Hakai Me no Yuuri Ch. 25

Author: Kaburagi Haruka

Translator: ShiroiKaze/Soyokaze Translations

2nd Act, Chapter 25: Receiving a Lecture

Translated by Soyokaze Translations

Author’s Note: We will now take a peek at stories about healing magic, and the world


After everyone around the campfire took their dinner together (I stuck to my Master), the standing night watcher, miss Bella, taught us about healing arts.

The warmth of the fire is the greatest enemy standing in my way.

So sleepy.


Then first, about the healing arts, could you tell me roughly how much knowledge you have?”

It heals wounds, and grows arms and stuff.”

Apply spell. It’s healed. Amaaazing—like that.”

Right, I can tell that you know absolutely nothing about it.”


In response to mine and my Master’s extremely concise and perfect answers, miss Bella gave us a look of reproach.


Healing arts are spells based on faith that heal wounds, and the biggest difference between it and other magic is that it uses faith as its starting point rather than knowledge.”

Faith, and not knowledge?”

Yes. General magic uses the caster’s knowledge to activate their magic power and deploy a spell. However, healing arts are for restoring a person’s body. That is, a person’s body, created by God, being restored to the form that God created it in. Of course, there are ways to use knowledge to check the injuries and cast magic to make the wound as good as new… but those really have a much lesser effect than faith based spells.”


Since a person’s body was made by God, you ask God, “Recover this,” and even without any knowledge of it, it’ll return to its original state… is I guess what she’s saying?

Well that’s a problem. Would “Peerless Magic” apply into my faith as well?

I’ve never tried it.


Excuse me, to be honest I don’t have any confidence in how faithful my heart is…”

Me either.”

In that case, you’ll have to go the route of regenerating the wound through magic. Except in this case, knowledge about the human body is required…”

I guess we can’t just think be healed and it’ll instantly heal, eh?”

I definitely wouldn’t be able to connect blood vessels and nerves and stuff back together either.”


I probably could have if I had majored in medicine.

Unfortunately I majored in literature.


I see. However, the human body has “the power to heal itself”. There’s a way to accelerate that too you know?”

In that case sickness, and injuries that go beyond what the body can heal wouldn’t be healed.”

That’s right. It just speeds up the recovery of wounds that would normally heal. But for adventurers, this is also pretty important.”


In summary, there are 3 categories of healing arts.


1. Ask God to heal for you (requires a faithful heart)

2. Use magic power to forcefully heal things (requires medical knowledge)

3. Promote natural recovery (comparatively easy?)


Hmm, healing Alec’s arm seems like it would require number 1.

2 is impossible without the original arm, and 3 just feels out of the question.


Which method do you use, miss Bella?”

I use the method based on a faithful heart. However, I was engaged in medical practice at the temple, so I can also treat people through magical power, and I also know how to increase natural recovery for lighter wounds.”

Magnificent. So you’re saying you use them all.”

At the temple they call me a jack of all trades, and a master of none.”

How does a person obtain faith I wonder?”

It’s not something you can get by talking about it, so…”


It has been five years since I came to this world, Mareba village had no temple, and my Master had no interest in that stuff, so I have absolutely no knowledge of it.

Miss Bella says the principal god in this world is the creator god Vritol, and there are sects which have faith in his subordinate gods, and sects that have faith in the World Tree it seems.

I don’t know much about gods, but the World Tree stands towering in the center of the country of Novelius, and actually I can see it from here.

That thing, is the top of it reaching all the way to the stratosphere…?


A certain fairytale hero was said to have climbed that tree, eaten a sprout from it and obtained eternal life, or something like that.

And then the king, jealous of that, demanded that the hero fetch a sprout for him too, but he was rejected.

The hero who refused the king’s wishes was subjected to torture… well, just like me he died and came back to life repeatedly, and as a result he fell into despair and it’s said that he changed to the form of a dragon, burned them to the ground, and left that place.

This was the originator of the dragon species it seems, therefore it’s rumored that a dragon’s heart is a wonder drug that grants immortality.


Anyway, I can’t get any real sense of God, and my Master seems to be the same, so magic with faith as the origin seems impossible.

It looks like the people of this world accept all sorts of things, and there seem to be many people with an idea of faith similar to Japan’s.

From here on miss Bella is going to teach us how to promote natural recovery, and just the basics of healing with magic power. She taught us our first lecture.




Dawn, on the second day.

Due to the rain starting at dawn, we had an early departure.

Having been awoken by rain drops pelting me, I’m in an unusually bad mood… was in a bad mood!


My Master, carrying luggage in the middle of the rain, had his usual swept-back hairstyle fall apart, and his hair is just being let down!

It’s rare, so rare!


Gufu… Dufufufu…”

Yuuri, stop giggling in such a creepy voice.”

Well, a little rain can be nice sometimes, Master.”


I’m in the wagon with a hood hung over top, so I’m not getting wet, but my Master is getting soaked.


Ufufu, you’re getting so wet… aren’t you a messy one?”

I’m telling you to cut that out.”

Tsk, the brat sure has it easy. Even though the rain over here is a real pain in the ass.”


As usual, mister Jack has to stick his nose in.

The escorts can’t ride along in the carriages, so they all, without exception, are soaked… Ooh?!

Miss Bella, it’s see… it’s see through! … Fuu.


Hey, miss Yuuri what are you look—Bhav, don’t you look too!”

Ah, so, sorry”

Aah, that’s gonna happen with a white priest’s robe… here, you can put this on.”

Th-thank you very much. Mister Albine.”


Why you, how dare you put my Master’s outer wear over your own shoulders!

That woman really is dangerous!


Mast… Albine, I’m gonna get out—“

Stay in there, you’ll catch a cold.”

… Yessir.”


Seeing our exchange, missus Leche smiles and giggles.

This one smiles a lot, huh?


Ah, I’m sorry. It’s because it seems like you’re having a lot of fun over there. We don’t have a child, so I was wondering if maybe this is how it feels to have a daughter.”

Even though you’re on a journey together, you’re apart from mister Elric for more than half the day, aren’t you lonely?”

My, with how lively it is, I don’t feel lonely at all.”

My apologies, for how active my little one is.”


So it’s my fault?! Actually, when he said “my little one” as if I’m his, it made my heart beat a little bit.

While repeatedly having such exchanges, the carriage suddenly stopped.

I flipped over, and totally didn’t hit the back of my head.


What happened?”

The carriage in front of us stopped.”

I wonder if something happened…? I’ll go check on them.”

I’ll go too.”


The driver, mister Pele, and the scout, mister Bhav have a short interaction before mister Bhav runs off ahead.

The guardian, mister Kale also went along with them, but he moves at the speed you would expect.

I thought I would use the [far sight] spell, but with the rain here I would have to distort the scenery to see, and with the magician mister Oreas here I can’t use it.

This is an original of mine after all. It would probably be outside the range of “moderately skilled.”


After a short while, mister Bhav and the others came back.

It looks like there’s a carriage ahead of us that got caught in the mud and is stuck.

Alec and the guys in Vulture’s Nest are helping out, but it seems they can’t quite get it out.


I’m gonna go take a look too.”

Ah, hey!”


Jumping out of the carriage, I run off to the front, and my Master follows along in a rush.

Seeing the two of us speeding towards them, the Vulture’s healer, mister Mac, calls out to us.


Yo, you two sightseeing? You have a surprisingly burning curiosity.”

Yeah, in spite of being shy, this girl has a strong curiosity. If you don’t mind, could I help out too?”

Thanks, please do. I’m rather wimpy, so I’m not much help.”


If I used [telekinesis] or [body reinforcement], I could have this done in a snap… but there are too many eyes watching.

When using a spell, no matter what, it’s absolutely necessary to make a magic circle appear, so it can’t be done secretly.

Wait a minute, I don’t have to be the one using it, do I?


You, magician over there… mister Baram was it? Is it possible for you to lift it using [telekinesis]?”

Hn, ahh… now that you mention it, there was a spell like that.”

Baram, you dolt! If you can do something like that, then do it already!”

Haha, my bad, my bad.”


[Telekinesis] is a fundamental spell, so the majority of magicians can use it. However, the strength of it varies from person to person.

But even so, lending your power without making use of your surroundings, it should be very convenient for a situation like this.

I wonder if this guy is also a surprisingly careless person?

After that, mister Oreas was brought along and with the two of them casting [telekinesis] together, they pulled the stuck wheels out one at a time, and pushing it along, it came out very easily.


Young lady, you saved us. So you had some knowledge of magic.”


Mister Arim gave me words of appreciation. It would have been easier if I could have handled it myself though!


Something like this happened before. So I just remembered what happened back then.”

I’ve heard you’re learning healing arts from the Bears? Can you use magic too, young lady?”

I hope we’ll be able to use it. Unfortunately, it seems we don’t have the disposition for healing magic.”

I was thinking it would be convenient if you could use magic.”


My Master threw appropriate interjections into the conversation for me.

To avoid making any trouble here, let’s just play dumb.


Man, thanks for that. I couldn’t do anything alone no matter what I tried.”

Nah, we gotta help each other out when we’re in trouble. But even so, not having an escort… isn’t that a bit dangerous?”

About that… just ahead of here I was attacked by bandits. I somehow managed to get away, but the two people acting as my escorts, you see.”

They’re just ahead of here, huh…? Thank you for the valuable information. So how far away was it that you were attacked?”

It happened last night. There were quite the number of them too, It would probably be best to take a detour. If I had asked around before heading out, those two wouldn’t have died either.”


Behind me, mister Elric and the carriage’s merchant exchanged information.

Somehow it looks like there are bandits running rampant ahead of here. Would it be best to take a detour?


Yes, I suppose so, I’m taking women along, so we’ll have to consider it.”

Well then I’ll take my leave. A good journey to you.”

Likewise, a safe journey to you.”



Apparently we’ve got our first bit of trouble on our journey.


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