Queen of the Mad Dog Knights Ch. 2

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Author: 帰初心

Translator: Shiroikaze/Soyokaze Translations


Chapter 2: Master, First Put A Collar On Me Please (By GoldenRetriever)


I saw a dream.


I was in my father’s study.

I was sitting at a desk with my father before he became sick. We were studying from a large open book that was there.

At my feet was Bashiba. He was not on his belly, but was instead rolled onto his back, sleeping.

I can see your crotch, you know.


In olden days, there were people on this continent who also had the forms of animals. Most famously were bird people, dog people, and cat people I suppose. There also appear to have been rare instances of dragon people.”

Are they not here anymore?”

Yeah, a frightening religion known as Pure Humanism grew in power in the past. The Pure Humanists destroyed them. However, a portion of them survived, and it’s said that they left for a new world.”

Where is the new world? Did they go to another country?”

In academia there are still those who believe there is only one continent in the world. But you see, perhaps they crossed the ocean in search of a new continent.”

Is there a continent beyond the great ocean?”

I believe there is. Though I will be scolded for being un-scholarly by saying so. Something that your mother often said was, “I’m certain that I crossed the ocean just to meet you,” so I’ve decided to believe in it.”


At that moment, I fell in love with her.”

Is what he said. Is it not a lovely story?


My romanticist of a father thought back on my mother while his eyes looked as if he was seeing a dream.

And once again, he gently spoke to me.


Perhaps a person like that will appear before you someday as well Lize. Someone who would cross the ocean just to meet you.”




Bark bark bark bark bark.


Suddenly I could hear the barking of several dogs, and the scenery around me changed.

Over there is the seashore. The place where the white sun shines against the brilliant blue of the ocean.

I was standing barefoot in a white dress on the beach.

I search for the owner of the voice by looking away from Bashiba, who’s playing and diving in the waves.


Bark bark bark bark bark.


(Could it be from beyond the horizon?)

When I settle my eyes in that direction, many dogs are there. They desperately dog paddle as they head this way.

Large, medium, and small breeds of dogs. Dog breeds that I am not familiar with. Thousands, tens of thousands of dogs swim towards me. The dogs desperately swim towards me with their eyes aglow.


And then, the first one to arrive was the large golden colored dog.


Without time to marvel at how kind its light brown eyes look, he barked in great joy and leaped on to me.

I was unable to absorb the impact, and as I soon realized I would fall backwards, I felt another impact from from my rear.

Looking behind me, there were muscular mid-size dogs nuzzling up to me.


Then another from the side, and this time it’s a tackle by the largest dog of them all!

My small frame rolls to the white sand with a fwoomph.


The puppies must want my attention. But I would like them to consider my human physique.


Placing a paw on the chest of my fallen and sand-covered self, the golden colored dog happily licks my face.

Upon doing so, the the medium and large size dogs also deliver licky attacks, desiring not to lose. Mumumu, breathing, It is hard to breathe.


Stop! All of you, stop please!


I thought it might be pointless, but I looked towards the ocean, seeking help from Bashiba, and—.

The mongrel was drowning while trying to doggy paddle.



The attacks from the dogs then landed like waves, one after another, flooding me with their desire for my attention.

Wait a moment, you are heavy! It hurts! Stop! My bones are going to break! YOUR LOVE IS HEAVY!!







Lady Lizelotte! You have awoken!”


There was a wide ceiling.

I was on a large canopy bed, being hugged firmly from behind by a blond beauty.

I believe this person was called Leonhardt… If my memory of that moment serves me correctly, this person holds the respectable position of prime minister.

Although the face is androgynous, the chest hitting my back is harder than I thought it would be. So he really was a man?


When he met my eyes, he bestowed a broad smile upon me.

And then, with his light brown eyes moistened, “Thank goodness! Your consciousness has been fading in and out for three days already. I was so, so worried… I was considering beating down Shepherd for driving the tank poorly time and time again,” he said as he placed his cheek to mine. He has a light citrus fragrance to him.


Suddenly, a dubious question bubbled to the surface of my mind.

Why might sir Leonhardt be in the same bed as I am?


Looking more closely at my appearance, I had a clean and comfortable simple nightgown draped over me.

My dirty and unsanitary skin was also cleaned for me, and though I should have been skin and bones, there was ever so slightly more flesh on me.

Placed upon a push cart next to the bed was a pot containing what appeared to be liquid food. It would appear that sir Leonhardt was personally feeding it to me.


(Hm? Personally? He did say he was the prime minister, correct? Did I perhaps mishear, and he is actually the chamberlain?)


After what happened, I finally had a meal inside the horseless horse carriage, and with a sigh all of the fatigue built up to then burst forth.

I collapsed with a fever, and by the looks of it I worried them when I did not regain consciousness.


My deepest apologies…”

There is nothing to apologize for! Our lady Lizelotte has returned to our country safely within these arms. There can be no greater joy! Only, there are places here and there which are bruised or where your bones have been fractured. Please, relax in the comfort of this room for a while longer.”

Th-thank you very much. … Umm, why might you have brought me here in the first place? I also do not have the slightest clue why everyone is so overjoyed about it. Ah, but before that, Bashiba! What has become of Bashiba?!”


I suddenly gasped.

Right, my lovely dog! They could not have thrown him in the garbage, could they?!

Sir Leonhardt had a very grim face as he told me.


You mean that mongrel…? He is quite well, unfortunately.”

Please do not call it unfortunate! I would like to see Bashiba. Please.”


When I desperately made my request, he extre~mely reluctantly gave the order.

Bashiba, brought in by a maid, looked at my face with his round eyes, then wagged his rolled up tail as he ran his tiny feet over to me.


(Hm? He seems quite heavy. Oh, his stomach is bulging.)


…It would appear that he is receiving quite a lot of food at a stranger’s house.

He was a relaxed Bad Shiba.


Bashiba arrived at the end of the bed, and stood up on his back legs. I went to lift him up, and he was picked up from behind.

Bashiba was caught by his back, and he waved his legs around helplessly.

My hands caught only air.



Dogs should not be brought onto the bed.”

Eh, but we always slept together at my house?”

Together on the bed?! –———That is something which should absolutely never be done with a pet dog. The dog will be spoiled.”


Lady Lizelotte. By all means, please become a fine master to dogs. Dogs absolutely do not desire an equal relationship like friendship. They require a proper hierarchy to live in society with peace of mind.”

But even so…”


While I am overwhelmed, the beauty continued holding my lovable dog and,


Dogs require discipline. Which is why you should order me first, please,”


said that to me.


Eh? Dog? Are you referring to yourself as such, sir Leonhardt?”

Indeed. Give the order, ‘Leonhardt, get off the bed,’ to me. Did you not find it odd that I am here in the first place, under these circumstances?”

Of course I thought it strange!”


So sir Leonhardt was aware of it!

While slightly withdrawing, I gave him the order.


Sir Leonhardt, ‘please get out of the bed’.”

Yes, with pleasure!”


With a bark!, he gleefully leaves the bed and gets down on one knee. Looking at him, he was wearing an elegant civil official’s uniform.

The key colors are white and purple, and the material is glossy. The cuffs are long, with splendid embroidery on them.

He was in the bed with that on?!


While I am in blank amazement, he takes my small hand and touches it to his cheek, before saying something even more outrageous.


I am milady’s dog. I realized milady was my master at a single glance. Oh, my fondness for milady is overwhelming. At present, my entire purpose is built upon milady. Please, leave me not alone. If we were to separate, I would be unable to hold myself back from my desire to embrace milady and take in her scent.

Lady Lizelotte! Order me as you like. Please give me many commands. However, I am also one who supports the country. To keep my love for milady from running wild, I would also like you to give me strict disciplining.”


His beautiful light brown eyes ooze with passion as he continues talking, eventually reverently presenting something to me.


A red collar.


I draw away in disgust.


However, he misunderstood my silence as something surprisingly good.


Perhaps it is difficult to place it on me in this form? Then I shall return to my true self. Please, by milady’s hand.”


Saying such, his contours blurred, and a large golden colored dog was there in his place.

Bashiba, who had been held there up until then, had fallen to the ground and was in open mouthed shock as his legs gave out.


Words begin echoing in my head.


This form is the meaning behind my surname of GoldenRetriever. Please milady, bestow the collar unto me. As proof that I belong to milady.”


While I am in a panic holding the collar, the golden dog———Sir Leonhardt looked at me sadly as he tilted his head with a whimper. While he stared at me, his eyebrows also seemingly lowered.

Th-this is not fair.

With him looking somewhat pitiable, I placed the collar on him.


My deepest thanks! With this, I am now milady’s dog!,” he said in great joy as his form returned,


And around the blond beauty’s neck,     was     a     red     collar.


I stiffened at the all too powerful impact of it.

Like a rose in full bloom, a fascinatingly elegant smile spreads across his face.

It suited him to such a strange degree; it was scary.


Perhaps having the collar fit to him quieted his nerves; sir Leonhardt had the chamberlain bring a chair to the bedside.

While touching the collar, he calmly explained my situation to me.




Well then lady Lizelotte, I shall explain what the circumstances surrounding you.”


This place is a continent separated from the one I lived on by the ocean, the continent of Rumania1.

In the center of the continent is a massive empire, and then five mid-sized countries. There are also three small countries it would seem.


This country is one of the mid-size countries called the Kennel Kingdom. When I looked at a map, it was a country on the eastern coastline.


The citizens are mostly dog people. They are a strange race that possess both the appearance of humans and dogs.

At least, they call themselves a human race, so it would appear that they are close to humans.

The commoners are particularly close to human, and rarely take on the form of dogs. However, the higher the noble rankings go, the more pride they hold as dogs.

Some people even go so far as to very rarely take a human form.


The royalty are not dog people, but they are a family that has been worshiped by the dog people since the very founding of the country.


The dog people make a very big fuss over the hierarchical relationship, and will implicitly obey the one chosen as king to the very end, apparently considering themselves blessed by their dominance. Come to think of it, “should milady command me to die, then I would gladly do so,” is essentially the frightening remark I heard from him.

That could not possibly be normal, could it?


Do you want the entire populace to commit suicide?!” I said in fright, which sir Leonhardt corrected me on.

It would seem the only ones who hold such thoughts are the high ranking nobles and soldiers. By the way, they number about ten thousand. Would that not be plenty bad enough?


The soldiers who came to meet me apparently belong to the Middle Knight Order.

They are the strongest war potential of this country, and are a gathering of particularly quirky individuals within the dog people. Their alias is, “The Mad Dog Knight Order”.


—————With the sound of mad dog reverberating, I feel only the worst of premonitions.

But it would seem this name is a bit of an honor to them. I must wonder why.


And then, the biggest surprise.

He says I am the illegitimate child of this country’s previous king!


The king, who was worried about not having any children despite once having many wives, was attended to at night by a woman from a traveling entertainer troupe, and got the woman pregnant.


However, the woman said, “The king’s not my type,” and escaped.

She apparently had the assistance of someone, as she even evaded the mobility of the Mad Dog Knights, and at some point vanished from the continent.


However, the mad dogs did not give up.

Saying, “we must go and receive the valuable member of the royal family!”, they decided to once again cross the ocean that was crossed at the founding of the country and, gathering together the greatest technology they could, developed the square horseless horse carriages.

By the way, they are apparently amphibious as well.


And in that way we found you… my Pleasure (queen)”2


Sir Leonhardt brings his forehead to the back of my hand, closing his eyes.

The red collar comes into view. It looks awfully tight.


————But even so, does this country have no other royalty?

Beginning with my father, I wonder where might they be?


Oh, Bashiba?

He is in the corner of the room, eating jerky that the chamberlain threw, so he is not being a bother or anything of the sort?

He is a relaxed Bad Shiba.



Right then.

From a somewhat distant, large door, I heard a rough voice.


Your majesty!”

Nay, she has yet to be crowned. Here is either lady Lizelotte, or your queen!”


That is even worse! Even I would like to call her that, but that must be allowed by lady Lizelotte!”



And then, without requesting sir Leonhardt’s authorization, the door opened.

Four soldiers of robust physique, in black military uniforms, appeared with expressions of delight.


Leonhardt! I won’t control myself any more! Show us lady Lizelotte!”


The most senior male, who was like a mass of muscle, roared with an earthshaking bellow.


Bashiba was frightened, and hid beneath my bed.

Sir Leonhardt looks towards the bottom of my bed with cold eyes.


Eventually sighing, he introduced them as they lumbered step by step towards me.


These are the second, third, and fourth commanding officers in the Middle Knight Order. The loudest old geezer is Grey Von Mastiff. The commander of the second unit.”

Lady Lizelotte! We are most relieved to have you here! We have taken down that country which caused milady such suffering!”



Praise me, praise me, said the eyes of the muscled doll of an elderly man as he looked over me.


What might he have said just now?


Sir Leonhardt appeared exasperated next to me as he looked at sir Grey.

This is why we require the discipline bestowed by the royal family,” he muttered while toying with his red collar.


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  1. Rumania: ルマニア in the raws. This is one character different from how Romania is typically spelled in Japanese: ルーマニア or Ruumania
  2. My Pleasure: This is similar to the previous chapter, but gives a bit of a better idea of what’s going on. In the raws it is 女王様 (queen) with プレジャー (pleasure) written in furigana above it. For those unfamiliar: furigana is how a given word is supposed to be pronounced, and is in this case telling us that he refers to the queen as “Pleasure” 

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