Half-Dragon Slave Life Ch. 42

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

Chapter 42: Scholarship

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

Let’s talk about Yuuri, the god of destruction.

To be honest, tales of gods are always all, “Look at me, aren’t I amazing? Worship me!” So I always ignored them as nonsense. But with how related this is to what we’re trying to accomplish, that attitude isn’t going to help.

The god of destruction, otherwise known as ‘World Destroying God’ because she demolished half of the World Tree… conventionally referred to as an evil god.

This god herself didn’t do anything particularly harmful to humankind.

Uhh, aside from breaking the object of worship for the most popular religion of the time anyway. Well, she isn’t supposed to have been an evil entity.

In fact, this god blessed humanity with many things.

Taking in the ideas of air conditioning that was only used to welcome in hot summers and cold winters, she spread knowledge of large scale engineering and rechargeable magic tools. She also developed teleport and transformation magic spells.

They even attribute sound-based search, and other adventurer essential spells, to her.

And she’s one of the heroes who repelled the sudden attack from the being known as Demon King Marshoshii.

If these amazing achievements were the end of it, then she should have been called a savior and a hero.

However, this god… who knows what she was thinking, but she suddenly and recklessly decided to destroy the World Tree.

As a result, she was treated as ‘a wicked god who shook the religious foundations of the world’. A god who destroyed religious precepts; a god of destruction.

Her glory and fall provokes the curiosity of storytellers to this day, with plays and other performances. She’s conveyed as a mysterious figure.

There also may or may not have been some romance between her and the wind god Haster?

Anyway, she’s known throughout the world as one who developed a variety of magic spells and tools, saved the world, and destroyed a faith.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com


I spoke all at once, and to moisten my parched throat, I brought water to my lips.

It’s time for our breakfast before heading to school now.

At our usual dining room, Master suddenly prompted me, “Try telling me about the god of destruction.”

Consequently she’s also considered a god of knowledge, and of freedom. Her adherents are commonly recognized as heretics… is that right?”

Yep, correct.”

You’re subtly off, but I guess you’re not wrong~?”

Master suddenly brought the matter up, and I hurriedly turned over all the knowledge I had to try answering, but I guess it was right.

On that topic, isn’t Yig supposed to be this god’s family?

Yig, have you ever met this god directly?”

I mean, she’s my surrogate mom after all. By the way, did you know this form is an imitation of the god of destruction?”


Yig’s current form, meaning a beautiful girl around ten years old. She looks childish enough that she could be even younger.

Umm… Yig, wasn’t the god of destruction supposed to have a romance with the wind god?”

Yeah, I saw a legend that they were married.”

Oooh~, yeah. They did, they got married. How else would you ever be born, Chief?”

Well… sure. But like… then…

Is that her when she was a child?”

Mmnope, the god of destruction has looked this way her whole life. She’s got eternal youth.”

Is the wind god, perhaps, a pedophile?”

He’s always seemed sensitive about that, so you might not want to say that too publicly~.”

… Plus Eir being here means, well… they did stuff, and got uhh, pregnant?”

Yeah, that was a huge uproar. The god of destruction even died once.”

Master draws away at the hair-raising thought.

Having the blood of a pervert like that doesn’t make me too thrilled either.

So wait, gods do die like us?”

The god of destruction actually regularly died. Revives right away though.”

Wooow~, gods come back to life~. That’s amazing~.”

Yig was saying ridiculous things without a care in the world, which prompted me to sweat buckets.

I think this topic is just going to pile stress on the longer it goes.

When I peeked over at Master, he already had an incredible ‘I don’t even care anymore’ feeling spilling from him while he poked at his seaweed salad.

You’re the one who brought it up in the first place, meanie.

Mgh, I feel like I’m taking mental damage from this subject. Let’s talk about something else.”

Well, alright. Or rather, we’re going to be late if we don’t finish eating soon. What are you two being so leisurely about?”

You’re the only one who’s going to be late, Master Rimuru.”

I can’t even go to the school~.”

Wow, I’m suddenly really annoyed. Sure I’m the only student here, but seriously!”

Master’s cheeks puff up like balloons.

When I see him use this kind of body language, he really still feels like a child.

While poking at his squishy cheeks, I urge him to his food.

Come on, you’ll be late if you don’t eat. Or should I carry you there?”

Don’t. We’ll stick out like a sore thumb if you fly.”

Flight is technically an established spell these days. Wasn’t it invented by the wind god?

Come to think of it, if the god of destruction and the wind god were married, then I’m also the wind god’s descendant, right?”

Yep, that’s right. But the god of destruction’s blood is stronger, so girl descendants have usually had flat-chested loli body types.”

Darn you, god of destruction… so she is an evil god.”

On that subject, the wind god also turned young, so you’re best off not expecting too much growth, don’t you think?”

Yig gazes at a specific part of my body meaningfully. With my slim future hopes crushed to pieces, I hang my head in disappointment.

Anyway, my being able to fly from the start without fear is likely thanks to my lineage.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com


Arriving at school, we were called for by Mr. Wallack.

Yig is on her usual hot spring outing by the way. With a high quality one available in the nearby elf village, she goes there every day.

As compensation she’s helping them with their construction work, so I hear the villagers are very welcoming to her.

In proportion to their slender and beautiful figures, their physical strength is a bit lacking. As such, being receptive to Yig’s power and toughness is only natural.

All that aside, when we arrived in the faculty room, Mr. Wallack looked like he was having a very difficult time saying what he was about to.

Eh? A deposit?”

That’s right. Every year this school has a two week trip to the Allied Countries of Matala. It’s a skill and cultural exchange with the students over there, for the purpose of expanding your views of the world.”

Two weeks… but just going one way from Raum is a year-long trip.”

The Allied Countries of Matala.

With us on one side of the continent in the west, they sandwich the opposite side of the continent in the east with a confederation of island states.

Their magic item technology carries a systematic magical theory, and they process unseen magical power as it is for use. There’s a clear distinction between it and conventional magic formulas.

Many dwarfs also settle there, and the relations between Raum and Matala are honestly not very good.

There’s a fixed teleport spell in place for that.”

I see, teleportation. That’s supposed to expend a lot of magical energy I hear…”

You’ve heard correct. Well, there’s something for that. This school has a device that collects magic energy. It gathers a fair bit on its own, so using it for about two or three round trips a year is no big deal.”

A device that accumulates magic power on its own? What the heck, that’s frightening.

With equipment like that, couldn’t you shoot off strategic level attack magic?

Isn’t that a super risky subject to bring up?”

Whoops, this is top secret, so let’s keep that confidential, yeah? Well, everyone’s got things they’d like to keep under wraps, so I trust you will closely guard this information of course.”

… I hear what you’re saying, and I will keep this secret.”

Did he get an inkling of Master’s motives?

Among the teachers he gives the impression of being pretty sharp; we might have to be more careful from now on.

That’s a great help. So, the trip is going to require a deposit.”

If we’re teleporting, then travel expenses aren’t necessary, right?”

We need it for lodging expenses over there, small exchange fees, material costs… it’s for many things.”

Simple daily life does take money. Lodging for about one hundred and fifty people all together is going to require appropriate facilities too.

Moreover, the majority are nobles. We can’t shelter in any middling place.

… I think you’re aware, but I don’t live a very affluent life.”

I know that of course. That’s why this pains me.”

Master speaks about our household finance situation with a bitter look.

We did have some wealth, but we’re renting a house, so things have been tighter lately.

Hmm, how’s this? Want to try getting into the scholarship program? If it’s well known that you’re good enough for a scholarship, there should be no problem. And I’m aware you have the appropriate capabilities for it.”

I would be grateful for that. Is it fine to do so now?”

Before he enrolled, Master couldn’t make himself too public because of his investigations into resurrection.

So he hid his strength, and acted with the goal of plainly, but with some authority, enrolling in the academy.

But after enrolling and getting free access to the basement archives as we have now, there’s not much reason to hide what he’s capable of. If we can get scholarship money, then it would be good to do so.

However, the application… there’s a certain time frame for it.

Normally scholarship application is done before enrollment, and provided only after having a thorough review. By now that time has passed, and it shouldn’t be the period for a review.

The academy is interested in retaining people of talent. There are students every year who end up unable to pay their fees due to household circumstances. As an aid measure for those students to continue their studies, there’s always a surplus prepared ahead of time. If you get the scholarship, then you’ll be exempt from the deposit. Not a bad deal, eh?”

Master fell into thought at Mr. Wallack’s words.

I wonder why? I think it’s a pretty good suggestion…

Give me some time to think about it, please.”

I don’t mind, but there isn’t much time. There’s the deposit deadline too.”

I understand. If that’s everything, may I be excused?”

Yeah, that’s all. To be honest, leaving excellent students unnoticed gives me anxiety. I’d really like you to apply if you could.”

I appreciate the concern. Excuse me.”

… Right.”

Without giving a reply right then, we left the faculty room.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com



Until the first class bell rings, I drink tea with Master in the cafeteria.

We still have about twenty minutes, so with simple tea from tea bags, we have plenty of time to enjoy.

Visiting Elly would be fine too, but since the library isn’t open this early, it’s hard to say where she is.

There are plenty of other students around us killing time here too.

Master Rimuru, why didn’t you answer right away?”

Oh, that? That should be obvious. I mean, applying for a scholarship means getting investigated, right?”


I see, thinking about it, Master is a twelve year old prodigy who successfully enrolled, and in spite of its inconvenience he’s renting a house to live alone(?). Furthermore he’s making a name for himself as a great adventurer.

After doing all of that, hearing about it from the outside, it sounds as fishy as it gets.

If there’s an investigation, there will most likely be an inquiry into all that.

Where did he learn magic?

Who did he learn it from?

Where did he get the money for a house?

How did his relationship with Kevin start?

What’s the secret to my power?

Does he have plans to do something unethical?

Rather than stopping at those easy questions, they’ll dig deeper into his intentions.

There’s no guarantee he’ll manage to keep his goal secret.

From the very start, a twelve year old boy losing his parents, and not even a year later moving away and enrolling in an academy, is not a normal situation.

The slave he bought demonstrates inhuman demonic power, and the little girl he cohabits with is beyond human in all sorts of ways.

The adventurers he associates with achieve extraordinary success, and he’s mastered the recently developed magic power bestowal skill.

It’s the result of coincidences piled on coincidences, but the situations come so rhythmically that it’s like he attracts them.

There’s no investigator alive who would not find it dubious.

Got it? If you think about us like that, we’re super suspicious.”

I-it’s not my fault!”

I’m not saying it is your fault, Eir. Though I would probably say it’s thanks to you.”

How is that different?”

Eh, for reasons.”

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

Master gazed at me with a hard to put to words expression, then smiled happily, and sipped his tea.

Author’s Note: Her future (chest size) has no hope (growth).

Translator’s Note: In case anyone noticed, yes, Eir got the demon king’s name wrong. That was not a typo.

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    1. You mean Rimuru? Yeah, he’s being intentionally cryptic. The only difference is the connotations of the words he’s using. Eir is saying she shouldn’t be blamed for it, meaning it’s a bad thing. But Rimuru is saying it is because of her, but in a positive, grateful way.


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