Half-Dragon Slave Life Ch. Ex.1

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

Extra Chapter: Conversion


Author’s Note: This chapter includes genderbending elements.

Please proceed with caution if you have a problem with that.

It’s practice with third-person perspective after all… And I wanted to write a genderbend!


Translator’s Note: Two notes about this chapter:

First of all, it has absolutely no impact on the story. It is entirely for the sake of extra entertainment. If you dislike genderbending, then feel free to skip this chapter. You will not be missing anything important.

Second, the author makes a small time skip here. In this chapter they have already reached their caravan’s destination, but they will actually be making their arrival in the next main story chapter. You did not miss a chapter.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

“So basically, Chief is afraid that Boss is gonna have his way with her, huh~?”


The incident started with Yig saying this.

It was after a few days of being in Raum. The three of them are staying in one room, so that type of girls talk happened sometimes.

Though only one among them could declare herself a girl.


“I’m not exactly scared. As long as he gets my consent… I wouldn’t really mind… y’know?”

“It’s not like I could force you to do it anyway, could I? Eir’s way stronger than I am after all.”


Rimuru protests, and Eir returns his look with a flush to her cheeks.


“But I have the slave contract collar. If Master Rimuru wants to, then I wouldn’t be able to refuse.”

“Er… Yeah, true…”


Should Rimuru command it, she couldn’t deny him.

Though Rimuru had unthinkingly butted into an outrageous topic, it was too late for him to regret it.


“In that case, just for you—ta-daaa!”


Yig took a medicine vial from her pocket, and shoved it into Rimuru’s mouth.

Hmghf?! Cough, cough!

“Drink, drink~!”


He struggled to somehow expel the furiously bitter taste filling his mouth, but he was fighting against a stalwart five-hundred-year-old.

His limbs are skillfully held down. In an attempt to breathe, he sucks in fresh air, and the medicine flows into his stomach along with it.

Eventually even breathing became difficult, and he felt a strange heat in the pit of his gut… Immediately his consciousness melted away.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

Feeling heaviness on his chest, Rimuru opened his eyes.

At some point he had been carried to the bed, with Eir sleeping snuggled up to his side.

In the corner of the room Yig was, for some reason, tied up with a beat-up look to her face, and lying there.


What in the heck…?”


His body is heavy. Most of all his shoulders were heavy… That’s what he felt. Almost like he was carrying some large baggage.

The chest area of his clothes was also sagging… That’s when he felt something was unnatural.


What is this sagging?”


In front of his eyes was a bulging outcropping, and he couldn’t see his waist. It was a very distinct bulge.

When he tried to pat the bulge smooth, it responded with a soft and bouncy sensation.




He had some recognition of that distinct feeling.

When helping his father with healer work, he had felt it numerous times.

The feeling is remarkably different from fat in other places. The clear mass and softness of it was… Without a doubt, a woman’s breasts.

And large ones at that.


Wh-what that hell is THIIIIIIIS?!!



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

“I’ll have an explanation!”


After tapping Eir awake, and healing Yig, Rimuru made that declaration.

In any case, having the dignity to heal the injured person first was very like him.


It was Yig, she…”

It was Chief, she…”


The two subordinates pointed their fingers at each other at the same time.


Eir, for the first time I can’t help but want to use ‘punishment’ right now.”



Exposed to a stare brimming with danger, Eir screeched oddly.

According to her explanation, it went something like this:



Basically if we don’t want Chief being pushed down, we just need to do this.”

And why did you get to this conclusion?”

If Boss becomes a girl, then Chief’s membranes are safe, right?”

Membranes?! Couldn’t you say it more subtly?”



In other words… You’re saying you did it to protect Eir?”

Y-yeah, that’s right. I didn’t mean any harm, see~?”


Yig, a powerful being with overwhelming fighting abilities, being frightened by the strength of Rimuru’s eyes was, in a certain sense, humorous.

In other words, right now he’s showing just that much murderous intent.

Having had his sex changed without consent, it’s not exactly odd.


It was all Yig going wild. I’m innocent.”

Chief?! Don’t abandon me~!”

Well whatever. Hurry and change me back.”

Oh, can’t.”



The immediate refusal stupefied Rimuru.


That medicine is a prototype; there’s no antidote.”

Kgh, then [Detoxify] magic should…”

That won’t work either. The god of destruction was shouting, “the immediate effect will sell!” so it should be completely absorbed in your body by now.”

The god of destruction again! Damn, then if I take it again I should go back to being a…”

It’s a prototype; that’s the only one I had.”

Why would you make me drink something like that?!”


The denial and impossibility of treatment that followed cause him to raise his voice in despair.

His body had already been completely changed. On top of [Detoxify] not working, unless the same medicine or an antidote is made, he can’t turn back.


So I have to live as a woman until a cure is made…?”

I-it’s fine Master Rimuru, you’re super cute!”

What good does that do me?!”


Rimuru’s appearance was incredibly well put-together.

Fine shoulder-length blonde hair, and clear blue eyes.

A slender figure and large, shapely breasts filled with life.

Even so, the age-appropriate young looking face could be considered an underage work of art.

Without a doubt, ten out of ten people would give their seal of approval that this is the look of a beautiful girl.


Forget it, let’s just go get breakfast for now… We’ll think of how to deal with this later.”


The inn doesn’t serve meals, so for breakfast they go to a place that always opens early and serves light meals.

And to do that they need to get dressed.


M-my chest… Doesn’t fit?!”

Go explode.”

Boss’ boobs are huge, after all~”


Left with no other choice, Rimuru borrows Eir’s halter neck shirt.

It’s open at the back, so it can manage to some extent even of the chest is large.

However, as a result… It ended up looking very risque. Particularly the view from the side.


Master Rimuru, you’ve got side boob.”

Shut up, what else can I do?”

Boss, why do ya have goosebumbs?”

It’s cold! I’m surprised you can deal with it, Eir.”

Master Rimuru picked the clothes for me, after all…”

… Let’s go buy some warmer clothes for you later, yeah?”

If Master Rimuru picks them for me, sure?”

… … Ahh, whatever.”



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

After somehow managing the clothes, and being exposed to lustful gazes around the city, they arrived at a simple place for light meals.

Chowing down on the morning set, a big seller for its low cost and high volume, Rimuru felt a sense of discomfort.

Normally, as a result of being a growing boy, he could easily finish it, but it was too much for him now.


Hrm, did my stomach get smaller when I turned into a girl?”

I eat plenty though?”

Yeah, because you eat until your belly is bulging, Eir.”

It sure is weird how it goes right back to normal though~.”

Seeing that stomach makes me think of a pregnant woman.”

It’s not bulging that much!”


Eir’s cheeks puff out like a squirrel’s. Her body seems to be quite elastic all over.

That’s when Rimuru suddenly noticed the surrounding gazes on them.


What’s with this?”

Isn’t it because Master Rimuru is a beautiful girl? Being cute and all.”

I think it’s because we’re all cute~.”


Just as Yig said, the group was a gathering of different types of beautiful girls.

Rimuru, the blonde with a bombastic figure, yet a neat and tidy air to her.

Eir, the platinum haired one with a bandage over her left eye, giving off a fragile impression.

And Yig, the one who’s cute like a fairy, but with a bewitching affect to her as well.

Any one of their figures would be enough to draw the eyes of onlookers.

Normally Rimuru, being a man, served as a breakwater, and instead looks of jealousy were directed at him. But without that distinction this time, the inquisitive gazes stabbed directly into the three of them.


This feels really uncomfortable…”


Unlike the usual gazes of hostility, Rimuru writhed under these looks of favor and lust.

Unable to calm down, Rimuru’s fidgeting appearance gave off the impression of a small animal, instead stirring up in the onlookers a desire to protect Rimuru.

And then the door to the shop was kicked open, and a figure entered.


Hey, if it ain’t Eir. Perfect, I need some help with a job.”


Upon finding Rimuru’s group, a crude and unreserved voice called to them. It was Kevin.

He’d been promoted to blue rank, proof that he’s top class, but he’s not actually that powerful.

Which is why he always brings Eir and Rimuru along on his quests.

Without permission, he plopped down at the four person table…


… Ah.”


He looked at Rimuru and stiffened.

His jaw dropped, his eyes went blank, and he could no longer see anything else.

In Kevin’s eyes, it was like a halo was shining around Rimuru.


… … …Beautiful.”


Uh-ah! My name’s Kevin! If you don’t mind, could you tell me your name?”

Eh, ah? I’m Rimuru—.”

I see, so your name’s Rimuru. A lovely name.”


Right, would you like to grab a meal with… Ah, we’re already doing that. Shopping, yeah, would you like to go shopping with me?!”

Eh… U-uh, hey? Why haven’t you noticed?!”

If you’re talking about your beauty, then I just now noticed it! No, you’re right in saying it took too long. Allow me to apologize!”

I don’t even know what you’re talking about anymore!”


The sudden change in attitude made Rimuru flustered.

Finding the development amusing, Eir and Yig held back their laughter and joined the ranks of spectators. Assistance can no longer be expected from them.

In Kevin’s eyes, Rimuru’s confused look must have seemed charming…


Ah, you must be confused by this all of a sudden. Or are you surprised by this invitation from a man? How pure a person you are…”

What are you even talking—”

I only just met you today, but I’ve fallen for you! Please go out with me, with intentions toward marriage!”

What kinda numbskull are yoooooou?!


At the all-too-much of a situation, Rimuru put his whole body into a right straight punch.

But coming from Rimuru, who doesn’t fight physically, it failed to have an impact on the (in name only though it may be) blue ranked Kevin… And in fact, Rimuru’s foot got caught, and it looked more like jumping into Kevin’s chest.


Ahh, you’ll accept my confession…? Thank you.”

Hey, wait!”

You acceptance makes me the happiest man alive.”

I said wait—”

Now, let’s seal the vow with a kiss…”


Trembling in rapture, Kevin’s face drew closer.

In the corner of Rimuru’s sight were Yig and Eir, rolling with laughter.

And just like that, Kevin’s face began to overlap with Rimuru’s—



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com



With a shout, Rimuru jumped up from the bed.

He noticed that something also flew off, but now wasn’t the time.




Taking in his surroundings, he finally realized it was the inn room he’d become familiar with.

He checked his body in a panic. No problems, it’s a man’s body.


“Th-thank goodness… They gone, and it’s there… I’m so glad it was a dream…”

“Master Rimuru, I’d love to hear the details about what’s got you so glad…”


Eir’s seemingly muffled voice could be heard from the side of the bed.

Upon looking in that direction, Eir had fallen from the bed and was curled up there.


“Ah, sorry…”

“What’s wrong, Master Rimuru?”

“Just had a bad dream is all.”


Eir worrying about him in spite of being knocked awake is something he found endearing.

At the very least, it was better that the one in his dream who was enjoying his situation.


“Stay as you are, Eir. Please.”

“—? Okay?”


Would Yig’s influence make her become like that some day?

That alone worried Rimuru.


On that day Rimuru was excessively kind to Eir, to the point that it was actually found eerie.

Author’s Note: Yes, it ended up being a dream.

I’d thought about this type of development too, but… How is it?


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  1. So Eir has platinum hair after her transformation. Now I’m regret for not trusting my memory 😦 I did colored her hair right before changing it to blonde. >.<


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