work of the famous artist, Vepal!”

What is this sad feeling…?”

Currently a popular product in the City of Cornus, it’s valued at 10 gold coins, and is expected to go up in price!”


Why would I need Alec’s portrait?!

In which case… 3rd is vouchers for a famous inn in the country of Novelius. 4th is a year’s supply of wheat. 5th is assorted seasonings. 6th is what would be considered a loss; a bundle of herbs.


Well, whatever. I’ll aim for 4th or 5th then. 3rd is… it’s a bit too far away.”

Righty-o, you’ve got two turns! Good luck!”

Alright, here I go!”


garagara, garagara… pon, rattle.


Oh, OOHHH?!”



And then, the prize bell rang twice.


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garapon lottery

  1. MAG and MND were 1836 in chapter 4. 
  2. A lottery device often used in Japanese shopping district lotteries. Various colored balls (color determines prize) roll around inside a big wheel, making a “gara gara” noise, until one comes out, making a “pon” noise. Thus “garapon”. 

12 thoughts on “Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 21

  1. How old was the master? i really dont like the idea of the mc outliving the master for too long.. since she might get utterly lonely D: i mean, does she not have eternal youth and essentially immortality?

    I could easily imagine the mc having a mental breakdown and utter depression when the master dies of old age….. so sad D:

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  2. My Master and I were both satisfied with it, so the result was just fine. It felt good in a bit of a naughty way, but that’s a secret.

    Looks like yuri give up on his “Man” mentally xd


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