Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 35

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations


2nd Act, Chapter 35: Getting Involved

Translated by Soyokaze Translations: Soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

I exited the cave with a pale face. My gait was also faltering.

Yeah, when I met it, it was practically a surprise attack, so I didn’t have a chance to use “Appraisal”, but…

And then after I defeated it, I got caught up collecting the medicine and forgot to “Appraise” it, but even so…


Why the hell is a monster like that over here?!”

Whoa, what’s wrong Yuuri? Did you figure something out?”


When Alec came over with an innocent expression to ask about the results, I clasped my hand to his shoulder.


Congratulations. You’ve graduated from humanity.”

Uh, wait a- what do you mean?!”


If I remember right, back on earth, Fafnir was the name of the dragon whose blood a hero bathed in, which granted him invulnerability, wasn’t it?1

For now let’s “Appraise” just the blood and see what it says.


Mister Jack, you did gather the blood in a water bag, didn’t you?”

Uh? Yeah.”

Let me have a look please.”

Sure thing, here.”



Demon Dragon’s Blood.

Grants a powerful increase in physical abilities if consumed or bathed in.



Yeeaaah, it’s definitely this stuff’s fault…”

Uhhh, Yuuri? If you figured something out, then I’d really like to hear it you know?”

Wait just a minute. I need to “Appraise” this little one too.”


I try “Appraising” the ‘dragon hatchling’ that Alec is holding.



Fafnir’s Young.

Child of a legendary demon dragon. It is currently powerless and without even a name, but in due time it will display immense power like its parent’s.



No doubt about it then… I wonder if this is something that’s alright to announce…?”

What’s going on?”

I’ve discovered that this hatchling was never a wyvern.”

Say what?”


When I say it’s not a wyvern, Alec and the others’ eyes turn into small dots.

Since it has wings, no forelegs, and looks like a lizard, of course we would mistake it for a wyvern.


It said this hatchling’s parent is the demon dragon Fafnir. A legendary dragon that has existed since the mythical era.”

Hey now, you’re joking, right?”

Sadly, no. And it looks like anyone who bathed in that blood is granted immense power. I think it’s the cause of everyone’s strength increasing.”

Well, that’s neat.”


Says Jack in a comfortable tone… oh right, if I use “Appraisal” on them to see what status they’re in, I’ll know exactly what happened to them!

Let’s see… condition: 3x physical abilities increase? And the effect time is permanent?


This is… bad.”


Briskly saying just that, Alec and the others’ faces turn pale.

They probably took the it the wrong way.


Yuuri, are we in that dangerous of a condition?!”

No, actually I guess you’re one step beyond human beings? Your physical abilities are increased three times more than normal.”



Jack is absolutely joyous. I guess he doesn’t understand the seriousness of the situation.


Moreover, it looks like the effect is permanent.”

That’s also pretty unbelievable.”

Yeah, it’s unbelievable. If this gets out, it could cause a war you know? For real.”

… Oh.”


The reason being that there’s a whole pile of this item, which can easily create superhumans, sitting right here.

If other people find out about this, whole countries will move. And without a doubt, the first thing they would probably do is compete for it through war.


There’s no way we can let people know about this. Aside from the scales and bones we were going to process, the flesh and blood all need to be sealed away somewhere.”

That’s a real waste.”

Mister Jack, this is way more serious than you suppose. To be honest, even bringing back the scales and bones could spell trouble.”

Even those?!”

But we were just lucky to get this power… if we do this, then I’ll feel bad for Bhav and Oreas.”

Well that’s… ugh, alright, fine. In that case, we can take back enough for a few people. However, it must be kept an absolute secret. If you can’t guard that secret… I will seal your mouths myself.


Saying that, I activated [Accel Boost]2, and launched a shot from Third Eye into a nearby tree.

It’s an ordinary iron arrow, but even then it had enough power to knock down 4, 5 large trees before stopping.

I haven’t shown my attack power to them before, so this way I think they got a real feeling for it.


The only ones you can talk to about this are your current companions. Understood?”


Alec, that goes for you too. In any case, we’ll bring some back for Master and Marle, but you absolutely cannot talk to anyone besides them about it, got it?”
“I get it already.”

For now we’ll seal it back up here, and after heading back and getting a large carriage, when we leave the town we’ll come back to collect it. Is everyone okay with me sealing away the corpse?”

I don’t mind, but… are you sure?”

No matter what, as long as this little one is here, I think I should handle the bulk of the management.”


Fafnir lived here after all. And now I’m the one who has to protect this hatchling.

While making that resolution, I created a sarcophagus, and confined Fafnir’s corpse inside it.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: Soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

And that’s what happened, Master. I’m quite troubled.”

If only my arms would move; I want to give you a hug… my goodness.”


After purchasing the large carriage, we gathered everyone except mister Elric and his wife in my master’s room, and explained the situation.

After looking over Jack and the others, he lets out a sigh and puts on a face of deep thought.


It certainly seems that your physical abilities have increased dramatically. I suppose Yuuri’s judgment was reasonable when she said it needs to be kept secret?”

To be honest, I didn’t want to take anything off of it, but then they might question whether the wyvern was really defeated or not, so we at least brought back the scales.”

And miss Yuuri took down such an amazing dragon all by herself?”

I only won by the skin of my teeth though—“

I keep telling you not to do such dangerous… honestly, you’re…”


Marle’s eyes are filled with a pleasant respect. My master’s worries also sound kind of warm and soft.


In any case, we brought back enough [Frozen] blood for everyone in this room. These are set up so a command word will dispel the freeze, so everyone is free to use it when they choose.”

And the command word is?”


I can’t just answer this question immediately.

First, I use “Appraisal” on the ‘space’ to check if there are any other unwelcome listeners. Furthermore, just in case, I confirm it visually as well.


The command word is ‘Yuuri Albine’.”

… Hey, why are you giving yourself my surname?”

Miss Yuuri, that’s so bold!”

I would like to state my objection to this.”


Marle is blushing for some reason, and miss Bella gives an objection.

Is there some problem with me, as “Master’s apprentice,” using his Albine surname?


The blood’s effect is to multiply your ‘current abilities’ by 3, so I thought there might be some people who want to strengthen themselves a bit first, which is why I’ll leave the timing up to you. Like Marle for example.”


What I mean is, it’ll have a greater effect after you’ve grown up. On the other hand, Master, you’re wasting away, so you should probably take it as soon as your illness is gone.”

Lay off, will you?!”


If they take it while they’re sick, then it’s possible that the germs will become unstoppable, so I’ll handle the portions for any ill people for now.


But still, is it really okay… for us to get something that amazing?”

It’s fine. It’s my fault that you got involved in this anyway. Besides, since we’re gonna be in this together to the end anyway… is also a bit of my expectations.”


As would be expected, mister Oreas seems to understand the value of this.

Of course, he also probably comprehends the risks.


Anyway, after we grab the carriage, and we get close to the northern mountain, we’ll recover the sarcophagus. That’s okay, right?”

Of course.”

And also, as proof that they defeated the wyvern, I’m thinking of making them armor from its scales. I made a request to the city’s blacksmith, asking him to make 3 suits of scale mail and 1 shield.”

3 suits of armor?”

The armor is for Master, Alec, and mister Jack. Mister Kale can use the shield. But you and Alec probably shouldn’t wear your armor until we leave the city, Master.”


Because then everyone would figure out that we’re involved with the subjugation.


Come to think of it, didn’t you take some of the blood, Yuuri?”

… … ‘Adaptability’… nullifies its effects.”

Ahh, right, poisons and illnesses don’t effect you.”


My escape from being a weakling was a failure.

And on that note, the day’s secret meeting was adjourned.



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: Soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

Was that really for the best?”

Was what?”


At night, while I was looking after my master, he sent that question my way.

With him naked from the waist up, I continue wiping his back and question what he means.


I’m talking about them. Don’t you think you’re being too trusting of passing traveling companions?”

Well yeah, I probably am, but… mister Jack and mister Kale were already effected anyway.”

You could have made them keep their mouths shut.”

Having their physical abilities tripled would definitely be noticed soon enough. I figured giving them a strict talking to, and dragging them all into it would give me more peace of mind, so…”

By telling them they can have that effect, you pulled them to our side?”



I wipe down his arms, sides, chest, and belly to get them all clean. While wiping his front, I’m basically hugging him, so it’s a little embarrassing.


You need to get better soon too, Master. When you get that effect, I’m sure it’ll be amazing!”

Yeah, that’ll be nice.”


With a slightly bitter smile, he replies lazily.


Leaving that aside, ei!”

Wait, why are you taking off my pants?!”

What? To bathe you of course. I’ve gotta clean your lower half too.”

I-I can do that…”

By youself? You know you can’t. Time to give up.”


Fufufu, Alec should be getting very intimate with Marle around now I think…?”


A wicked and mischievous smile rises on my face.

Miss Bella always takes care of Marle’s body, but today I asked her to get food for my young dragon, so she’s not here at the inn. She probably won’t be back for a while.

She also needs to lower her sense of resistance by the time we reach the hot springs after all!


You know, I do have some responsibilities here as a guardian.”

This is for my little brother’s happiness. Please look the other way on this one.”

I think you’re putting your effort in the wrong direction.”


While he was busy thinking about that, I stripped off his pants and underwear!

gulp, I unconsciously swallowed down my saliva. I think I now understand the feelings of men who assail women. Wait, I already understood that before I reincarnated though!


He-, waitwaitwait! You’ve got a weird look in your eyes, Yuuri! Your eyes are getting really wild!”

Oh? We can get wild. I don’t mind. In fact, bring it on!”


You’re not being as wordy any more, are you? Now, show me how you look au naturel!”



Translated by Soyokaze Translations: Soyokazeweb . wordpress . com

Hmm, don’t you think Master looks kinda worn out this morning?”

Umm… well.. maybe it’s because, he’s feeling… really uhh, refreshed?”

Yuuri, that doesn’t make any sense.”

Sir Alec, I think I know why…”


It seems only the red faced Marle understood my master’s feelings.

Author’s Comments:

I think it’s about time for this situation to move forward.

Maybe I should have put in a BL tag?


Translator’s Snark:

And thus man-eater Yuuri was born. Reborn?

Yuuri’s command word makes me imagine her as a schoolgirl writing out her desired married name.


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  1. Referring to the Norse legend of Sigurd and Fafnir 
  2. “Accel Boost” is what Yuuri decided to call the “Body Reinforcement” spell back in chapter 7, but this is the first time it has been written that way since then. 

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    she already a walking Cheat in a body of a loli…. if the Blood boost her…. the world would be destroyed….
    she in a “Weak” state kill a legendary dragon with single shot….. one hit…..
    and she already has one of the most powerful dragon as a pet….
    well… probably she can make weapon from dragon’s corpse….

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  2. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but the whole surname thing isn’t (just) playing dumb. It’s common practice to adopt ones name from a teacher before. Of course, the other reason is known, so it’s at least partially playing dumb.


  3. THANKS FOR THE CHAPTER !! I really like the preadator mode Yuuri >.< Finally the dense master has to pay up with his (paralyzed) body . But seriously , i didn’t think that Yuuri would be the one who attacks xD


  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    I think that this Fafnir is the same dragon that MC of “Half-dragon slave life”, which is sequel to this novel, find in the prologue.


  5. Wait wait, so bold! How far did Yuuri go hahaha. She’s been showing more and more signs of heading in that direction, but that sudden attack still caught me off guard. Yuuri’s gone from being on defense to going on offense x.x


  6. It doesn’t really make sense that adaptability cancels it out. Healing potions work on her don’t they? And couldn’t she turn it off, bathe, and then turn it back on?


    1. Confused me for a bit too. It becomes more apparent why later on. Adaptability doesn’t only prevent status effects, it also cancels any that are being applied. So if she cancels it, bathes, and reactivates it, the effect would be canceled as soon as it is reactivated. Because the dragon blood simply gives a permanent status effect.

      I don’t recall any point at which healing potions are used on Yuuri? Now I’m curious if that would work. Not that it would be necessary.


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