Half-Dragon Slave Life Ch. 28

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

Chapter 28: Admission

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

One month has passed since then.

Just as Master planned, we achieved quite a bit, bringing Master and myself up to orange rank, and Amy to yellow rank.

As for Kevin, he’s risen to the super first class rank of indigo.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

Over one month we handled more than ten suppression requests, plus all of them involved powerful foes that blue ranks would shrink back on.

Wyverns, gryphons, land wyrms… and even a request to defeat a disaster beast called a tyrant rhino.

A tyrant rhino is a nearly twenty meter-long dinosaur. It has no breath or special ability, but a single hit from its tail, tusks, or claws has destructive power comparable to a battering ram.

Its skin is also about as tough as a grand hedgehog, enough so that a ballista wouldn’t leave a wound.

But for me it was actually an easy opponent to deal with.

I powered up my physical abilities with “Magic Power Bestowal,” got in close real quick, sliced up one of its legs and lopped it off.

I wound around to its back where it fell and, while being careful not to be struck by the tail, split its spine in two at the neck. After that its body only made reflexive movements until it ran out of breath and it was over.


Hearing it this way, it might sound like an incredibly simple opponent to take down, but it’s not actually so easy.

First off, slipping past its ten meter long tail’s attack and diving it close is difficult.

Next, cutting through its hard-as-steel bones, after splitting apart muscle as flexible as rubber, further protected by a tough skin, all while dodging the claws on its feet is nearly impossible.

Lastly, getting to the back of its gigantic, twenty meter, rampaging body and cleanly splitting its spine in two is practically unthinkable.


The “Magic Power Bestowal” gift and the swordsmanship I learned from Yig played a big part in pulling it off so well.

Accurate transfer of body weight, precise sword-handling muscles, and body movements with no waste.

These are the ways in which I’m shaving off wasted movement, and contributing to further increasing my attack power.

Of course that also means it’s harder to throw me off balance, so it’s affecting the defensive front in a big way too.

According to Yig, with how I am now, “you could hold make the strongest purple rank yield to you,” is what she said.


By the way, Amy’s newly learned [Glamour] magic was used to disguise me as Kevin on this suppression, so his rank went up by one.

This spell was something offered by Yig.


Of course I’m not the only one who trained up.

Master trained his magic abilities, and can target healing magic on someone ten meters away now.

On top of that, he’s learning swordsmanship from Yig for self-defense. If he uses [Magic Power Bestowal], then he should be strong enough to handle yellow rank opponents.

Amy has been learning magic too, from Yig’s knowledge and the magic texts I had stowed away. Coupled together with Kevin’s achievements, she’s become an adventurer with a lot of attention on her.

And it’s not just simple attack magic, she’s increasing her varieties of magic with glamours and defensive support and the like.


With all that, we gained new influence as promising young rookies, and I was able to follow Master into the academy as an attendant.

Defeating another disaster beast may have played a big part in that.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

And today is the academy’s entrance ceremony.

Master is clad in a uniform and cape, a shirt, and short pants for minors.


“Why’s Boss the only one in short pants…?”

“They said it’s the uniform for young boys. I think it suits you.”

“Uhh, thanks, I guess.”


Master has a thin figure, but he’s tall so he’s got this kind of… immoral shota air to him that’s… yeah, not bad at all.

I’m also wearing a maid outfit for attendants. I can’t hide my back with it, so I’m using a cotton cloth and tightly wrapping my wings around my body to hide them.

For my limbs I’m using a skirt, boots, and gloves to hide everything.

My left eye can’t be kept under a bandage at all times, so I purchased an eye-patch.

I’ve become an eye-patch-wearing loli maid with her limbs thoroughly hidden. And even though my chest is actually starting to fill out a little, I’m keeping them tightly packed down to hide my wings. It’s now a vast plain.


“You’re still fine, Master. Just moving around is hard for me…”

“You get to wear a sword though, so that’s not that bad, right?”


I am both an attendant and a guard, so I’ve gotten permission to have a sword on me. But my usual two-handed sword would be a little too intimidating, so I have to make do with a short sword.

But instead a single sword wouldn’t put my mind at ease, so I’ve got two of them hanging at my waist. I definitely look like a bit of a weird maid, but I’m trying not to worry about it.


“Then again, together with Master Rimuru we’re a strange master and servant, so I guess it’s fine.”

“So I do look weird, don’t I?”

“You look fine. I wanna push you to the ground.”

“Would you cut that out?!”


I’ve been released from slavery, but I’m still obeying Master.

Without any place to go, Master is like a final support to me. I’m sure once the research is taken care of I still won’t leave his side.

Almost like a freshly hatched baby chick, I guess I’m pretty dependent on him.

After learning I was released, the people from the Maxwell Theater Troupe have invited me to them countless times, but I’ve never thought that I want to part from him.


“Ah well, anyway, shall we get going?”



This is Master’s first step to his goal.

Wrapped in the armor that is our uniforms, we stepped toward the academy.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

“The founder of this Raum Academy said, “Gather knowledge. Connect to the next era.” Following that ideology, we devote ourselves day after day to inheriting knowledge from generation to generation…”


In the great hall, the new students are gathered, and the student council is giving a welcoming speech.

But it seems like there’s been a huge diversion from a welcome to some kind of lecture…?

We attendants aren’t students, so we’re standing at attention along the wall near the entrance.

Master is at the lowest rank of the new students, so he’s sitting in the row right in front of me.

After that were greetings by a representative from the teaching staff, and the new students representative. Finally, after two hours had passed, we were released.

Once the students flowed out of the hall, we attendants followed after them.


After that, obeying the class placements, I follow Master to his class.

Normally the attendants can’t go to the classrooms, but on the first day we’re allowed so we know their positions in preparation for emergency situations.

Master is in class five. They’re numbered in order of their grades, so this class had the worst grades of them all.

There are many ordinary citizens who haven’t formally studied magic in this class.


“Good morning.”


Master speaks out and entered the classroom.

The gazes of the students already gathered in the room all stabbed at him at once. This class has a lot of commoners, so it doesn’t look like anyone else brought attendants along.


“Hey, that guy…”

“The flunky of the “Disaster Beast Slayer”.”


Since we’ve made a killing in our contributions, we’re getting a considerable amount of attention it seems.


“Stand by behind me Eir.”



Master obeys what’s written on the board to find his seat, and stuffs the prepared materials into his bag.

After a short while the seats are all filled, and the teacher enters. It seems I really am the only attendant.


“Okay, ladies and gentlemen, quiet. For the next year, the people in this room will be your classmates. I’m your homeroom teacher, Wallack.”


Mr. Wallack is a man who appears to be over forty, with a slightly receding hairline, and gives off a sullen impression.

The students are feeling tense from the new environment, and are putting on friendly faces.


“First off, I’ll announce the plans for after this. The real classes will begin one month from now, in the second month. We’ll be holding an orientation camp two weeks from now in the forest to the north, where the elves live, so make your preparations for staying over there in that time. The details are in your documents, in the guidebook, so read through it carefully.”

“Sir, we’re having an overnighter all of a sudden?”


One of the students asks the teacher. It’s a male student with a good physique, and seemingly very assertive.

If the old Kevin was of better conduct, then he would probably be like this guy.


“It’s supposed to be to give the class a better sense of unity before the actual lessons begin. Also, rather than only studying magic, there’s a need to study its practical use too. For times like that, we’ll be having activities studying outdoors.”

“We came to study magic, but we’re doing outdoor stuff? Shouldn’t we leave that to adventurers?”


The one who spoke was a boy who looked like he strayed a little off the right path. Almost the standard template of a delinquent.

But I guess he’s got a point, huh?


“There’s nothing saying magicians shouldn’t do what adventurers do. In fact, learning the importance of fieldwork is vital.”

“Camping in a forest, a forest of all things… how barbaric! To think a noble such as I would spend days out in the wild…”


The one stating her discontent is a girl with her extravagant blonde hair in ringlets. The appearance of a stereotypical noble.


“Whether it’s suitable for a noble or not is of no importance. Plus who you are is of no importance within the academy. Or at least that’s the public stance. Besides, do the students in this class really have the leeway to choose how they go about things?”



This class has the lowest grades in the academy. Their public stance of raising students in the academy without regard to the class system is basically meaningless.

More importantly, with magic ability reigning supreme in this academy, we in class five are cornered from the get-go.

Nobody in here should really have any room to talk about what they prefer in this fieldwork thing.


“Plus this orientation is planned to be a bit of a competition between the classes. Don’t you want a chance to clear away the dishonor of being in the lowest, class five?”

“Hah, then we’ve got nothin’ to worry about. We’ve got the “Disaster Beast Slayer’s” buddies in this class!”

“I’d really prefer you didn’t expect too much from me though…”

“What, you tellin’ me you’re just some useless hanger-on then?”


The delinquent spits out a provocative line. You bastard, saying that crap about Master… As I was about to step forward without thinking, Master stopped me.


“Eir, don’t. I’m a backliner, just as I seem, and a healer at that. I don’t know what kind of competition it’ll be, but I’m not good with anything too active.”

“Whoa, hey, you’re admitting to being a flunky?”

“Exactly, I’m just a bonus.”

“You’re not! Master Rimuru is—”

“Eir, it’s fine.”



When me or Yig achieve things, Master has a sense of inferiority that all he’s doing is benefiting from it. That’s something I’ve seen him feel while watching beside him.

That’s why Master has greedily been trying to get stronger. Not just with magic, he’s also learned swordsmanship, and has grasped [Magic Power Bestowal] enough to put it to practical use.

And along with his greed, he’s come to a sense of servility. Because he sees the unreachable heights displayed by Yig every day. This is a bad trend, at least that’s what I think.


“Sir, can attendants be brought along?”

“That’s no problem. They are considered part of your individual power… is what we say on the face of things, but there are many nobles in the higher classes who have no idea of the technology and knowledge of camping, which is also a reason.”

“Ah, camping outdoors probably would be hard for those nobles, huh.”


Master’s eyes glance over at the blonde girl.


“Wha, are you making fun of me?!”

“No, but if I made you feel unpleasant, then I apologize.”

“Information on camping in the woods is described in your guidebooks, but you can investigate in more detail at the library too. You can also hire active adventurers, or learn by talking with them.”

“… In other words, “learn and prepare before something happens,” is what you’re saying? That fits with the basic principles of the academy.”


At Mister Wallack’s words, Master mumbled, seemingly in agreement with the thought.


“Whoops, looks like I said a bit too much. Well then everyone, I’m looking forward to two weeks from now.”

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

Saying that, he left the classroom. I guess what he just said is something you have to conclude on your own, maybe?

Anyway, what it means is we have to prepare for two weeks from now, Master.

Author’s Note: Eir’s Magic Power Bestowal is from a gift, so it’s in “ ”.

However, Rimuru’s is from his magic, so [ ] is used.

This seemed hard to grasp, so I’m amending this.


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