Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 51

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

Act 3, Chapter 51: Before Departure

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

The next day, Haster and I headed towards Mareba to inform mister Oreas we would take up his request.

To see how convenient [Transform] is, Haster turned into a horse, and I’m riding him.

I’m riding him without any trouble, which means his young boy form is no good, but I’m totally fine if he’s a horse…?


Yuuri, it could be dangerous if you don’t ride properly you know?”

… Whose fault is that? My butt really hurts. As does everything from my naval down.”

One of those things that comes back to haunt you I suppose.”

Bahamut left a terrible spell with me…”

Even I wouldn’t say something like ‘let’s do it while I’m a horse,’ so don’t worry.”

Why did that idea even come to mind? That actually makes me more worried. I would definitely die from that.”


Perhaps thanks to him becoming a horse with a splendid physique, we descended the mountain that usually takes 3 hours to get down from in less than 2 hours.

Once near the village, [Transform] was cast again to return him to human form. Of course I checked to make sure there weren’t two of those attached.


Isn’t it bigger than usual?”

It was something like this, right?”

The difference between imagination and reality, I suppose.”


Yeah, I wasn’t being shy about it from the start, but in the places where our thoughts directly connected, I ended up corrupted…

After walking a short way, the village’s entrance came into view.

As usual, mister Kime was standing as the gatekeeper. That guy should be a mainstay of the garrison, but does he just have a bunch of free time?


Good morning, mister Kime.”

Morning, missus Albine.”

Muu… Referring to me that way still makes me kinda embarrassed.”

HAHA, you’ll get used to it eventually. Oh, good morning to you too, Haster.”

Yeah, morning. I see I’m being treated as an appendix here.”

Ladies first, as they say.”


Since Haster took me as his wife, improper misconceptions about his sexual disposition have arisen, and it feels like his distance from the villagers has shrunk as a result.

In exchange, it feels like women with daughters have taken more distance from him though.

Perhaps it’s because seeing some of a person’s faults makes it easier to be friendly with them? Before he was a perfect superhuman after all… Thinking that far, I recalled his misconduct from last night.


… That’s probably what it is.”

Not sure what you mean, but when you make that face, you’re usually thinking something rude.”

Bring your hand to your chest and think a bit, please. I’m sure something will come to mind.”



He places his hand flat against my chest.


Who said anything about my chest…?”

I figured it would feel better than my own chest.”

Mister Haster, I’m going to have to ask you not to grope little girls at the village entrance.”

Ah, sorry.”


A vein bulges on my head, while he nonchalantly replies, and mister Kime looks like he’s about to vomit sand while retorting Haster’s behavior.

I take back what I said. Their suspicions of him are not misconceptions; he knows exactly what crimes he’s committing.


Out shopping today? I’d thought you went shopping just the other day while the banquet was still going on though?”

No, we have business with Oreas. I heard he’s staying with mister Halt.”

Oh, that magician guy! Come to think of it, he has a similar atmosphere as you used to have.”

Why did you add “used to” in there?”


Haster glares at mister Kime reproachfully.

But being seen that way is natural for someone who grabs a woman’s chest in front of other people.


I mean, y’know… Ahahaha.”

Well whatever. That’s why we’re here, so may we go in?”

There are no gates that would turn Haster away in this village. Go right ahead.”

“My thanks.”


Entering the village and heading down the way towards mister Halt’s house, I try asking him a bit about yesterday’s conversation.

He was hiding in the basement yesterday, so there are probably parts he didn’t hear, which is why I’m checking.


You more-or-less understand what he said?”

Yeah, the main point would be a phantom thief needs eliminating. They’ve been rather unusual these days.”

So people who call themselves phantom thieves appear somewhat regularly?”

Quite a few, as far as ones who call themselves such go. They’re not the ones citizens tend to be afraid of, but it’s kind of like a title showing their status…?”


It’s not very high praise, but I suppose they’re amazing thieves with some type of charisma to them?

However, they seem to be something that spring up with a fair level of frequency.


Have you ever caught them before Haster?”

A few. Well, those ones didn’t live up to expectations. Besides, most of my achievements were in magic beast exterminations, so there aren’t all that many I’ve met.”

In other words, you’re saying you haven’t had much experience dealing with them either. Hmmm, will this go all right?”


I feel reluctant about sending him out on a job against a hooligan when he doesn’t have much experience with it.


Moreover, I’d like to try out how strong my body is now. How much have my abilities have changed, and how much influence does [Transformation] have?”

So your basic physical abilities, and what kind of influence [Transformation]’s changes to your body have on that?”

If I fail at magic beast extermination, then lives are on the line, but against a thief, there probably won’t be any battles to the death. Even if I fail, all I lose is my reputation.”


He spoke lightheartedly to me and I suppressed my slight anxiety while we arrived at mister Halt’s house.

For me, I have problems with that, so my feelings of not wanting to take this on were gradually getting stronger, but…

Even so, we can’t turn back after coming this far. Upon knocking on the door, I could hear Marle’s voice coming from inside.


… Whoops, I’m not gonna take a direct hit from the door opening or something cliché like that you know?”


Lately I’ve grown accustomed to my tendency towards being joke material. I take a step back to guard against that kind of gag unfolding.

Just as expected, the door flew open and… Whoa, if I was standing in front of the door just then, I think being knocked out would have been the least of my worries?

And from inside, Marle—


Ah, STOP!”

… Eh?”


With frightening speed, something flew out from inside… And along with a loud thud, rammed straight into my stomach.


Aww sheesh, Yig! I know you’re happy, but you hit her way too hard!”



It’s been a long time since I last barfed.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

Do you have some sort of grudge against me Yig…?”


Certainly, it was wrong to leave you alone for three days in Solkalis, but Haster was the perpetrator of that. I had nothing to do with it.”


Driving you out of the cottage as soon as we got back was his fault too. I had—”

Stop piling the blame on me for what happens to Yig. I was wrong, I know.”


Having been led into the living room, I was earnestly lecturing Yig, but Haster seemed to be taking damage for some reason.

Feeling somewhat refreshed, I pet Yig’s head, and when we were waiting for mister Oreas, Yig slowly left through the window.


… What is he up to?”

Ah! Don’t you dare, Yig!”

Oh my?”


Marle rushes towards the entryway in a panic.

After a moment, a scream could be heard along with a sound radiating violence.


“—Uoh! You again, shrimp! I was called here today you know?! And heck, I could die from that breath! Are you trying to kill me?!”


Yig, bad kids do not get dinner!”


I see, Alec came over, so Yig went to stake out the territory. I’m glad he’s so faithfully following what I told him to do.

Well, this is something like parental affection. I feel sorry for Alec, but having obstacles can turn into a spice I’ve heard.


Should we… Leave them like that?”

Oh, mister Oreas. It’s been a day.”

There seemed to be a racket near the entrance last night too, but is it like this every hour here?”

It’s probably generally like that. Yig’s all fired up too; it would be boorish to throw cold water on his hardworking attitude.”

Alec… You have my pity…”


Why are you looking into the distance, Haster?


Damn lizard, I’ll turn you into dried meat this time! ELECTROPLATE!”



FWOOM, BLAM, BWOOM, went the sound effects that felt discordant with the quiet village.


Maybe it’s about time we should stop them?


Upon thinking that while sipping tea—


Even though I keep telling you to stop, you… I HATE YOU BOTH!”


Right along with Marle’s angry voice, the noise came to a sudden halt.

The obedience training seems to be going well. For Yig, and Alec both.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

Taking a pause, we greeted Alec and Marle who came to the living room, and it became tea time.

Even now Yig is squeezed between the two sitting on the sofa, showing how accustomed he is to his work as a guardian.


Mister Haster, it has been a while.”

It’s great to see you in good health too.”

First, I congratulate you on your marriage. Unfortunately I did not prepare a congratulatory gift for you though.”

That’s nothing to worry about. My partner is Yuuri anyway. Our lifestyle hasn’t changed much from how it always has been.”

What exactly to you think you’re saying about my momentous decision?!”


I pound my fists against Haster who spouted pretty terrible things from his lips. He didn’t take any damage with my arm strength, as was already assumed.

Marle looks our way enviously. Alec looks like he just swallowed a bunch of sugar whole.


Did you happen to hear what we are asking of you?”

Yuuri informed me. No problems there.”

In that case, you coming here means—“

Yeah, I think we’ll take your request.”

My thanks! I figured this is a little outside the scope of our muscle-brains.”

Now I can relax,” is what mister Oreas’ relieved expression showed.


Jack and Kale probably aren’t suited for anything outside strength jobs.


Come to think of it, what about miss Bella and mister Bhav? Those two should be able to respond well to this type of case, right?”

Lady Yuuri… For example, half a month ago, were you be able to handle your usual jobs…?”

Yeah, being newlywed… It corrupts people after all.”


Why are you responding, Haster?

Ah well, certainly your depravity from half a month ago is a topic that could last a lifetime.


Half a month ago, huh… Certainly… It felt like decent human functioning had ceased. For me, and him.”

Which means those two…?”

Well yeah. I wouldn’t say they’re getting along as well as you two, though.”

Well that’s fantastic. We’ll have to give our congratulations to them.”

Is it really something to celebrate though… I wonder…?”


Cold sweat drips from mister Oreas. Is there a problem?


How do I put this… If I say the word “training” comes to mind from them, would you get it?”



Miss Bella must have commenced her ideal boyfriend development plan. Rest in peace, mister Bhav.


Hey Master, if you’re headed to Cornus, then I can…”

Unfortunately Alec, you’ll have to stay put. You just got back from a long vacation a month ago; do you think you’d get to take another one so soon?”

Ugh… I guess you’re right.”

I think the ones heading to Cornus will be Yuuri, myself, and Yig as well. I leave the village in your hands.”

Yeah, leave it to me!”


Even though he was disheartened when he heard that he would have to stay here, the shine quickly came back to his face when his Master’s trust was put on him.

He’s still a bit of a child I suppose.

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: soyokazeweb . wordpress . com


And so, after finishing up the small meeting and delivering an urgent month’s worth of rings to Gusta in the magic tool shop for selling, we started heading towards Cornus.

Alec: “Wait, is that the only appearance we get?”

Yuuri: “In the end, you are in supporting roles after all.”


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  1. A.. horse. Somehow I think Haster would have gone for it if he could. My opinion of him has plummeted hahaha, he’s a depraved man through and through! Even the villagers know lol.

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    1. With the ability to transform into anything you can basically imagine a horse is the least perverted ideal that comes to mind and with immortality some time most of those ideas will become reality


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