(Teaser) Queen of the Mad Dog Knights Prologue

Hello readers! I’m going to release this and maybe a couple more teaser chapters of a series that seems like fun. This will not interrupt the releases of Yuuri, as those will be the priority. The full title of this work is:

“Queen, the Mad Dog Knight Order is Prepared for you, so Please Discipline them Harshly”

Obviously I shortened it. The translation may be a bit rough sometimes, but I mainly want to put this out there for someone to pick up. I do not guarantee its accuracy.

It is listed by the author as a comedy. Please enjoy!


Author: 帰初心

Translator: Shiroikaze/Soyokaze Translations


Prologue: We Pledge Our Loyalty to Queen Lizelotte (10 Years Old)


It is recorded in documents of the ancient past,


In a memorandum to a certain embassy, it is said the founding king of this country stated this in the conference room:


I made this country for the sake of dog people.

Dog people are abundant in loyalty, with fortitude and vigor. They are deeply affectionate, and consider their companions and lords above all others.

If a foe turns their fangs on one of them, they will face that enemy no matter their size, and will destroy the enemy no matter how cunning.”


However,” continued the king.


They like me a bit too much.

I am overjoyed that they will continue to cherish my descendants as well, but I worry for when those descendants are no longer alive.


At any rate, their sentiments are far too one directional.

If they start running wild even once, then there will be no way to stop them.”


At the time, the king had more than 18 children, and 15 grandchildren. Everyone in the country treated this as a joke, and it became a subject of laughter.


And to think that after 1000 years of prosperity in this country, the day that the founding king’s fears would manifest has come.

None could have imagined it.




A solemn church filled with history.

In the high ceiling-ed, lengthy cathedral, gorgeous guests from many countries, upper class nobles from this land, and other people of power fill the room.


Surrounding a large, empty throne is the Middle Knight Order.

With their long history of battle, and fearless demeanor, they line up in rows.

And then, while my feet silently carry me towards the old grand priest, they wholeheartedly look at my small self.

My simplistic guardian, the beautiful prime minister Leonhardt, also watches over me with baited breath.


However, this outfit is unusually heavy.

The luxurious dress, with white as its main color, is heavy in direct proportion to its value, and the mantle is thick as well. Meanwhile, the shoes on my feet are delicate, and thin out towards the toes… Aah, I want to wear my usual round-tipped shoes.

The skirt is so long, I was about to trip by accident! But I toughed it out. Somehow I managed to pick myself back up.

My favorite pet mongrel is always kept at my side, but he’s staying home today.

Oh, I hope this will be over soon.


As I reach the grand priest, the avowal ceremony, and the oath ceremony finish, and a red crown was placed atop my head.

At the apex of the crown, a large sapphire and diamond sparkle strongly. It seems like this alone would support my house for many decades.

But even so, it’s heavy! I’m worried that my neck is going to break.

The two scepters are also heavy because they’re made of gold; my arms are shaking.


My body frantically trembles as I bear it.

The grand priest whispered, “just a little longer,” comfortingly to me, but I cannot handle it. How many more minutes?! How many more tens of seconds?!


And then, facing the many honored guests, the prime minister of rare beauty declared to me,


Today, on this auspicious day, and at this place, Queen Lizelotte is born.”


Yes. Today is the queen’s coronation ceremony.

More startlingly, it’s my, Lizelotte Mona Byuudegaa’s1 coronation ceremony.

Well, we are surprised too.


As the small 10 year old queen, I must reign over a whole kingdom from now on.

Though I say that, most of the work will be left to Leonhardt, who’s giving me the most beautiful smile at my side.



Next, the ceremony of loyalty.

The ministers come up one by one to kiss the back of my small hand.


And then, after Leonhardt completes his kiss, he smiles happily at me with his beautiful visage.

Lady Lize, I will support you, so let us work hard together,” he encouraged me.


It’s so dazzling…! This country should develop sunglasses for beauty. I believe it is urgent.


And then, from behind the throne, the Captain of the Middle Knight Order stepped forward.

He’s thin and tall, but his toned muscles are noticeable underneath his formal wear.

Black, short hair, and marine blue eyes. No expression shows on his sun-baked, fearless face.


His name is Darius Von Wolfhound.

The country’s highest rank duke. And also, after me, the next closest with blood ties to the royal family.

To speak more of him, he is an amazing person who grandly pulled back together this country, once on the brink of ruin, and made his name known throughout the land.

Until my guardian (the prime minister) brought me here, he was regarded as the next king.


I can hear them whispering from the guest seats. ‘Why a little girl like that?’ they say.

Yes, rather than an unexpectedly found illegitimate child of the king, like me, he was far more suitable for the role.


But he never wanted to be the king.


He stood before me, but he did not place a kiss on the back of my hand.

Instead, he bows his tall figure.

And then, lifting my small heel, he placed a soft kiss on my toes.


From the seats where the noble guests of each country were gathered, a commotion could be heard.

Suddenly lifting his expressionless face, heat fills his eyes as he gazes at me.


In the same way, the stalwart Middle Knight Order approaches one by one to kiss my toes.

I, who is supposed to be a girl of only 10, looked on with distant eyes while I continued staring at the back of their heads.

Thinking, “Oh, now they’ve done it.”


I’m sure everyone in this venue is thinking it.


That these guys are lolicons.



But that’s not quite right.

It is simply that they are dogs.

They want the master, whom they love, to play with them.


From now on I will have to discipline them perfectly, to keep them from running wild.

That is also my duty as the queen.

It is a more difficult task than governing a country.




Puppies are cute.

Puppies are brave.

Puppies love their master.


But since they end up going a little too far in their affection, disciplining them to make sure they’re not causing problems for others is their master’s job.


This is the story of my hectic every day.


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  1. Byuudegaa: Two things to note about this name: 1. I couldn’t find a decent equivalent for it, so I left it in the Japanese pronunciation. 2. In the very next chapter she gives herself a different but similar name. I don’t know if there’s a good reason for this, so I’m leaving both as they are. 

11 thoughts on “(Teaser) Queen of the Mad Dog Knights Prologue

  1. Looks interesting so far. A nice premise, with great potential for tsukkomi comedy. Good translation too. Thanks for this teaser!


  2. I’m sure everyone in this venue is thinking it.
    That these guys are lolicons.

    Hahahahaha~ true enough they like a bunch of lolicons :))
    after all those muscular knights kissing 10 y.o girl toes with heated gaze XD

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