Half-Dragon Slave Life Ch. 22

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

Chapter 22: Arrival

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

The season enters the twelfth month, and the skin deep cold turns to real cold.

With snow scattering around us, we finally arrived at Raum’s first capital city, Ashtaroth.

In the center of the cityscape beyond the outer wall stands a massive castle. It’s a masterful piece of scenery.


Master Rimuru, why is it the “first”?”

Hm, ahh… well, more than half of Raum is forest, right? The forest is elf territory, so—”

There’s a capital among the cities where the elves live too. So that’s distinguished from the human capital by calling them the first and second ones.”


Taking over the explanation half-way through was the only elf among us, Haumea.

With Master opening up along this journey, he began researching her.


Oh yeah, that’s your hometown, isn’t it?”

Yeah, sure is nostalgic. And to think I came back so soon.”

Soon? How long has it been?”

I guess about sixty years.”


Holy cow! I heard elves had long life spans, but their sense of time is that different?!


How embarrassing. I’ve been wandering for sixty years and I’m still only yellow rank.”

Ahh, well you haven’t been adventuring very proactively, so I’m sure that’s all it is.”


Amid the conversation, our turn in line for inspections comes around.

We’re just escorts for the traveling theater troupe, so we got into Ashtaroth without any particular problems occurring.

Upon reaching the city square where the stage would stand, Mister Morgan calls over.


Thanks to all of your assistance, we arrived safely in Raum. It was only a short six weeks, but it was a very meaningful experience.”

Likewise. You gave a very enjoyable trip.”

It pains me to part ways, but we must set up the stage now.”

Yes, understood. A pleasure working with you.”

Here’s the payment for the request. I went ahead and added a modest bonus. Seeing as you gave me a nice chance to see Fafnir and all.”


While passing the money bag to us, he gave a very smooth wink.


We plan on staying until winter passes. We would be overjoyed should you come to see our play at some point.”

Of course, we’d be glad to. Hope to see this innovative three-dimensional movement acting on stage.”

You will be quite welcome. Of course we wouldn’t mind you joining us either. Come over and ask if you ever need somewhere to go.”

I will… Have to try very hard to make that unnecessary.”

Hahaha, guess that makes sense! Well then ladies and gentlemen, until we meet again.”

You take care too, Mister Morgan.”


The farewell is delivered while shaking the troupe leader’s large hand.

Then Moto and Carla also came over.


Rimuru, I know I’ve said this a bunch already, but you saved my life. If you ever have any problems, I’ll help you in any way I can.”

Whenever that happens, thank you in advance.”

Eir, you absolutely have to come see us, okay? Promise? Yig too.”

Mm, promise.”

We’ll come watch once you start up, even if I have tie a rope around Chief’s neck~”


Completely unwilling to part with us, Carla is eventually dragged away by Mister Morgan.

They were all a very unique bunch.

And then the members of Crimson and Moonlight came over.


Nice work. We’re gonna head over to the guild now. How about you?”

We… are going to find an inn first. We didn’t exactly come here for adventuring, so we have to find some place to settle down in.”

Gotcha. Well, we can’t really go anywhere until winter passes, so we’ll probably see each other again.”

I’m headin’ on over to the guild first. They can help with findin’ an inn, after all.”

I guess I will too?”


Looks like Kevin and Amy are going to the guild.

They only need to rent rooms for a short time, but unlike them we have to find some place for a longer stay so we can enter the school.

The places the guild handles are probably of a different type, so I we can’t go along, huh?


I’m planning on enrolling at the magic academy, so that probably won’t do.”

You’re sure to become a great spellcaster, Rimuru.”


Haumea sends us off with a charming smile.

They say a lot of elves are the pretty types, but this is unfair.


Well then Rimuru, next time we meet, let’s go peeping in the baths again!”

I will not, and I didn’t!”

Eir, let me pet you again sometime, yeah?”

Only a little, okay?”

Next time I see ya, maybe there’ll be more brats around.”

Why would there be more?!”

Teacher, please train us again sometime!”

Hum, bear yourselves well~”


The adventurers spouted off whatever nonsense they wanted as they headed for the guild.

We’re gonna be in the same city, so we’ll probably meet again, but they readily did it anyway.

I’m sure they just don’t want to party ways.


Well then, I’m off too. Be sure to give me your address once you get settled in Rimuru.”

Yeah, of course. You’re a promising adventurer connection after all.”

Friggin’ hell, you sure gave me plenty to deal with… I get any requests I can’t handle, and I’m draggin’ yer ass over. Better give me yer address.”

Kevin, men being tsundere is just gross.”

Who are you callin’ “gross”?!”


When you spend six weeks together, you start seeing the real nature of people.

This guy probably doesn’t want to part with us either.

He’s overconfident, crude, and violent… but he’s not a bad guy at his roots. He was just being a huge braggart when we first met him.


See ya, and don’t go givin’ me any more crap!”

See you later, Eir!”


We see the two of them off with a wave.

As they disappeared into the traffic, the space around us suddenly felt very empty.

Even though, here at the mouth of the square, it’s overflowing with people as far as the eye can see.


Kinda… lonely, huh.”

… Yeah.”

Though all they did is go on ahead.”

Because they had strong personalities.”

Yes indeed… alright, how about we get going? Time to find an inn.”



Master and I hold hands and head off to find an inn.

Holding hands when we walk is a remnant from when I couldn’t walk very well.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

Master is going to have to take the academy’s exam later, so we avoid inns with bars on their first floor, and look for as quiet a lodging as possible.

One with a restaurant in it would have been nice, but we couldn’t find one, so we ended up staying at a place without a restaurant.

A three-story inn, at a quiet place, with only two streets nearby isn’t a bad place for studying.

We took a room deep in the second floor.

Master was going to take two rooms, but the innkeeper was reluctant to rent a room out for two slaves.


Now then, Eir?”


Take it out.”

… Eh?”


Upon entering the room, Master firmly locked the door and demanded that.


The stuff you took from the god of destruction’s basement or wherever. From what Yig said, there should be quite a bit of it.”



Crap, I forgot he found out.


But Master Rimuru, to be honest… this room is too small.”


Among what I took is the dragon’s corpse. There’s no way I can take it all our in this tight a space.


Let’s see… I would need about five of these rooms. Even then I probably couldn’t take the dragon’s corpse out though.”

Dragon’s corpse?!”

That would be my mom~”


Yig laughs off the shocking truth she just hit us with.


What the heck, first I’m hearing this.”

It happened a long time ago~. One of the heroic tales of the god of destruction.”

And then you became the god’s kin?”

I was actually an egg at the time. The god of destruction is more like a mom to me.”



Sounds like a god all right. Slaughtering Fafnir, stealing its egg and raising it is really large in scale.


Guess it’s not too surprising… Anyway, if this place is too small, then could you at least tell me what you’ve got?”

Ummm, magic swords, magic spears, a burning axe, a really rigid bow… and some wooden swords were there too for some reason. Also medicine, magic books and a bunch of gold coins.”

What’s with that weird lineup of items…?”

It’s all stuff taken from the World Tree’s labyrinth. Do you know about the war of demons and gods?”

The one about the fight with the demon lord?”

Yeah, this is stuff from back then.”


Which means… legendary equipment?!


Why was stuff like that left in a basement?!”

‘Cause it was in the way I guess?”

That’s way too sketchy!”

There was at least a seal on it. Who woulda thought the mountain would erupt?”


Maybe it would be better to think that it held its shape through an eruption shows how powerful it was?


In any case, it would probably be best to make a catalog of it all.”

Allow me to tell you about all of it~”


After that, between Master’s studies, the job of investigating my “Dimensional Storage” was taken on.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

There are about two weeks until Master’s entrance exam. We really arrived just in time, but we can’t take it easy even after having applied.

Master in particular is very busy in this last spurt of studying.

Which means us slaves have a lot of time on our hands, so…


Yig, what’s this?”

It’s a great bow called Third Eye. It got [Strengthened] to be really stiff; even ten adults pulling on it wouldn’t budge it an inch!”

That’s amazingly useless… And this?”

A metal arrow to use with it. If you fire it off, the shockwaves will even blow the shooter away~”

And it gets even more useless…”


And we kill time making a catalog like that.

Master says we can go walk around the city, but I have a slave collar on, and Yig is also wearing a collar she pulled from who-knows-where, so I can only imagine we would find trouble.

So we ended up deciding it would be best not to walk around unless our owner and master is with us.


What’s this wooden sword?”


I pulled out a really big meter-and-a-half-long wooden sword.

On the handle, “Fuurinkazan1 is carved in.


“Hm, the magic sword, Misteltein. A weapon for defeating one of the floor keepers of the World Tree, Vidofnir. By the way, the characters on the handle are handwritten by the god of destruction.”

“Scribbling on a magic sword…”

“It was done by a god, what’s wrong with that?”

“Then what’s this medicine?”

“Hm, an aphrodisiac.”



Ah, Master is reacting pretty strongly to that one.


“It’s an extraction from orc fluids. The effect is outstanding!”

“Don’t give me that “the effect is outstanding!” crap! Why was something like that left in a basement?!”

“Because it was being used, I would think?”

“I can’t believe we’re talking about a god at this point!”

“Master Rimuru… you need it?”
“I-I don’t need it! I’m not even interested!”


Master’s face turns beet red, and he stubbornly looks away. But he seems to be fidgeting.

This is an item of dreams for a pubescent boy, isn’t it?


“By the way, the effect of it is too strong, so it has been banned; be careful when you use it, okay?”

“Then it’s illegal?!”

“You already bought a slave, why are you talking about legality now? Besides, this is from before those laws were made anyway~”

“If it’s from five hundred years ago, wouldn’t its potency be gone by now?”

“Can’t really say until you try it. Gonna try?”


Pretty sure I just heard an unbelievable suggestion.

And should I try it, my partner would, by necessity, be Master, so…


“I don’t… really want that.”


I’d rather not be under the haze of a medicine.

Since I’m a slave, I’ve been prepared for it to happen by force, but I really would like to consent to it.


“What, you and Boss aren’t in that kind of relationship, Chief?”

“We’re minors!”

“Hmm… If you don’t want that, Chief, then there’s medicine to make it so that can’t happen too, y’know?”

“Hey, this is sounding dangerous.”

“No danger for a human body~”


So while we kept getting in the way of Master’s studies like this, two weeks passed by before we knew it.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazetranslation . Com

Author’s Note: These circumstances connected into the sex change dream.


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  1. Fuurinkazan: a popularized version of the battle standard used by the Sengoku period daimyō Takeda Shingen. The banner quoted four phrases from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War: “as swift as wind, as gentle as forest, as fierce as fire, as unshakable as mountain.” 

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