Half-Dragon Slave Life Ch. 34

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

Chapter 34: Basement

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

After listening to Balzay’s stories for a while, the school bell chimes, and a commotion rises in the halls.

Then after a bit more time, nimble footsteps approach the room, followed by the door quickly opening and an energetic voice ringing out.

“Eir, let’s go to the library!”

“No need to rush, Master Rimuru.”

“A-a rush? Me? I’m not… in a rush.”

“Don’t lie, your breathing’s heavy and ragged.”

“Haa, haa… I really didn’t… get excited and… come running… over!”

Honestly, this Master of mine… The way he’s heavily panting, and his eyes are shining is almost like a dog waiting to be taken on a walk.

“Yes, of course you didn’t. Let’s head to the Library then.”

“What’s that blank look for…?”

“See you Balzay. Thanks for today.”

“Yep, good luck with your date.”

“It’s not a date.”

Under Balzay’s somewhat lukewarm stare, we were seen out of the waiting room. You could also say we were driven out.


Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

I went to the Library with Master. We’ve been going here since before commencement, so we’re already regulars.

And for some reason Elly is always here. Is she taking her classes?

“Oh, welcome. What might you been looking up today?”

“You’re always here, huh Elly?”

“I am a library committee member!”

“And classes?”

“Not interested!”

“Uh, you’re gonna get held back a year…”

Elly’s daring attitude makes Master break out in a cold sweat.

There were supposed to be credits or something though. I wonder what she’s doing about that?

“To be honest, I get way more studying done by reading books here than I do taking some weirdo instructor’s classes.”

“Well, can’t exactly deny that.”

“So anyway, what are you up to today?”

“Ah, Elly, today we need resur—ow.”

With an impressive slapping sound, Master strikes me on the head.

It kinda hurt, so I turn a half-eyed glare toward him.

“As a healer, I’d like to look at documents related to life.”

“That is remarkably vague. In that case you’re need shelf seventy-two—”

“Ahh, I’ve actually looked through all those. If there’s some other ones…”

“Anything more than that will be in the basement archive’s collection though?”

“If you need it, I was given a reference letter from the guild.”

With our contributions to the guild our rank increased to orange, which is when we got a reference from the guild. Normally rank isn’t enough to get permission for that, but that’s where our connection with Kevin came in.

Wa-ha-ha-ha. I knew something like this would hap—ugyu.”

During my stiff display of laughter, Master whacks my head again.

There was a note in that basement giving these lines to say in moments like this though…

“Ahh, well that’s fine then. The documents in the basement are pretty technical though. You going to be okay?”

“That should be fine I think. My house has some pretty old documents too.”

“Master Rimuru’s house has a lot of dangerous—ugya.”

At the third chastisement I naturally crouch down and hold my head.

“You’re pretty rough, huh Rimuru? Can’t say I approve of you thwacking a girl’s head like that though.”

“I have come to the realization that Eir is surprisingly loose-lipped.”

“Am not. I’m just a little careless.”

“To a fatal degree it seems, huh?!”

“Now, now, come on, let me show you to the basement. Do you know the rules?”


“Don’t dirty them, don’t carry them out, and no fire.”

“Ah, right.”

All basic things when you think about it.

Besides those we were warned about some small things as we were guided to the underground archives.

We descend a musty staircase, push open a massive three meter tall door, and enter the basement.

“I’d think it would be bad for the books if it’s this musty…”

“Just so you know, the basement is enchanted with [Dehumidification] and [Temperature Control] and stuff apparently.”


“So it’s a bit rough on the throat, and flames can quickly get out of control. Plus there are airtight rooms to prevent damage from pests and mold. This one over here is being fumigated for that purpose.”

Where she indicated was a door leading to another room right next to the entrance. This place is pretty big too.

I wonder if that other room might even be bigger than our house?

“It’s very dry, so you’ll need drinks, but there’s no eating or drinking inside the library, okay?”

“Well isn’t that contradictory…”

“But come on, there would be trouble if you got the books dirty.”

That’s totally true, but…

“If you’re going to drink something, do it in a separate room without books around, or the stairwell floor.”

“Haah, well, okay then.”

“Since the facilities are set up this way, managing the books itself isn’t so tough, but in exchange the crisis management is awful. Particularly when it comes to fire. Plus if you stay too long it’s bad for your throat and skin.”

“Sounds like… It’s got some ups and downs.”

“Well, with the amount here, the preservation is convenient, but it takes a whole year.”

As she was saying that, she guided us to… a labyrinth.


No matter how you look at it, this basement area is wider than the structure above it.

All the bookshelves were packed full of books and scrolls, with anything that doesn’t fit spilling out onto the floor.

I thought the staircase she had us walk down was pretty long, but the heights of this basement showed why. The bookshelves are amazingly tall too. I’d guess about five meters?

“This is…”

“W-well, I think it’ll be in here somewhere, so… good luck?”

“They’re not sorted?!”

“You think they can be?”

“… Yeah, no.”

Elly breaks out in a cold sweat and assents.

“This academy’s founder declared the institution’s purpose of gathering knowledge, but what knowledge, to what extent, and how much of it, wasn’t specified. So it just kind of… piles up.”

“Master Rimuru, let’s give up.”

“Don’t be a quitter. We’ll start searching from the ones closest to us.”

“The challenger’s spirits are broken before taking a single text in hand. They sure don’t call the great archives an underground labyrinth for nothing.”


We spent that day burying ourselves in books until the sun went down.


Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

Two weeks later.

It turns out just the two of us aren’t nearly enough, so we dragged Amy and Kevin into it as helpers.

The two were given permission to enter the academy as temporary assistants and janitors, and were allowed passage to the basement library.

Of course there was compensation to be paid.

For starters they would be performing physical labor for the academy. The books we look through will be brought to the preservation room for maintenance.

While that’s happening, we’ll look through the next document.

Also we presented a new fighting technique to the guild.

The magic power bestowal Master developed based on my gift. We decided it was a dangerous technique and were going to keep it hidden, but on further thought, it requires quite a bit of experience and skill to use it effectively.

High magic power and control, plus a warrior’s close combat abilities are needed.

Even among adventurers there aren’t many who are proficient in both magic and close combat.

Case in point, even if Kevin uses this technique, his attack power doesn’t raise all that much.

The ones who can use it effectively, even among magicians, are people like Amy, Master, and myself with phenomenal magic power.

However, for the guild, this technique represented the arrival of a new great revolution.

Those commonly referred to as magic warriors, and despised as opportunists in how they contribute, will instantly go from middle guards to invaluable close quarters combat roles.

Their selling point was that they could do anything, but that just meant all their abilities were half-baked and they couldn’t effectively handle rear guard or front line roles.

But they’re exactly the ones most suitable for using magic power bestowal to imbue their weapons with magic power for fighting.

Bit of a digression, but afterward they, who were treated like strange back-up fighters, instantly made a comeback, and greatly augmented the guild’s fighting power.

“Kevin, take care of this book for me.”

“Hey Keviiin, this one toooo.”

“You guys…”

“Master Rimuru, Master Rimuru! Look, look at this!”

“Did you find it?!”

“It’s a pervy book!”

“… Put it back.”

“Hey, Eir, lemme see it too.”

“Eww, Kevin, you creep~”

My scheme was to show the lewd book to Master and make him blush, but I caught a Kevin instead. Foiled again.

“Oooh! Rimuru, Rimuru!”

This time Amy called over to Master.


“Take a look, it’s an old cook book! It’s called “How to Make Kahree Raisu, Author: Yuuri”!”

“Someone with the same name as the god of destruction, huh. I’m surprised any parent could pick such a disturbing name for their child. Ah, not interested in cooking. Go ahead and pass it to Kevin.”

“Aww, lame reaction. Don’t you ever think of wanting to make delicious meals?”

I’m the one who’s going to have to make it though. No way, too much effort.”

“You don’t teach Eir how to cook or something?”

“Eir’s cooking…”

And then Master got a faraway look in his eyes. He’s thinking something impolite, isn’t he?

“A knife that slit the throat of bandits, and is covered in their blood, used to prepare fish, which is then grilled by dragon breath… Have you ever wanted to try cooking like that?”

“Eh? What the heck? That’s scary.”

“She’s imprecise in a bad way… Don’t tempt fate.”

“How rude. I do things properly. I’ll have you know, I did all the housework single-handed before the eruption.”

“So how’d you end up like this…?”

“An adventurer’s life is bothersome in a lot of ways…”

Cleanliness isn’t something you can get too worked up about as an adventurer, so… In the long run I get sloppy.

So anyway, while the slog through the basement’s documents should have been gloomy, our search continued in a lively mood.


Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

That evening, Master ended up reading the cook book and making “Kahree Raisu”. I think he’s actually really enthusiastic about this stuff.

“Eir, since school is out for the weekend tomorrow, do you want to take a request at the guild?”

“Hnu? What about the search?”

“I don’t wanna toss it aside, but we’ve gotta pay the rent on this house. I’d like to purchase in the end, and I was thinking it’s about time we started earning for that too.”

Oh yeah, we’re renting this place with intent to purchase, aren’t we?

“Want me to go hunt some magic beasts and sell them off? Should save up plenty enough if I do that~. Oh, boss, seconds on the curry.”

“Save some for the rest of us Yig. Well, there’s plenty of meat left, so you’re fine for now.”

We have plenty of leeway on our food expenses.

There’s two-hundred kilos of komodo drake tail and thigh meat left, and about a ton of forest bull meat frozen and sitting in the shed.

We still need to buy our fruits and vegetables. But the biggest expense, our source of protein, is stored away, so we’re being quite economical.

“That, well, wouldn’t be bad. But that would make me feel like I’m just leching off of you, so I’m a bit averse to that.”

“I really don’t mind though~”

“Well, thanks to Kevin we can take on high level quests. We’re getting money to spare, so it’s not a big deal. It’ll also give us a breather, y’know?”

We’ve been holed up in the basement archives for two weeks, so we’re feeling a little down. We need a change of pace.

“Might be a good idea to pay Cole and Haumea a visit in the northern forest, too.”

“Oh yeah, didn’t he mention treating us to some juice?”

“He gave us some at the party.”

“I’d like some alcohol~”

“He said he’d make some mead from the giant bee honey.”

“Oooh, that’s perfect! We gotta go, Boss!”

And so, we decided to use the weekend to go to the elf village.


Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

“A quest in the north forest?”

The next day at the guild, since we’re going to the forest, we tried asking if there were any quests there, and the lady at the counter tilted her head to the side.

“Yeah, we’re visit some acquaintances in the elf village, so we figured while we’re at it…”

“In that case, I believe there was a material transporting quest.”

“Material transporting?”

At Master’s question, the receptionist flipped through the register.

“Here it is. It’s a job for transporting axes, hatchets, and other metallic goods.”

“If that’s all, then we should be able to manage, even through the forest…”

“Blacksmithing uses a lot of wood, after all. For elves, famed for coexisting with the forest, getting metallic goods is a bit of a problem.”

“Aah, I see.”

Metallic products are a lifestyle necessity, but making them takes a smith using a lot of firewood.

For elves, the forest’s guardians, refining metals must be a headache-inducing problem.

“The guild already has the cargo ready, so you can depart at any time.”

For this quest, carrying it into the forest is definite, so the fee was passed to the requester beforehand, and it’s being treated as a request from the guild.

“There’s quite a lot, so we could also lend you a wagon…?”

“If it was all put in bags, how many would it be?”

“Let’s see, I think it should be five bags, and about 300 kilograms.”

“If that’s all, we should be fine.”

“Well, you do have Eir and Yig with you, after all.”

The receptionist knows about mine and Yig’s superhuman strength, so she readily allowed it.

Kevin isn’t with us this time, but they must have decided it was fine since it’s just a transport job.

Master carried 50 kilograms of it, I got 200 kilograms, and Yig carried the rest as we headed out of town.

We’re just gonna toss it all in Dimensional Storage once we get out of town, anyway!

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